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Vishkanya 6th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Kalpana drinking cool drinks looking at Harshvardhan. She walks towards him and he reverses his wheel chair, but cannot move further. She goes near him and says if he is getting angry and says his son and her daughter are looking perfect together. She continues angrying him and he shows helpless fuming expressions on his face.

Tapur takes Apu aside and yells that because of her, Malay left her hand and went towards her. Apu asks what did she do. Tapur yells that her birth is a big mistake. Kalpana hears that and sends Apu aside. She scolds Tapur for misbehaving with Apu. Tapur yells that she always gives preference to Apu than her. Ladies watch them. Kalpana says kids now a days don’t listen to parents and take Tapur rom there.

Malay behaves weiredly

under bhang’s influence. Kumkum yells that Kalpana and her daughter did black magic on Malay and tells Nandita she would not have call them for party. Abhi says it is bhang effect, Malay mixed bhang in juice for Apu and drank himself by mistake. Nandita asks Kumkum to give Malay some spicy food. Kumkum brings black pepper soup and gives it to him. He drinks saying it is yummy.

Apu walks in party searching her mom and sister. An inberiated man sees her and tries to befriend her. He extends hand and she says namaste and tells her name is Apu, Aparajita. He says he wants to be her friend. She walks away. He follows and holds her hand in corridor and starts misbehaving with her. She starts panicking and her skin color changes to blue. She reminisces dropping her tulsi neem thread somewhere. She then runs from there and prays god to cure her soon, else she cannot go home.

Kalpana takes Tapur home and scolds her for wearing Apu’s dress and misbehaving with her. Tapur says this dress is hers as she broken her name’s FD for this. Mom comes and asks where is Apu. Kalpana says she left her in party. Mom scolds Kalpana.

Inebriated Malay sees Apu in corridor and laughs. He asks howmany colors she has and asks her to extend her hand. She asks why. He says he wants to check if she is for real or he is still inebriated. She tries to leave. He holds her. She reminisces Kalpana warning her not to let anyone touch her.

Precap: People panic in party seeing foot prints. Doc says it is animal footprints. Nandita asks to search whole house. Apu hides behind curtain.

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  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer) First epi. /

  2. sharaya …….ur name is so different dr but nice …ni sowrastrian aah dr????

    1. I don’t know about that but my daddy is from Gujarat and my mummy is from Tamil nadu

      1. And we live in chennai I don’t have any siblings

  3. Guys we can keep a head of our family and whoever will be the head can tell anyone to write fan fiction on vishkanya so that it can be more famous,is this a nice idea?

  4. If idea is good then we should do selection now only for head.

  5. nice episode i like vishkanya hope it doesnt drag like other serials i have lost interest to see saath nibhana saathiya n kumkum bhagya due to excessive dragging. this is something new i wish same thing does not happen here. Anyway day by day everything is getting interesting in vishkanya

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