Vishkanya 7th November 2016 fan fiction

Hi guys I am Nandana . I am writing this episode as our comment box had vanished so i am writing it . And i won’t be changing the story line and so there wil be no precap also .

So the episode starts with Malay hugging Vardaan seeing this our appu goes angrily . Our appu started to walk from there . She thinks that i know that malay loved vardaan but he loved me too know ? then the doctor who treated appu came there and asked her why she is walking alone where is ur husband ? Appu remained silent . The doctor said ohh i think he had went to buy sweets . By hearing this appu looked at the doctor confusingly .The doctor said that he was very happy when he got to know that he is going to become a father . Appu shockingly asked what ? The doctor said to appu that she is pregnant .Appu was shocked to hear this tears rolled down from her eyes she was feeling very happy but after thinking about malay and vardaan she became sad . A nurse called the doctor and she went from there .

Our appu was in a shock and thinks what to do now ? She thinks if she leaves malay now it will a cruelty to my child as i know what if a child didn’t get the love of a father as i didn’t get the love of a father so i know that .She then thinks what to do ?

The screen shifts to malay and vardaan .

Malay broke the hug and Thinks to go to see appu . Then vardhan asks him where is he going . He says to meet appu . He then happily goes to see appu to the casualty . Vardhaan gets angry seeing this .

He enters there but he was shocked to see that appu is not there . He worriedly asked to the nurse their saying that did u see my wife as she was been in this bed. The nurse said that she went outside some time ago .

Then malay worriedly started to search for appu by asking to all . By seeing malay’s concern vardhaan got angry again .

The screen shifts to Appu .

Appu thinks that for malay’s and vardhaan’s happiness i should leave malay then what will happen to my child . I know vardhaan is a good person if she gets to know that i am pregnant she would have went from our lives . But she didn’t that means i have to find out that is she is real vardaan or not .

At this time someone holds her shoulder she was shocked and she turned it was Malay.

Malay then hugs her and scolds her that why she came here without saying to him do u know how much i got worried ?

APPU – Really ?

MALAY – Haa Why r u asking like this appu don’t u know about that ? And now u r going to become a mother so u should be careful appu . Do u know how much i am happy today .

Appu thinks in mind that is it because of knowing that i am pregnant or getting vardaan back malay .
she then asks .
APPU – Do u really loves me and my child malay ?

Malay broke the hug and says What r u saying appu I loves u and its not only ur child its my child too appu . Why r u asking like this appu .

APPU – Nothing malay i just asked only .

Then malay holded appu’s hand and they both started walking .

By seeing all this vardhaan was at peak of the anger.

then appu & malay came near vardaan .

Seeing them she smiled .

Malay asked her to come with them . Then our appu too welcomed her in order to find the truth.

Then they reached the house .

They entered to the house . Vardhaan then thinks that at last she reached here and she smiles evilly . Appu then noticed it .

Then appu went to their bedroom . Vardhaan too reached their with appu . When appu was about to enter vardhaan stops her and says that I am Vardhaan Malay Mittal .

APPU – No u r not . When vardhaan died and her death certificate was made u were pushed out from malay’s life and before the death of my friend vardhaan she signed the divorce paper too and when vardhaan and malay was about to marry only she died and so she was not been the wife of malay and don’t u know that my and malay’s marriage was done and now I am MRS Malay Mittal . So plz can i get into the room .

Then vardhaan angrily goes from there.

Then malay comes to the room and sees appu sitting in the bed and looking at her real mom and kalpana’s photo he goes and seats near and held her hands .

MALAY – Do u know what I know now u r missing kalpana kakki and ur mom right ?

APPU – Yes….

MALAY – I had informed kalpana kaki about the good news and she too was very happy hearing that .I think she is in a temple so after 1 or 2 days she will be coming here .

APPU thinks that if she comes comes here she will be getting to know about this vardaan .

Then appu goes to take something in store room then malay ask her where is she going ? She says to store room he says no need u sit here she says no and says i want to take a thing then he calls vardhaan hearing maly calling her she came there happily but was shocked to know that he called her to go with appu store room . They reaches store room and appu locks the door .



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