Vishkanya 6th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 6th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kalpana informs Dida that Apu is missing and she is going to search her. Nandita comes and says how will she search Apu in 60 minutes, there is city on one side and jungle on another side, she should accept defeat. Kalpana says let us see, Apu will come back in 60 minutes. She rushes in taxi searching Apu in jungle area.

Malay calls Apu from Abhi’s mobile, but goons reject call. He thinks Apu disconnected call and says Abhi let us go and search her. They get down. Nandita asks where is he going. He says he is going to search Apu. Harsh says his marriage is in sometime and he should not go. Nandita says let him go and see Apu’s truth. Malay leaves with Abhi and searches Apu in market. Abhi says they should go back as Apu must have come back.

Kalpana gets down from

taxi in jungle and starts searching Apu. Renu comes to Vardaan’s room and says she should marry Malay as she loves him. Vardaan says she loves him, but he does not love him. Renu says after marriage he will love her. She gives her bridal attire to wear for marriage. Harsh tells Nandita that he stopped her today from falling into Malay’s eyes. She even she stopped him from becoming a bad father. He says they both should safeguard each other’s secrets.

Malay comes back home and repeatedly calls Apu. Abhi says why is he calling her repeatedly, she may not wish to speak to him. Sunder sees Malay’s calls on Apu’s phoneand gives it to Madan. Madan calls back and speaks in Apu’s voice. He laughs. Malay asks why is she laughing. Madan says she fooled him and does not want to marry him. Harsh comes with Nandita and brainwashes Malay that Apu fooled him and wanted to insult him and famil in front of all relatives. He requests Malay to marry Vardaan. Vardaan comes with Renu. Malay gives her something and says she always helped her family and even now wants to, but he cannot love her after marriage and only will love Apu his whole life. If she is okay to live as Mittal family without his love, she is welcome to marry him. He leaves from there asking her to take a decision.

Sunder and his goons’ jokergiri continues while Apu is still hanged to a tree. Harsh gets Malay ready in a groom’s sherwani. Malay walks with him reminiscing Apu love for him and then telling over phone that she just fooled him and does not love him.

Precap: Kalpana searches Apu in jungle. Apu’s thread burns and she falls in acid, shouting. Kalpana hears her shout.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Gud mrng frndzz

  2. Kathy,Is anything alright?I see a blast news near armycentre in Columbu in newspaper..R u safe?God is with us..I believe U n Ur family r Safe..n may God makes the injured people to alright n heal..

    1. Tnx a lot harshan… It’s bit far from Colombo…the ammunition dump of the army camp in Caught fire on Sunday night Military personnel and firefighters had to wage an intense battle to bring the flames under control. It took more the. 6 bourse…Area residents who lived within a 6km radius of the army camp were evacuated to safety following the incident… But everything got back to normal… Now…This was happened first time in Sri Lanka..

      1. Oh…May God makes the injured to heal..Back to normal is gud..

      2. Very bad happen I will pray for people who are injured.

      3. god fulfiL; all prayers of all AMEEN SUM AMEEN

  3. Watch this vin Rana takes up proverb challenge … So funny …??

  4. Harshan after read ur story I was very much interested to know about kurinji flower… When I Google it I come across this kurijipaatu… Hope u remember Poovellam kettupar film where surya says 100 names of flowers to jyotica it’s from the kurijipaatu it seems…n it’s symbols of love in Tamil literature …very interesting… Tnx for adding that flower I got to know much about it..

    1. Tanq kathy..for remembering tis.S..Surya said to tat film..I think tat Just make Luv is spl..tats y I used Kurinji a 12yrs once flowering flower as a gift..with hoping U all like tat..I hope maybe in the nxt epi Abhi n Mohan meets..Bt till now it is not starting..Waiting for a new line to strt away frm other epis..

      1. Wow excited to read..

  5. Tanq for Sharing valuable infos,Kathy

    1. My pleasure ..??

  6. Can anyone tell me how to update written update of serials?pls

    1. Sorry Siddhi..I didnt know..maybe I think like ffs

  7. A line aftr a long thinking..”Apu wit dove” fr ff

    1. Wow….would luv to read

  8. Quote of the day!!!!

    Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!

    Audrey Hepburn

  9. ASSALAM O ALAIKUM where r all is any noe here who will talk with me

    1. “Wa-Alaikum-Salaam”… How u doing dear???

      1. ok dear how was ur day and fast

  10. FOR ALL
    a thing which never dies? LOVE is this answer correct please comment i want to know ur point of view about this

    1. Hmm never dies… For me I think there is end for everything … Nothing is permanent … Thought to reply u.. But no idea..???


    1. Good quote dear…

  12. Guys sarayu’s fan fiction on Apu and Malay posted pls do read n comment … Tnx…?



    1. S..Strongly believ in tiz..A must Quoted Quote…By The Romantic Ghibran

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