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Vishkanya 8th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vardaan clashes with Kasturi and apologizes. She does not identify her and asks if she had breakfast. Kasturi nods yes. Vardaan leaves. Kasturi stares at ceiling fan running over Apu and it falls. Apu sees it falls on time and moves, but it falls on her leg and injures it. Apu gets worried thinking if blood falls on floor, it will burn and everyone will know her secret. Kalpana hears Apu’s shout and thinks something must have happened. Someone removes Apu’s bead anklet seeing it stuck to fan. Apu shouts to return it back. Vardaan brings it back and gives it to Apu. Apu sees her mehandi spoilt, but Vardaan’s mehandi is dark. Kalpana pushes Nandita, who is clutching her hand with wheelchair, and runs towards Apu. Nandita falls down. Kalpana reaches Apu and says

she will take her to hospital. Guest says they should as Apu is bleeding profusely. Kalpana says she will take her alone and takes Apu out. Vardaan and Malay look at each other’s face.

Kalpana takes Apu in car. Kasturi sits in car’s dickie with brahmarakshas. Kalpana reaches temple and says this is vishkanya’s hospital. She goes in to get medicines. Kasturi opens dickiet and gets out with brahmarakshas.

Kumkum goes to Nandita’s room and sees her fallen on floor and drops her back on wheelchair. She says fan fell on Apu’s leg and injured her leg instead of falling on her head and killing her. Nandita asks her pen and paper and writes CCTV on paper holding pen in her mouth. Kumkum after a bit of jokergiri reads CCTV and asks why she needs it. Nandita smirks.

Kalpana brings medicines out and calls Apu. Apu shouts from inside temple. Kalpana goes in and sees Apu confined in cage. She asks Apu who confined her. Kasturi comes and says she captured her and these kind of species should be sacrificed to brahmarakshas, looking at brahmarakshas’s black shadow. Kalpana says Apu is her daughter and nobody has right on her. Kastuiri says her master brahmarakshas has right on Apu and starts beating Kalpana. Varaan comes to rescue and hits Kasturi. She says she identifed her in old lady’s getup and black smoke getting in car dickie with her. Kalpana shouts how dare she is to spoil her daughter’s life. Kasturi pushes her and grips Vardaan’s hair. Vardaan pushes her and says she cannot think of killing anyone like her. She will use her own dirty trick to punish her. She takes out black beeds which Kasturi gave her. Kasturi shouts not to throw it on her. Kalpana tries to break cage lock with hammer.

Precap: Malay holds Vardaan and asks why she and Apu were tensed regarding Apu’s bead anklet, what she wants to hide from her husband. Vardaan says his doubt is right, it is Vardaan’s secret.

Update Credit to: MA

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