Vishkanya 6th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 6th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Kalpana drinking cool drinks looking at Harshvardhan. She walks towards him and he reverses his wheel chair, but cannot move further. She goes near him and says if he is getting angry and says his son and her daughter are looking perfect together. She continues angrying him and he shows helpless fuming expressions on his face.

Tapur takes Apu aside and yells that because of her, Malay left her hand and went towards her. Apu asks what did she do. Tapur yells that her birth is a big mistake. Kalpana hears that and sends Apu aside. She scolds Tapur for misbehaving with Apu. Tapur yells that she always gives preference to Apu than her. Ladies watch them. Kalpana says kids now a days don’t listen to parents and take Tapur rom there.

Malay behaves weiredly

under bhang’s influence. Kumkum yells that Kalpana and her daughter did black magic on Malay and tells Nandita she would not have call them for party. Abhi says it is bhang effect, Malay mixed bhang in juice for Apu and drank himself by mistake. Nandita asks Kumkum to give Malay some spicy food. Kumkum brings black pepper soup and gives it to him. He drinks saying it is yummy.

Apu walks in party searching her mom and sister. An inberiated man sees her and tries to befriend her. He extends hand and she says namaste and tells her name is Apu, Aparajita. He says he wants to be her friend. She walks away. He follows and holds her hand in corridor and starts misbehaving with her. She starts panicking and her skin color changes to blue. She reminisces dropping her tulsi neem thread somewhere. She then runs from there and prays god to cure her soon, else she cannot go home.

Kalpana takes Tapur home and scolds her for wearing Apu’s dress and misbehaving with her. Tapur says this dress is hers as she broken her name’s FD for this. Mom comes and asks where is Apu. Kalpana says she left her in party. Mom scolds Kalpana.

Inebriated Malay sees Apu in corridor and laughs. He asks howmany colors she has and asks her to extend her hand. She asks why. He says he wants to check if she is for real or he is still inebriated. She tries to leave. He holds her. She reminisces Kalpana warning her not to let anyone touch her.

Precap: People panic in party seeing foot prints. Doc says it is animal footprints. Nandita asks to search whole house. Apu hides behind curtain.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    In precap kumkum will come with wooden stick… Apu hides behind curtain.. She comes with stick.. Kalpana gets shocked and looks on… All are correct but this part u have missed MA other than it superb

  2. Priya

    Malay s bhang effect made him not to realize that apu has changed into blue……waiting for tomorrows epi to see that wheather apu will get caught or not

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Pls see contact us or submitting the article u can write a written update of epi and I can also write ff.. Guys can anyone write a ff on this story!???becoz I am already writing 3ff or I will itself write I will support anyone who writes it..

  3. guys…I’m new here… I like to watch this serial… but my mother never get me to see the show… if anyone can upload the episodes on YouTube???

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      See in website or download app and watch it and they will not upload full epi!!

  4. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Why less comments now a days? Where are vishkanya family members samaira kapoor,nagma,ridhima,Priya,loshini,kirana,sania,ahana,Sathya,kathy,shraya,kalindi,Tara,anu,fatarajo,rasmeena,ayesha,radha,sipa and all other vishkanya family members hi…. How r u? Please comment or give me reply!!

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Sorry I forgot to write u r name… Hi and if possible in vishkanya page many ff should be there then only it will be nice..

      • Yeah if there is many ff means it will be so nice
        And I can also start writing a ff but the thing is I don’t know any story with apu as vishkanya can I change her as a normal girl? Because I don’t have any idea apu as vishkanya that’s why.

      • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

        It is u r wish but don’t make her as normal girl then concept will be over..

  5. sharaya

    I think kalpana wants to revenge malay’s family so she is making apu marry Malay and I think after some days kalpana will be the villian of this show. What you guys think about this?

  6. sharaya

    I think kalpana wants to revenge malay’s family so she is making apu marry Malay and I think after some days kalpana will be the villian of this show. What you guys think about this? Pls share your opinion

    • Sunitha

      She is the villain,it I think is because what they did before,that why she is taking revenge by using Appu,as the weapon

  7. Nice epi.waiting for tommorows epi.kathy i’m in kandy dr.kathy are u watching the show on satalite t.v /online ?hi friends! Nagma how are u dr?

    • Kathy

      Oh kandy nice place … Am from Colombo I watched through dialog satellite dear …how about u dear…

  8. Sharaya may be u r right.i also think that kalpana will be villian in future.but i think she can’t hurt apu becouse she loves her.(now)??if she does’t love her and she use apu to get revenge for only that can be change.??

  9. Hey guys i think all of u are from india.
    But i an not.
    I’m from chittagong…. Bangladesh…..
    Vishkanya is a very good show….
    Can anyone tell me what is apu in real? Human or something else??

    • Kathy

      Tara apu is a vishkanya means … Poison girl .. In history it says young girls were raised on a carefully crafted diet of poison and antidote from a very young age… Used to assassin kings and enemies …

  10. Ooshi Akbar

    kalpana ill be villain in future but in her revenge what is malay’s mistake so i think malay should know the reality of apu from which most is hidden from us till now and what is the story of animal’s foot prints writers please clarify apu’s history

  11. Kathy

    Good episode … Waiting for tomorrow’s episode to see how apu escaping from this …. By the way I hate this moderation …. Took so long to upload …

  12. HarSHaN

    An imagination one:
    A girl put a thread knot in window of a mosque..Ram see tat frm outside..with hearing ” Urs eyes changed me as a poet”(Kangal paarthe kavi aanen)-(Guru)” in his walkman..n thinking “s..ofcourse Saayira made me”.Ram walks back without seeing ..His legs are slipped n fall in a flower basket.Full of white roses with 1 black rose.. Ram take tat..n reminds the 1st moment when he met Saayira..
    A small try frndzz..
    Hw is it FrndzZ?Is tiz k?

    • HarSHaN

      Which time vishkanya be replayed in morng frndzz? Anyone tell me..plzz..Frm 2day onwards I m unable to watch the epis the same day itself…plz..anyone tell the time..

  13. latanzia

    Today’s episode was good, oh my a drunk Malay was too funny.
    Kumkum the aunt is one crazy lady, but funny.
    I have a strong feeling Apu will escape from there, maybe it is Malay in the curtain, Why is it in every Indian serial there is always a drunk man trying to molest the lead.
    So far this is the best show on Zeetv, everything about this show is unique and stick to the theme of the show.
    Kalpana loves Apu yes but her revenge on the Mittal family comes before everything.

    I can’t wait for tomorrow episode and also to see what the trp will be for this show.
    Another thing this is a new show and their is no promo for zee what is up with that.

  14. latanzia

    Another thing will Malay remember what he saw.
    What is the mystery between these two family, that Kalpana is will to use her daughter to basically kill their son.

  15. Maanasha

    I love all the zee tv serials..sometimes I can’t see the serial..on those days I read ur’s amazing..after reading this I feel like I have watched the entire epsiode on air itself..that much accuracy on every scenes..thanks for the updation.. πŸ™‚

  16. arohi sharma

    Precap is mysterious.. I think Malay will save apu…its my imagination what about u guys….also I want to ask can we upload a pic on comment like u have of rk. Uff rishab kundra…(I don’t know his real name)

  17. verti

    Nice episdoe and show, but why do they show men trying to misbehave…cheee

    Maamuni/Kalpana looks beautiful and her expressions are also superb.
    I dont mind her taking revenge coz it seems as if family of malay had done something to kalpana and family..i hate malay’s mum .her look,face everything.

    WAiting for upcoming episodes.

  18. hi everyone ….. How r u all ??? I think kalpana will create any drama and help apu to become normal. ….i think so.. πŸ˜‰

    • sharaya

      Hi athya Akka I’m fine u
      And i also think the same kalpana will make apu normal or kalpana will distruct everyone and make apu escape

  19. Guys we can keep a head of our family and whoever will be the head can tell anyone to write fan fiction on vishkanya so that it can be more famous,is this a nice idea?

  20. priyaraj

    nice episode i like vishkanya hope it doesnt drag like other serials i have lost interest to see saath nibhana saathiya n kumkum bhagya due to excessive dragging. this is something new i wish same thing does not happen here. Anyway day by day everything is getting interesting in vishkanya

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