Vishkanya 9th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Vishkanya 9th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Apu asking Kalpana why she hides her alway, if she is not human and a creature. Kalpana asks why is she talking like this, she is a human like everyone. Apu asks then why her skin turns blue and why it is hidden from even Tapur. Kalpana asks to stop thinking much and relax after drinking herbal tea. Apu hugs her and says she knows what troubles she and family took for her since 18 years, she is taking care of her with herbal tea and other treatments, so she has decided not to go out of this room again and asks her to lock it from outside. Kalpana asks her not to think much about Tapur’s words. Apu says Tapur was telling truth, she does not want to trouble her, Tapur or Dida now. Kalpana walks out of room and closes door. She goes into flashback where she reminisces

an accident.

Malay wakes up in the morning and sees Abhi in front of him. He asks Abhi is he smiling, if he is hiding something. Abhi reminids what Malay did under bhang’s effect with Apu and warns him that Nandita kaki will not spare him. Malay gets tensed. He then hears Apu singing bhajan and stands in balcony. Apu sees him, ignores and goes in. He thinks why is she acting as she does not know anything. Apu goes and gives aarti to Dida and Tapur. Kalpana asks if she forgot her mamoni. Apu gives her aarti and asks where is her rabbit. Kalpana likes that with her touch it got infected, so she got it admitted to veterinary hospital.

Malay goes down and wishes Nandita goodmorning. She asks him to have food and then she has to go to office for sometime, her friend is coming for lunch and he needs to be present with her. Malay says he will go out for a breakfast meeting with his school friends and will come back by lunch. Kalpana permits him. He asks if she is not angry for his mistake yesterday. She says when he realized his mistake, there is no need for punishment. He thanks her and leaves. Kumkum asks why did not she scold Malay. Nandita says she has planned something else, her best friend is coming with her daughter, so she will try to fix Malay’s marriage with friend’s daughter. Kumkum says she has become intelligent after going to London. Nandita smiles.

Kalpana prays god idol. Dida asks why did she like Apu and she should tell her truth. Kalpana says she will sacrifice anything to fulfill her motto, even human sacrifice. Dida gets afraid. Kalpana thinks when she can sacrifice Apu, she does not have anything to worry at all or lose in life.

Precap: Kalpana plays shank and dances with Apu and says Apu is free to go out now, her years’ hard work is paying off now.

Update Credit to: MA

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