Vishkanya 8th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 8th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Madan, Sunder and goons continue bullying Kalpana. She runs from there with Dida and Didi bhai. Malay’s marriage continues. He exhanges garland with Vardaan and starts pheras. Kalpana searhes Apu in jungle. Ground breaks Apu raises her hand. Malay applies sindhoor in Vardaan’s forehead on the other side. Kalpana isshoked to see Apu’s hand coming under ground. On the other side, pandit says marriage is complete and now Malay and Vardaan are husband and wife. Apu comes out of ground. Kalpana dorns blanket on her. Her tears fall on dry leaves andthey burn.

Malay and Apu pray at home temple and touch Renu’s feet. Renu says this is the reason for them striking each other. She tells Malay that he must be angry that he wanted to marry someone and married Vardaan, Vardaan is a good girl and he will be happy with her. She asks Vardaan to take oath on god that she will take care of this family and will keep their happiness before her happiness. She ontinues her drama.

Madan, Sunder and goons continue enjoying postmarriage party. Nandita comes and thanks them for helping and getting rid of Apu. Inspector says he does not need his thanks and needs money. She gives him money. He says handling Kalpana and Apu was an easy task for him, he will soon send them out of her life. Nandita gives necklace to grave digger till she gives money and says they saved Malay’s life and this is nothing.

Abhi drops Malay till his room. Before he could open door, Vardaan opens door from inside and greets him in. He asks how does she know it was him. She jokes at first and then says she saw his shadow down, so opened door. He says they need tim to know each other. She fixes her bed on floor. Their discussion continues and they shake hands as friends. Malay hears someone discussing Apu has come back even after creating so much drama. He runs down towards Apu’s house. Nandita asks Vardaan where is he going. Vardaan says he is going to meet Apu. Nandita stands in a shock.

Precap: Malay asks Apu why did she betray him. Apu walks towards her home. He says he wants to hear what she told over phone.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. Vishi

    Oh no: ‘( My heart broke
    Malay married chipkali. No more apu and Malay love story. They are playing romantic background for this chipkali. And what are the writers trying to convey? Renu s motherly love is more than kalpana’s? Kalpana as a mother was tortured and made to run around. Apu is made villain. now this chipkali love story. She’s d lead actress

  2. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    I will watch this show for sometime.. To see apulay wedding.. If it won’t happen then good bye to this serial!!

    • sonu

      Me too ? how can renu can be good than kalpana?..I know kalpana also want revenge but what about renu Malay love apu a lot he don’t love her daughter how can she give her daughter ?

  3. Ridhima

    I was crying while apu cried ….. And from now onwards I am not going to watch vishankya …I can’t tolerate vardaan and Malay combo …. ??????vardaan you …. Vardaan apu life a vantala ne nallave iruka maten evalo kashtam pada pora paru … Sagu d …eruma Una pathale kadupa varuthu ….???

  4. Vishi

    Apu was thrown in acid. but then also she’s the villain? Bechari. Rip logic. This nandita is cruel as hell. I started watching this show because it was different in its concept. Love story of a vishkanya.
    But now it’s the same old bull shit story of suhaag and mangalsultra of chipkali like any other serials.

  5. Kathy

    Hate today’s episode a lot…??? what the writers are thinking of us… Idiots…??? hate chipkali too…

    • mel

      Our zee tv here shows one day behind u guys, so today its instead the episode of 7th may. I have just read de updates, i don’t wanna watch cuz i might enter de tv and punch chipkali. So sad??

  6. Kathy

    Finally chipkali married to Malay…. Cheapo…. ??? she became heroin today… Uff….

  7. Kathy

    Precap….I didn’t expect this from Malay guys… What is left …. After marriage … He should ask this question before he marries chipkali…

    • Rufina

      Yeah di…If he would have asked this before the marriage i would be happy but now i can’t… i am losing my patience…It was a sad:-(:-(:-(:-(:-( I can’t even think about Malay n vardhaan romance…

  8. Vishi

    Now Malay hates Apu. Apu saw the mangalsutra on that chipkali. Her heart must’ve been broken!
    These Indian soap operas show 1940 concept of parivaar ka izzat n all. Love is sacrificed. God I hate seeing that chipkali In this serial.She’s nowhere related to the theme of serial!! Vishkanya ek anokhi prem kahani if vardaan :@

  9. R

    I had a gut feeling that malay would get married to that girl. So wat next? Another hero for appu or later on vaardan died like in serial gangaa? What a horrible twist!

  10. Vishi

    Guys who wants Apu and Malay back? How can we convey these producers to change the storyline? Trp s gonna fall real low if they bring suhaag and sindoor bull shit of vardaan. Plus this Renu calling Apu as devil and her daughter a diamond. She’s a very low human being

    • shai

      i am with you vishi……when apulay marriage was not happenning then why apu(aishwarya) was in bridal clothes???? kuch toh problem hai….we must not lose hope….but till then don’t watch the show….only read written updates

  11. Vishi

    Duuuuuummmb writers of vishkanya bring apu and Malay back!!!! Vishkanya was always apu’s story not stupid vardaan! I cringed at the dilougue that Renu said about pats chala sindoor kyu gira Malay pe Ye to kismat li dhaga thi Malay aur vardaan ko jodne ka! just hate that sentence
    Apu please marry Malay!! There’s a thing called divorce. Malay should divorce chipkali. Seriously serial’s name should be changed to vardaan ka suhaag n agnipariksha Vishkanya nahi

  12. fiza

    Hii frnds sorry i m commenting after so long time really worst episode but i have some good news for u that i m going to engaged on this eid and my sister is pregnant so that’s y i m so happy

  13. [email protected]!

    ohhhh no abb kya hoga..oi nandita r paribar er sobai k amr marte icche hocce…
    if any bengali fan prsnt here

  14. Ridhima

    Vardaan you won’t be happy see… You will suffer a lot and will run away from apu and Malay’s … Malay you didn’t believe apu right …you don’t deserve apu … Apu kill everyone ..everyone ….including Malay I am hating him a lot. … Vardaan give her most cruel death … Nandhita and family you all will be killed like you did to apu … Same acid pond … Wait for the death. …

    • Kathy

      Yah ridhima how could Malay think that Apu can do this to him… Atlease he should trust her.. Coz he loves her.. Noo I think He never loved Apu… I too felt sad… ?? mittal family… Ur count down has start… Keep counting..

  15. Ridhima

    Vardaan you married him knowing that apu and Malay love each other this sin will lead you to death …..

  16. An Earthling

    Not happy to see the disgusting turn this once promising serial has taken. Very sad to see the digression from its original theme. The actress and the character of “Vardaan” is downright irritating! The casting director should have selected someone with better features and VOICE! Nothing good to say about the actress essaying her (Prachi Sinha’s) mother – Himani Shivpuri either – what makes these senior actors (and actresses) think they can hide their age through dying hair and wearing unnaturally gaudy make up?!! Well, the entire senior generation of the Mittal clan is poorly cast (total visual torture/ eyesores!), the younger generation (Malay, and Abhi) are better cast. The best of the cast is undoubtedly – Rohini Banerjee – in terms of speech (exquisite voice quality), appearance, and acting.

    • shai

      i completely agree with you dear!!!! line-by-line u are correct…….rohini is such an excellent actress…..actually i started watching this show only for her….she is so gorgeous and so classic!!! vin and gagan (abhi) are also doing their jobs well…but now no meaty role for them….in the first 20 episodes their mischief added a different tone to the show…which we all liked…..earlier aishwarya was not good in acting,but she was improving after some days…….coming to this chipkali…..if they wanted her to make a lead….then they should have taken a better actress…this person don’t even know how to deliver dialogues…expression is a far more thing……beauty naam ki to koi cheez hi nahi hai isme…aur uski maa uff…no comments…..don’t why they have kept ‘ek anokhi prem kahani tagline’ when there is nothing left…..yeh dekhne ke liye thodi na srerial ko pasand kiya!!!

  17. shai

    not watching this serial anymore………serial ka jab concept hi nahi raha toh kis baat ka serial dekhu!!!! but i am always there for my vishkanya family…will read the fan fictions everyday….and leave comment here…the family will always stay together!!!!

    • Kathy

      Yes Shai… More than the story we are become one family here… ?? how was ur day dear???

      • shai

        it was ok di….had a mock test but it was not good :(….. pray that my parents won’t scold me

      • Kathy

        Oh dear sure n don’t worry … N it just a mock exam…Try to start revising well before the exams so that you’re not trying to learn everything at once at the last minute…

      • Kathy

        this is to all my lovable sis n bro… Always keep in mind…
        You should never let exam failure force you into believing that you now can’t achieve any of your dreams. Sure, some things will be harder to reach, but that doesn’t make them unreachable. Failing exams doesn’t make you any less of a person, any less intelligent, or any less able to achieve what you want to, than those who may have gotten better results in their exams than you…..
        The most important thing to remember in such a situation is to remain true to yourself; remember who you are, what your strengths are, what you are capable of doing, and what you want to do, and you will get there. In shaa Allah…

    • HarSHaN

      Shai..I know the xam is important but it’s only a exam to test Ur memory n Understanding Concepts..Be cool n think how large our knowledge will grow while reading not seeing the xam results..The result doesn’t decide ur Unique n Conduct n Knowledge..Always thinking to be I m winning..for my efforts..Take care Shai

  18. Sriranjani (Tamil Girl)

    Hey Guys I’m Sure That this Marriage will not be True as I think Kalpana or Malay planned that the mantra’s shd not be true so they changed pandit by bribing him………. 😛 ……….I wish this could be True………..

  19. sonu

    ??? no…It should be some dream of someone ?? no..apu is so…good even though she has capacity to snatch everone in one shot and kill everyone with out knowing to anybody…she din’t hurt anyone till yet and she always be there for good people (when she got to know that her mom is paralyzed because of nandita also she din’t take revenge and she made her life difficult for malay by acting with some villian for malay )( at the time of Children beaten by sunder)and how can evil win over good one ..nandita made so many murder attempt against apu and her family and devi kali gave her to become vishkanya on the full moon and but now they are turning good character into bad one… now oly one hope is that this malay should go the truth by that video made by the police and vardaan go to hell??? ? helping nandita and saving nandita and and her evil brothers and her husband
    if they are making apu( though she vishkanya she is very Good) as villian I will stop watching this show ?

  20. lady dona

    guys pls does this thing happen in reality in india? ii mean this impomtu marriage to sae family name? i really cant stand vardaan but i think the writers r worst dan vardaan. marying smeone who doesnt love u ! hmmm

  21. MONISHA (always twinj fan)

    Hi guys, I hate today’s episode also that IDIOTICvardaan…what the writers going to do after this…is apu will change to villain and vardaan will be heroin OMG!!!!! No way

  22. Kathy

    Guys happy to see so many new comers in our family….?? ? May the holy month of Ramadan brings peace n prosperity to all my family member… Aameen…

  23. Kathy

    Never let the darkness or negativity outside affect your inner self. Just wait until morning comes and the bright light will drown out the darkness. – Haruki Murakami

    Good night to all my vishkanya family… Have a good sleep… Sleep well…???? see u all tomorrow… In shaa Allah…

  24. juhi purswani

    hey frendzz……till now i was a silent reader…..but now after watching this worst episode i just cant control myself……… i mean what the hell is happening??????????? malay married to that idiot veda why???????????? the story is all about appu not veda…….disgusting….chemistry between both of them were just awesome…….but they played romantic background music for malay and veda…….now i just dont want to watch this show….they have made appu a villian i mean what nonsense….she was the one who was thrown into acid…….the nonsense writters………..

  25. Ooshi Akbar

    goooood morning and ASSALAM O ALAIKUM to all members of my sweet and cute family wish u all a very gooood day subha ka aaghaz achi bat k saath




    • Rufina

      Good morning….what u have said is absolutely correct…u will.keep fast this month right???

    • Kathy

      …وعليكم السلام ( wa-ʿalaykumu s-salāmu) dear ooshi… Very good morning…. Well said… It’s true dear… Yes rufina… It’s month of Ramadan… Muslims do fast this month…

  26. Kathy

    Good morning Ayesha Akka, naren, ooshi, Shai, shafaq, rufina, siddhi, nagma, Tara, harshan, Nandi, Mel, mukti, sharaya, shammu, ridhima, Eva, Linsa , Fiza, kavya, Arpita , Ayesha… N all my new and old family members very good morning to all… Have a wonderful day ahead… ?? keep smiling….?????

  27. pritam Ghosh

    i don’t know what is happening with the producers? this story should be about vishkanya as the tagline is about the story of a vishkanya now they are making apu a villain? seriously? nandita is the main villain. it was not kalpana fault it was all harsh fault and why she have to suffer and why making them negative? i just hate vardhan i can’t digest her irritating face yuksss go die. Appu s the best. i am not watch vish kanya

  28. Rufina

    I think this a day dream of nanditha or kalpana….If it is I would be a happiest person….

  29. But it can’t be a day dream.. How long vishkanya fans ought to wait for apulay marriage.. Frst of all it will hppn or not.. I think dat that chipkali will become villain.. I hate chipkali… She shud get rid of vishkanya … Waiting for today’s update

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