Vishkanya 5th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 5th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vardaan mixes mehandi for Apu. Apu stops her and says she will prepare her mehandi herself. Vardaan asks if she is afraid that she mixed something in mehandi and says even if she tries to hide her secret a lot, Malay will know eventually. Malay enters and asks what are they hiding. Vardaan thinks if Malay heard their conversation and says they were discussing about hiding mehandi color. Apu says tomorrow it is time to show her mehandi and leaves saying she will prepare her mehandi. Malay looks at Vardaan and it is interesting to know love can be judged by mehandhi’s color, but she should not apply mehandi as her love is not deep and true. Vardaan thinks love means not only gaining, Malay does not know what she sacrificed for love. She will apply mehandi for sure and it will be darkest.

She will expose Apu’s truth in front of Malay.

Mehandi rituals start. Kumkum asks guests to sit wherever they find place. Kalpana says pandit told to come via particular door and guests that her daughter’s marriage did not happen last time, this time she will not let it spoil. Kumkum comments. Kalpana confronts her and warns her that she will not let her plan succeed, she heard her talking to neighhbors about Malay and Vardaan. Kumkum says this is her house and she will not allow her goondagari. Kalpana twists her finger and asks if they can start ritual. Nandita fumes. Kalpana taunts hher not to stare sitting on wheel chair. Nandita thinks something is wrong, so Kalpana is checking everything, but she will spoil Kalpana’s plan, she has not forgotten playing dirty games.

Apu brings mehandi and asks designer to apply this mehandi. Kalpana asks ladies to start music. Malay’s friends congratulate him and say at last he is getting married to Apu. Kalpana goes out and performs chilli smoke aarti to guests before them entering. She checks each one. She sees a neighbor with veil and asks he to show her face. Kasturi comes there and watches hiding. Kalpana thinks Kasturi will try to enter, so she has to stop her. Kasturi fumes that Kalpna will not let her go in, but she has to get in and take Apu somehow.

Apu’s mehandi starts. Desinger asks what to write on it. She says Malay’s name. Vardaan also gets mehandi and thinks her mehandi color will be dark. Apu asks Vardaan to get her sugar and lemon water for mehandi. Vardaan purposefully touches Apu’s mehandi and Apu scolds her.

Kalpana sees Nandita getting asthma attack and takes her to her room via back door thinking if people see her, they will stop Apu’s mehandi ritual. In room she searches inhaler and drops it on floor. Nandita speeds her wheelchair towards Kalpana and rides it on Kalpana’s hand. Kalpana writhes in pain and shouts to go back. Nandita fumes.

Kasturi enters mittal house disguised as old lady and stands near Apu thinking her prey is here. She looks at fan and it starts wobbling. Vardaan clashes with her while walking and looks at her face carefully.

Precap: Apu sees fan falling on her and moves, but it falls on her leg and blade gets stuck in her neem-tulsi beed anklet. Guests ask her to remove her anklet and she resists. They forcefully try to remove it.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. Milks

    It was a good episode but this varadhaan is so cheap she got rid of apu being Malays love and again wants to love him.

  2. Anika


    |Registered Member

    Oh God!
    I am scared thinking about precap.
    What will happen now!
    If they remove her anklet her truth will come out infront everyone 😨😨

  3. Nandana


    |Registered Member

    yes milks i agree with u how cheap is this vardaan and malay . nowadays i really hate malay not vardaan that much

  4. pari

    Yaar please don’t separate Malay and vardhan and this apu just act like poor girl , Please make Malay and vardhaan unite , they are awesome together

  5. pari


    Little later my mom came out and said, finish the discharge formalities let’s take her home.

    We went home. She was resting in Adithi’s room and my mom gave her some food as per the physician’s instructions. Nethra requested us not to inform her parents as they would just come and rebuke her. This will add to her pain and in no way will give her relief or change the situation. Later, my mom came to my room and said, “I wanna have a word with you”

    I said, “Yes mom, what’s it about?”

    She said, “It’s about Nethra”

    I said, “Mom I’m really sorry, actually I was very angry with her and I don’t know how I spoke all that. Maybe because of anger”

    She said, “There is nothing to feel sorry about. I knew you were in love with her and I also knew that you didn’t realize its love. She is not a bad choice to regret; she is like this because of some bad incidents that happened in the past; she is also a girl, a human being who is deeply in need of love that was denied by her heartless parents. I’ll talk to dad about this if you are serious but before that I need to clarify certain things with you”

    I asked, “What is it?”

    She said, “She attempted suicide because of vexation as her parents have applied for Divorce and her father is getting married to someone else after the divorce. An insecure thought of their lives and future had made her depressed and has been troubling her. That’s why she had decided to end her life”

    I asked, “Mom anyway they are not together and the divorce is not going to change anything. She could have told me Mom. Death is not a solution”

    Mom said, “When you are depressed you won’t be able to think and decide wisely. Do you know she hates men? She is friendly with you because you care for her; respected her as a human being ignoring her callous nature and grumpiness”

    I asked, “What’s the reason to hate men in particular?”

    Mom said, “Do you remember one day when we were watching a movie she became nervous and started to shiver”

    I said, “Yes, I do remember”

    Mom said, “Taking advantage of her family situation one of her relative had been s*xually harassing her for some time since she was thirteen years old. This has affected her psychologically; it’s kind of a mental disorder. If she comes across such situations or thinks about it or if she sees something that reminds her of that she becomes nervous”

    I said, “Mom, it’s shocking. How could life be so cruel on somebody who is helpless?”

    Mom said, “Life is like that. She wants to be happy, move around with friends and lead a normal life like other girls of her age but this incident makes her not to trust anyone and she thinks grumpiness and loneliness is a shield to protect her. She is very timid in nature and fears about life but she portrays herself as a bold and stern person. Now Arjun, tell me are you patient and matured enough to handle a wife like her?”

    I said, “More than I know myself you know me better; you tell me mom will I be able to handle this?”

    Mom said, “I don’t know, but my advice for you is to stay calm and make her feel comfortable with you. Make her trust you and love you. Love cures and pacifies. You will have to be patient till that. It’ll take time for her to develop confidence in you. Love is not the relationship of two bodies. It’s the bonding between the hearts & minds of two individuals that lasts forever.

    If you really love her as much as you portray, you’ve got to give her some time. I’m really concerned Arjun, she is not mentally sound right now and may not give in to your urge for physical intimacy. This might frustrate you to the extent of giving up your relationship leading to divorce or separation.

    She attempted suicide because she didn’t like her parents’ divorce and just imagine her mental agony if she has to sail in the same boat. Take time, think and tell me. Are you gonna take her as your wife or are you gonna give up your love for the pleasure of physical relationship?”

    Mom paused for a moment and continued, “If you are going for the first choice I’ll talk to dad and at the right time we will talk to her mother or father”

    I said, “Mom, there is no need to think I have made up my mind, It’s now I love her more. I wanna go for the first option. I wanna take her as my wife, I know her heart is bruised; I wanna heal her hurting and relive her from her pains. It’s no fault of hers mom. I don’t know if she will ever open up or mingle with anyone like she did with us and vice versa if others would be able to understand her pain and grief or not. I want to be by her side always mom”

    Mom said, “Don’t be hasty in deciding. It’s easy to say but practically it’s difficult. As a mother I wanna see my grandchildren. When I know the chances are very less, how do you think I’ll accept to it?”

    I said, “Mom, It’s not a decision in haste. I’ll stand firm and stick on to it come what may. To fulfill your wish we can adopt children and if you want grandchildren in your genes, technology has advanced to great extent in the medical field. I don’t wanna quit her for a silly reason mom”

    Mom said, “Good, I appreciate your decision but time alone will reveal the zeal of your love. All that we discussed should be between you and me. You should never discuss this with anyone especially Nethra and embarrass her at any point of time in your life”

    I said, “I swear, I’ll not discuss this with anyone”

    Mom said, “We’ll talk about it later. Don’t trouble her asking anything. Okay” saying this she walked to the door and before she could leave, naughtily smiling she said, “I have never come across such a worst and wild proposal ever in my life”

    After the discussion I was thinking about it and I felt pity for her. I decided, I should provide her a good life and replenish all the happiness and love that she lost all these years.

    I went Adithi’s room to see her. Adithi and Nethra were playing chess. I pulled up a chair and sat next to Adithi and said, “Hi Nethra, how are you feeling?”

    She said, “Better”

    I said, “Please don’t ever try to do like this again what so ever. I know you’re grieving and your heart is bleeding but death is not a solution for anything. I just thought what if your attempt had succeeded. The thought of losing you made me wild and that’s why I behaved badly. I didn’t mean to hurt you but I meant what I said. I’m very sorry if it had hurt you in anyway”

    She didn’t say anything but silence. I asked, “Shall we go out for a drive and get some fresh air?

    Adithi said, “Okay, let’s go to ice cream parlor I need triple sundae. What do you want Nethra?”

    I said, “Let me check with mom if I can take you out and if you can have ice creams”

    I asked my mom and she said, “Okay do not buy Nethra a sundae but maybe a scoop if she can take it. Don’t stay out for a long time. Come back soon” Adithi, Nethra and I went to the nearby park and were watching the people around, the children playing etc. A swing was free and Adithi said, “I wanna swing” and ran to the swing.

    Nethra and I were sitting in a bench and she asked, “Can you do me a favor please?”

    I asked, “What is it?”

    She said, “I wanna see Mithra, can you take me to her? She is studying 9th standard in St. Ebenezer School, Yelagiri”

    I said, “Let me check with mom and if your health cooperates we shall go this weekend”

    I checked with my mom and dad during dinner. Dad said, “Let us all go and visit Mithra this week end. Anyway we were planning for a family outing; let’s combine it together”

    As planned we all started. On seeing her sister both of them hugged each other and cried. We didn’t know what to do and how to react on seeing this. Soon they became normal and were talking about their classes, studies, teachers, hostel and lot more. We had lunch with Mithra, during lunch Mithra said aloud to everyone, “Arjun is the only person Nethra has ever introduced as her friend till now and I’m very happy that she has someone to share. Thanks a lot, please take care of her. She is very reserved and will never tell anyone what she feels”

    I said “Don’t worry Mithra we’ll take care” and we started back to Chennai. On the way back Nethra said to my dad, “Thank you for organizing this trip uncle

  6. Nandana


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    Night is here so pleasant and dark,
    Night is here with a new spark,
    So, lay on your bed in peace,
    And, all your worries will cease,
    Keep dreaming,
    Wish you all GOOD NIGHT and SWEET DREAMS
    🌃 💞 🎶 😊 😊 🏡

  7. Dharhu

    How long they will drag this track plz fix a pair for malay Wether he will be pairing with chipkali or apu nd don’t confuse the the viewers nd me too more than chipkali nw I’m hating this idiot malay. I started to watch this serial for vin as I like him in mahabharat bt nw i hate this show bcoz of vin y they spoiled his character like apu nd they spoiling all the characters expect chipkali as they want to show her a great mahaan

    • Nandana


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  8. Sisla

    Hi to all my vk friends…. Epi is still on same track…..😡😡😡😡😡. I don’t know why they hurt Apu whenever she tries to get near Malay ?????🤔🤔🤔🤔.nowadays they r showing her as a side character . I could not bear this😡😡😡😡😡. This serial track making us irritable to watch it😡😡😡😡

  9. Kathy


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    At the end of night, before you close your eyes, be content with what you’ve done and be proud of who you are.

    Good night to all my VK family… Have a good sleep…. Sleep well … Sweet dreams….

  10. Kathy


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    Happy to see Even one or two comments from naren… Missing all my old VK members… N where r u Shai????

  11. Kathy


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    There was a blind girl who hated herself just because she was blind. She hated everyone, except her loving boyfriend. He was always there for her. She said that if she could only see the world, she would marry her boyfriend.

    One day, someone donated a pair of eyes to her and then she could see everything, including her boyfriend. Her boyfriend asked her, “Now that you can see the world, will you marry me?”

    The girl was shocked when she saw that her boyfriend was blind too, and refused to marry him. Her boyfriend walked away in tears, and later wrote a letter to her saying:

    “Just take care of my eyes dear.”

    This is how human brain changes when the status changed. Only few remember what life was before, and who’s always been there even in the most painful situations.

    Life Is A Gift

    Today before you think of saying an unkind word–
    think of someone who can’t speak.

    Before you complain about the taste of your food–
    think of someone who has nothing to eat.

    Before you complain about your husband or wife–
    think of someone who is crying out to God for a companion.

    Today before you complain about life–
    think of someone who went too early to heaven.

    Before you complain about your children–
    think of someone who desires children but they’re barren.

    Before you argue about your dirty house, someone didn’t clean or sweep–
    think of the people who are living in the streets.

    Before whining about the distance you drive–
    think of someone who walks the same distance with their feet.

    And when you are tired and complain about your job–
    think of the unemployed, the disabled and those who wished they had your job.

    But before you think of pointing the finger or condemning another–
    remember that not one of us are without sin and we all answer to one maker.

    And when depressing thoughts seem to get you down–
    put a smile on your face and thank God you’re alive and still around.

    Life is a gift – Live it, Enjoy it, Celebrate it, and Fulfill it…..😊😊😊😊😊

  12. Nandana


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    There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship. i wish all of u a happy friendship day 👭👭👭👬👬👬👭👭🎉🎊🎈🎂

  13. Kathy


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    Good morning naren, Ayesha Akka, ooshi , Shai, shafaq, rufina , siddhi, nagma, Tara, harshan, kavya, Arpita, Mel, mukti, shammu, sharaya, sharadh , shradha, chitali, prakriti, Elsa , Eva , Ayesha, Fiza , Dharhu , Adito , pinky , nandana , Mona , ridhima , nandan, rajni , saya, Anika, khathri saima , sisla n Shaikh family… Very good morning to all … Have a wonderful day ahead.. Keep smiling …

  14. Ooshi Akbar

    Today I need a high quantity of all your prayers as today is my education’s paper which is like my death and Di speech is on the topic of independence day and is on 14 Aug as it’s our independence day plz help me to make the speech plz u r my best Di na so help me

    • Nandana


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      all the best ooshi di for ur speech and the papers . may god bless u . my prayers r always there with u di 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🎁👍👍

    • Kathy


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      Al the very best for the paper dear… My dua is always with u dear… May Allah bless u with success n b with u… Don’t worry… Just relax….

    • Kathy


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      On speech… I don’t know much about the Independence Day about ur country but I can give some tips to support u… When ur giving a speech first of all b strong… Coz all will focus u only.. B comfortable …Speak so that everyone can hear and understand! You want to speak with a good pace that reveals your excitement and passion about your topic, but don’t speak too fast! You also will want to speak so that everyone in the room can hear .. Remember, you care about what you are saying, you have put in the time and effort. Have a positive attitude–you will do great!

    • HarSHaN


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      Just close ur eyes n take the view of freedom fighters for getting independence in imaginary n collect some historic informations n made into a precise essay n prepare tat..My Sissy’ll made tat speech best..Best Wishes Ooshi..

  15. Fiza

    Hiiii how r u all i think u all forget me actually i m married now i know i said that after 1 or 2 years but parents wants me to marry so i m married on october 2nd my marriage happen i said ayesha to say u all but i think she didn’t say u all sorry i m saying u all after so long time i miss u all so so so much & 1 more sorry for i m commenting after sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long time

    • Nandana


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      hi fiza no need of saying sorry we can understant it .😃😃😃😃😃😃😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

    • Ooshi Akbar

      Fiza don’t say sorry to me did u forgot that no one is allowed to say Me sorry and happy to watch that u commented here while u had many works and we understand u so don’t be sad/sorry with me u could use sad instead of sorry and be happy always may Allah bless you in every moment of life Aameen SumAameen Ya Rab Bul Aalameen take care yourself and your’s

  16. HarSHaN


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    Luv’s 1st sec 02:Pre:Dev’s 1st meet while Sona is saving a girl..Sona surprised while seeing Dev’s speed spinning in wooden stick…Dev leaves the place..
    Now…(How DevShi falls in luv?? 1st time)
    Sona still surprisingly stands n see the direction in which Dev goes..

    In jeep,Dev’s helper asked with fear..
    “Sir…Do U know whose sister is she n whose house is tat?”

    After few secs silence,

    Dev:”HorseMan…While seeing tat house,I realise tat..”
    N his eyes see outside….


    Loc:Lord Amarnath Temple…
    Near the temple,many white horsemen r waiting..

    A long haired, n blackdressed man comes from temple n jumps on his white horse..
    (He’s none other than Sona’s brother,Mohan)

    The horsemen reach the house ..

    Mohan enters the house n asked “When Dev is coming?”

    Sona (confuse):Bhaiyaa..Who is Dev?

    Mohan:”Dev is tat man who spins tat stick fastly..while leaving from here.. ”

    Sona:”S..Bhaiyaa..He spins the stick fastly like U”..

    Mohan goes near table n sits on chair..

    Mohan:”R U finished ur dinner?”(Seeing foreign girl)..
    She nods her head”S..”

    Loc:Dev’s home..
    Dev goes to sleeping..

    The next day..

    Dev goes to same place where he meets Sona first on the day before…

    Dev remembers abt Sona..

    Dev (In mind):”What is her name?(Pre:Till now Dev n Sona’s names r not known for each other)

    While thinking,Dev hears the sound of many sheeps…
    N also “Hey..Meeeii..Duuuurrrr.Chirchoo…..”
    Dev sees Sona with sheeps..Also her wooden stick..
    Bt She didn’t see him..

    Sona turns n see Dev….
    The bells of the wooden stick jingles…while DevShi sees each other…

    Dev nods his head”S”
    Dev:”U didn’t tell ur name Yesterday”…

    Sona(with a smile):”I m Sona..U..Mr.Mystery?”



    Sona (with a smile):”U know…I know ur name already…Ur name “The”,….Dev”
    Dev (surprise):How She get my name?”
    Hope U like tiz frndzz..
    Tanq frndzz for reading..Write ur thoughts after reading…Tanq frndzz for supporting “Where is DevShi??”
    Story of how DevShi strts luv though Mohan’ s presence..To be continued….

  17. Rufina


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    Nandana dr..It puts me a great smile on my face whenever I see ur dp..i watch it in tamil..missing meri aashiqui tumse hi n ishveer alot..Thanks Nandana dr.. A msg from a true ishveerian

    • Nandana


      |Registered Member

      thx rufina and me too watches it in tamil at 8.30 pm . and me too missing matsh a lot 😭😢😩. me too a true ishveerian

  18. Saima

    Are you guyss excited for today’s vishkanya episode…? I think apu’s truth will not come in front of anyone…either her maamouni will save her or vardaan

  19. Nandana


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  20. Ooshi Akbar

    Guys I am back and don’t die after seeing and solving Education isn’t it a great news for me it is just like thanking God and a miracle

  21. Nandana


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    Hi ooshi di how r u. ? And how was ur day. . And be confident and strong di and now also i prayed for u so god will make everything alright di .

  22. HarSHaN


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    Day of Frndship creates a new beginning of a new day like its flower of forever..Gud nyt n morning frndzz..Day starts with “Kala Chasma” n thinking a epi of DevShi with pillows…

  23. Anika


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    Happy Friendship day my lovely friends 👫👬👭
    Hope you will never leave your friends side and will also have a friend who will stand by your side in every situation you face in life

  24. HarSHaN


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    NowEpi9:DevShi with HeadPhones n Pillows..
    Pre:DevShi act as Duck n Shooter for making Ma happy…bcoz Ma is Sad after hearing tat She is not his biological mom though she knows..
    Ma calls DevShi nearer to her after seeing their Duck n Shooter..
    Dev n Sona sits nearer to Ma..

    Ma(with a smile):I m normal..Who Says Dev is not my Son?Dev is my blood..U r coming from Dev’s creative story…So U r my child too,Sona…(by holding Sona’s hand)…n touches Dev’s cheek by her hands softly

    Sona smiles n feels the pure luv…
    Ma:”I ‘ll go to kitchen now”

    Dev sees Sona..

    Dev:”Sona..Tanq for making Ma happy..I hav a request..”

    Sona(thinking about Request):Dev..Dont thank me..I m ur frnd..n Ma’s child too (with a childish small smile)..How can I help U?”

    Dev:”Plz stay with Ma today..Plz…
    I ‘ll make U safe to reach parents”

    Sona (shock):Itz k Dev..I’ll stay with Ma…
    Dev is missing to see Sona’s shock..

    Ma comes to room with glasses of milk..While entering,she accidentally hears tiz..

    Ma sees the shocking face of Sona..n realized Sona is trying to change that..

    Ma:”Dev..U also sleep with Us here..”
    Dev nods his head”S”..
    Dev strts making his bed on floor n falls on it..after drinking milk..

    Ma n Sona r sitting on the wooden bed where Ma sleeps daily..

    Ma:”Sona..Dev’s eyes r not closing if even Sun is coming..U now sleep well..Gud nyt Dear”
    Sona:”Gud nyt,Ma”
    Though Ma strts sleep,Sona is still sitting n her fingers r on her cheek..acts like a stand…
    Sona sees Dev…(actually Dev’s bed is near her place)

    On his left side,a headphone on his ear..But in right,headphone is in out..

    Sona watch tiz n slowly stands..
    Goes nearer to Dev like a cat..
    “Meow” in bg..
    N takes the right side headphone..

    Dev still closed his eyes n listening the song…

    Sona put headphone on her right ear by seeing how Dev put tiz on left ear…
    “As long as U luv me”(JBieber)is in headphone..

    Dev (feels):Someone is near us??
    Opening his eyes..Sona also sees him n take the left headset out from her ear n goes to bed..

    “As long as U luv me” in bg…
    Dev sees Sona is falling on bed n turns round..

    Dev sees Sona once again n strts sleeping…

    Maybe a half hour going…
    Dev lightly awakes frm his sleep..n sees Sona is still near him..
    Sona sitting with pillows on her her sitting posture….Bt seems sleeping..

    Dev (Zooming eyes &think):Is she sleeping while sitting?

    Dev (comes nearer in mild voice):R U sleeping,Sona?”

    While seeing Headphones on her ears,Dev got Sona is hearing Songs…
    Dev shakes her shoulder..
    “Kala Chashma”song beats in Sona…
    Sona awakes from the song while Dev touched..

    Sona(thinks):We r caught..
    With a hesitate,Sona slowly opens her eyes…
    N sees Dev is sitting in bed..not sleeping..
    Sona (think&zooming eyes):ChapterClose….
    Dev sees Sona..
    Sona seems Omg..?!!

    Dev (smiles):”Go..Sleep well,Sona..Time is late”n falls on bed..

    Sona slowly stands n her pillows fall on Dev’ s face..

    Dev (with mild angry n voic):Sonnnaaaa…

    Sona(in mild loud):”Sor.. .
    Sona closed her lips by her hands n again(in mild):”Sorry”….

    (Dev’s angry disappears)

    Dev(smile):”Sleep well”…
    Though Dev n Ma r sleeping,Sona didn’t got sleep..She goes to Dev’s Room n sit in the chair where She sit while coming as a new to tat home..
    Accidentally sees the drawing papers of Dev..Full of Sona’s face on incomplete..
    Only one is complete..
    Sona takes the paper n sees the pink marker nearer to papers..

    She takes the marker n writes on bottom”Where is DevShi frm Tomorrow?”

    N places the paper in old place..
    Entering Ma’s room n Sona falls on bed…
    A hand touch her head softly..
    Sona shocked n turns back..
    Tat’ s Ma’s hand..
    Sona’s eyes tears..
    N in (very mild voice)Maa. .
    Ma hugs Sona to calm her..
    Hope U like tiz frndzz..
    Tanq for Reading..Write Ur thoughts after reading..Tanq for supporting “Luv 1st sec”..

    • Ooshi Akbar

      Good night Bhai and today’s episode was good some childish and full of emotions so doing good and keep it up take care yourself and your’s

  25. Ooshi Akbar

    Di I was thinking about the topic of the speech so I write which I was thinking now comment on it
    My respected teachers and dear friends Assalam o Alaikum
    We usually says that 14 Aug is our independence day but do we really know what is independence
    Independence is to get freedom from any of the restriction and to get a life which one lives with his wishes on the basis of equality. It is a great Gift of God and we got it so we should thank to Him for this. Our leader Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah fought for this country to give us a place where we could spend our lives freely and obey the rules and regulations by Allah. Our two nation theory or our religion was the base of this country to got formed. So question yourself that r u on the same path of Quaid. R u living ur lives in the same manner u should and if not (which it surely be) then pray the God to guide us to the way to success and allow us to follow our religious values. An other thing which I want to say is that thank God for this gift before any of the huge circumstances surround us

    • Nandana


      |Registered Member

      Ooshi di speech is very nice and if u can plz make it some more longer and if u need u can say the year which we got independence. Ok di if u wish only . all the best for the speech

  26. Ooshi Akbar

    Di will I write more or not if yes then what I don’t know but surely will keep u updated time to time and the speech is for every member and every one had the right to comment too

      • Ooshi Akbar

        Guys don’t call me di weather my age is not small but my acts and mind and heart r still childish and Di represents a senior citizen which I don’t want to be I always wants to be a child so plz don’t call me Di and second thing I will surely add some material to it but what should it about I can’t decide it IF ANYONE CAN HELP ME IN DECIDING THE TOPIC OF NEXT MATERIAL

  27. Bella


    |Registered Member

    Good Morning All………Happy Friendship Day……….Life without friendship is like the sky without sun. ………..

  28. Ooshi Akbar

    Happy Friendship Day to all members of my family as u r my friends too and wish u all a great day ahead Take care your friends understand their value in your lives before become separate from them may u all don’t lose your friends forever Aameen SumAmeen Ya Rab Bul Aalameen and also guide us all the right path to You and plz allow us all to secure our afterworld and plz Allah Taala fulfill my all these wishes Aameen guys plz say Aameen plz a humble request of ooshi to all her family members

  29. Kathy


    |Registered Member

    Ooshi dear…. Well written speech dear… Better add the year of independence n I quote this speech from net… Check whether will it help u… To make it little long…

    14th August the day of Pakistan is a common day for other nations, but this is most valuable day for Pakistani nation in history of Pakistan. In Urdu language it is called as “Yom-e-Istiqlal”. On 14th August 1947 the world saw a new country “Islamic Republic of Pakistan” as an independent country. Remember that according to Islamic calendar Pakistan became on 27th of Ramadan when Allah blessed Muslims with the pious homeland.
    The word “Pakistan” is combination of two words “Pak” means pious and “stan” means homeland. Both words belong to Persian and Urdu language.
    The Pakistan came into existence due to restless efforts of Quaid-e-Azam (the great leader) Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Muhammad Ali Jinnah proved to be a great leader and his name has been written in golden words in the history of Pakistan.
    14th August is a public day of dedication and pride for the people throughout Pakistan and celebrated with great enthusiasm and devotion among the nation. The main celebrations of this day are flag hoisting, singing patriotic songs, tributes to the national heroes and cultural activities. The importance of this day lies in paying tribute to the lost heroes and in raising the hopes for a bright future.
    Being a Pakistani we must celebrate 14th August by thanking to All Mighty Allah for giving this homeland after immense sacrifices.
    Happy Independence Day To Whole Nation!

    • Ooshi Akbar

      Di i will upload my speech with the combination of ur and mine’s material then check that and tell me will that be enough or not

    • HarSHaN


      |Registered Member

      Nyc Kathy..Plz take it as a suggest..Modify the line “The main celeb..”or remove tat..U write nyc..I didn’t try to write the essay for Ooshi..I feel only tat line actually like an one which is forcing add..Plz dont mistake me…

  30. Kathy


    |Registered Member


    That night, Sue quarreled with her mother, then stormed out of the house. While enroute, she remembered that she did not have any money in her pocket, she did not even have enough coins to make a phone call home.

    At the same time, she went through a noodle shop, picking up sweet fragrance, she suddenly felt very hungry. She wished for a bowl of noodles, but she had no money!

    The seller saw her standing wheat faltered before the counter and asked:

    – Hey little girl, you want to eat a bowl?

    – But … but I do not carry money … she shyly replied.

    – Okay, I’ll treat you – the seller said – come in, I will cook you a bowl.

    A few minutes later the owner brought her a steaming bowl of noodles. Ate some pieces, Sue cried.

    – What is it? – He asked.

    – Nothing. I am just touched by your kindness! – Sue said as she wiped her tears.

    – Even a stranger on the street gives me a bowl of noodles, and my mother, after a quarrel, chased me out of the house. She is cruel!!

    The seller sighed:

    – Girl, why did you think so? Think again. I only gave you a bowl of noodles and you felt that way. Your mother had raised you since you were little, why were you not grateful and disobeyed your mom?

    Sue was really surprised after hearing that.

    “Why did I not think of that? A bowl of noodles from a stranger made me feel indebted, and my mother has raised me since I was little and I have never felt so, even a little.”

    On the way home, Sue thought in her head what she would say to her mother when she arrives home: “Mom, I’m sorry. I know it is my fault, please forgive me … ”

    Once up the steps, Sue saw her mother worried and tired of looking for her everywhere. Upon seeing Sue, her mother gently said: “Sue, come inside honey. You are probably very hungry? I cooked rice and prepared the meal already, come eat while it is still hot …”

    Can not control any longer, Sue cried in her mom’s hands.

    In life, we sometimes easy to appreciate the small actions of some people around us, but for the relatives, especially parents, we see their sacrifices as a matter of natural …

    Parental love and concern are the most precious gifts we have been given since birth.

    Parents do not expect us to pay back for nurturing us …… but have we ever appreciated or treasure the unconditional sacrifice of our parents?

  31. Rajni

    Sweet story
    It was their 3rd marriage anniversary

    He: Aaj khane me kya h jaan…..
    Jaldi laao bohot bhukh lagi hai…!

    She Prepared the dinner table without uttering a single word!

    He: Aree wah!Aaj to sab kuch mere pasand ka bna hai….
    Kuch khas h kya aaj?

    She still didn’t speak up! But her expression told dt she hurt!

    He: sab kuch to sahi h .. pr jaan tum bhul gayi aaj shayad…. mera rumaal lana .. uska bina mai khana kahan khata hun!

    She went to their bedroom…. Searched for that Handkerchief
    …Found it on the dressing table
    But kuch aur bhi dikha uska sath me…. It was letter Saying….
    ”Sab kuch bhul sakta hun jaan…
    Siway is din ke… apna purse nahi dekha lagta h tumna subah se!”

    She hurriedly rushed to her purse..
    Omg! She was surprised after finding a raga watch in her purse

    She turned back n found him standing at the door smiling
    😊 like anything

    She went their & hugged him tightly finally she spoke up….

    She: Tumhari yeh suprise Dena no aadat kab jayegi….!

    He : Jan tumhari yeh bina bataye maun vrat rakna ki aadat jayegi…
    Tbse sirf chup chap hoke ghum ri thi…janti hona sb bardasht kr sakta hun siwaye tumhari in ”khamoshiyon” ka….

    She: tm meri ”khamoshiyon” ko samajhte ho tabhi to khamosh rehti hun

    He: chalo ab muskara bhi do jaan…..😊”happy marriage anniversary”

    She: Mere pass bhi am gift hai tumhare liye

    He: Ha! Batao na kaha h mera gift after all mere bhi to anniversary h

    She pointed toward his stomach & said”yaha h tumhara gift”

    He: (suprised….amzazed overwhelmed)Ooh myy God!!serously?? Really ??sach h na yeh Sab…..Are we really going to be parents?

    She: yeah….(blushes)

    He: i love u jaan….dis is d best present…(hugged her)

    She hugged him back….more firmly n tightly… being much
    More inseparable

  32. Ooshi Akbar

    To love someone is not too hard but to live that love is very hard because circumstances don’t remains the same ever same is the case with friendship

  33. Ooshi Akbar

    Happy Friendship Day
    Guys I want to say some thing to you that
    In the journey of life you will get many people who will come in your life and go but I will not left u either I become missing from this page but I will surely come back too and I could be absent from this page but my prayers will remain with my our’s so (for all and ever) don’t u ever dare to thought yourself to be alone I am with u and always with be either u could watch me or not

    • Kathy


      |Registered Member

      May Allah bless you with success, health, happiness, patience and strength…. May all your dreams come true…

      • Ooshi Akbar

        these r prayers r for u all from my side and if u want to pray for me then pray for all people who came to my life including u all i accept the pray about patience and strength(for me) and the other three wish for my best bodies(at a great extent) and mine’s two too but don’t want any big grief in their life and wants all at a great extent for all people who came into my life all friends,all teachers,all members of my family and all people who came to my life Aameen and Di my all dreams belongs to my friends and i had no life without them they r my life and u all r the people who come to my life to make it more beautiful

  34. Kathy


    |Registered Member

    Like success, failure is many things to many people. With positive mental attitude, failure is a learning experience, a rung on the ladder, and a plateau at which to get your thoughts in order to prepare to try again.

    Good night to all my VK family… U all have a good sleep … Sleep well… 💤💤💤

  35. HarSHaN


    |Registered Member

    Luv’s 1st sec 3-Pre:Dev:”I’m ‘Spl’V ”
    Sona:”I know Ur name already..’The’V..actually Dev..”
    Dev (thinks):”How She knows?”

    N realised already-Sona is ‘HorseMan’ Mohan’s sis..Mohan is a very powerful one…bt resides on his native place…


    Meet of DevShi….

    Dev (thinks):”How She knows?”

    Sona(with smile):”My bro said ur name”..

    A childish sound “Kshi…” comes from house…

    Sona(turns back):”Wait..dear..I’ll come”..

    N calls:”Come..Dev..I think Bhai wants to meet U..He asked U by telling ur speed”..

    Dev walks towards house..

    Many persons (r waiting there):”Gud mrng Sir..”
    Sona:Come,Dev..Sit in tat chair..

    Bhai is coming in 5mins..The time is near..

    While reaching 4:59 mins,
    The sound of Conchs comes from outside..

    The people left the house with saying”Bhai is coming”
    Sound of Drums comes high..

    The people comes outside n sees the way..

    White HorseMen r coming…LongHaired,Blackdressed Mohan jumps down from his white horse n spins Conch…

    Mohan enters the house n sees Dev..
    Sona also comes from inside n says”Bhai..He is Dev..”

    Mohan:”I know,Kshi..”
    Sona(fakeangry):”Before tat Saahira,plz don’t call tiz name Bhaiyaa..Always She calls me like tat”..
    Mohan (smile):K..Kshi..Tell Bhai to make Tea for all..

    Sona (smile):K..Bhai…

    Mohan drops Conch in Table..Dev sees Mohan’s hand..It contains 2 silver n more leather bracelets..Dev counts the number of bracelets.fastly…It is.”7″..

    Tea cups were served to all..

    Mohan signs all out..n see Dev..

    Mohan:”Dev..Wait here”
    Mohan orders Someone out:Close the door..
    Dev (turns back with thinking):”What did he want frm me?”
    Mohan:”What do U want?”
    Dev (with a thinking of Mohan got all):”Nothing,Sir..”
    Mohan(turns towards):”I know tat U know about tat one”
    Dev:”Sir..I didnt understood ..What is that one?”
    Mohan:”U dare to fight with me?U know tat I know about tat one”.
    N makes Dev up frm floor..
    Within a sec,Mohan also up frm floor..
    Dev smiles n said”I didn’t know Sona is ur sister before..Bt now I knows abt tat n the count too”..
    Mohan laughs n makes him more high ..A little below on top wall
    Sona comes from inside n shocked while seeing Dev is on top n Mohan is sitting on chair
    Sona(shock):”Bhaiyaa..What is this?Plz release Dev”
    Mohan (loud voice):”He is not Dev”..
    The man actually looks like Dev smiles:”S..I m not Dev..Dev said”I m coming Tom”after getting a call while U asked for coming inside..He also calls U “KShi”..Bt U didn’t hear him..Sona…”
    Sona(shock):”Then..Who R U?”
    Mohan(takes Conch n throws towards the new man who looks like Dev):”
    Dev’s looking man (evil smile) while the Conch is slowly reaching towards him…

    Hope U like tiz frndzz
    Tanq for reading n write ur thoughts after reading..

    • Ooshi Akbar

      interesting episode if he is not dev then who is he eagerly waiting for the next episode

      • HarSHaN


        |Registered Member

        Mohan n Dev knows..Even I didn’t know..Tom mrng Strts to Find who he is ..I ‘ll tell Soon..I think U guess Ooshi

    • Kathy


      |Registered Member

      Kahani mein twist… Unexpected…..So who is he???? Eagerly waiting for the next episode … Harshan…

      • HarSHaN


        |Registered Member

        !!I m also thinking abt tat..I ‘ll tell Soon.. Before tat,Strts thinking for 2 editions of “Where is DevShi” now..I hope the new one ‘ll be single epi…God n the Dev’s talk

      • HarSHaN


        |Registered Member

        Simply started with a new secret..while writing..So it needs for a small break for its best..It ‘ll come Soon Kathy😊

      • HarSHaN


        |Registered Member

        Simply started with a new secret..while writing..So it needs a small break for its best..It ‘ll come Soon Kathy😊

  36. Ooshi Akbar

    Di bri hi mehnat se aap ki pyari si choti si chunnu si ooshi ne yeh mixture(curry) of different material of speech with the same topic bnaya hai taste kr k btaen kaisa hai namk/salt ,mirch/chili km ya zyada ho gae hon to btana it means spelling mistakes,grametical mistakes point out kr dena aur agr curry main namak/salt ki bjae sugar dal di ho to b btana it means that if there’s any word in your knowledge with the same meaning of mine’s and is better than my word then tell me aur yeh b bta dena k bouillon kafi hai it means is this material enough or should i add more ab main aap ko curry dal kr de rhi hon taste kr k btaen
    Respected teachers and dear friends Assalam o Alaikum
    we usually says that 14 Aug is our independence day but do we really realize the meaning of independence or what independence means?(in main se koi 1 choose kr k btana hai readers ne) and what life becomes if spend as a slave. Independence means to get freedom from any of the restriction and get a life which one live on his own conditions and on the bases of equality.Independence is a great gift of God which we got on the bases of two nation theoryor our religion(1 choose kr k btana hai). Our leader Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah fought for us to give us a place where we could spend our lives with peace and obey the rules and regulations by Allah.We should question ourselves tht r we spending our lives in the same direction or manner(1 choose kr k btana hai) which Allah and Quaid wants from us and if not (which is surely be true then pray to God to guide us the way to success and allow us to follow our religious values.We got this country with the hard works of Quaid and sacrifices of many people then how could we waste their efforts and sacrifices and become busy in our own lives.They sacrifice their lives to give us better future so we should not be annoy of our duties or what’s happening in our country and should done our duties towards our country(1 choose kr k btna hai).Our country formed on the basis of two nation theory so we should not adopt the cultures of any other country and spend our lives according to Islamic code of life without waiting for others to do this first.
    14th Aug is a common day for other nations but for us this is the most valueable day in the history of Pakistan.On this day we get freedom from the britishers and hindus of subcontinent and a new country named Islamic Republic of Pakistan appeared on the map of the world.According to Islamic calender Allah Al Mighty gifted us this country on 27th of Ramdan.In thew month which is also blessed with the night of destiny,when the relevation of Quran started to Muhammad (PBUH).The word Pakistan is the combination of 2 words pak means “pious”and stan means “homeland”.It indicates that our country is a pious home land ten how could we allow any one to endamage our Holy or pious(1 choose krna hai) country which is a gift to us from Allah?How could we?
    The history proved our Quaid to be a great leader and his name has been written in golden words in the history of Pakistan.Because he was the leader of our all hard works which our ancestors did to give us a better future.
    We spends our independence day by dedicating patriotic songs and tributes to our national heroes and doing cultural activities with pride and enthusiasm.The importance of this day lies in paying tributes to the lost heroes and in raising the hopes for a bright future.
    Being a Pakistani we must thank Al Mighty Allah for giving us this beautiful homeland.
    Di according to 2 nation theory muslims and hindus r 2 different nations in each aspect so they can’t live together we got this country to secure our values from mixing with hinduism so i wrote that lines before starting of 14th Aug paragraph

    • Kathy


      |Registered Member

      Ooshi dear since u served with love… It’s delicious … For me… 😊😊 In first line.. U can use both the sentences as…we usually says that 14 Aug 1947…is our independence day .. What independence means?… we really realize the meaning of independence … Second direction is better then manner … Third… We should not ignore of our duty…

      Good luck for the speech dear… Perform well…

    • HarSHaN


      |Registered Member

      Very gud Ooshi..After by a condition of separation,The HinduMuslim riot..comes..(We get the informations only acc to our people’s view)So people migrates from one place to another..Actually after that (b4 jan 1948) the leaders tried to Unite the countries..Bt it failed..Just forget that all..We r the childrens of the God..(bt.separated by human made religion..)Before God,it is nothing..U made a gud writing by strting “What is Independence?”..Wishes for U,Ooshi..

  37. Ooshi Akbar

    Assalam o Alaikum to all members of vishkanya family wish u all a great day ahead may God keep u under the shadow of His blessings and protection and guide us all to the right path to Him and allow us to secure our afterworld Aameen take care urself and ur’s Di my net pkg will finish any time and any day then i will get vanished so don’t take tention and don’t be sad as i will surely come back when the new pkg will activated

  38. Kathy


    |Registered Member

    Good morning naren, Ayesha Akka, ooshi , Shai, shafaq, rufina , siddhi, nagma, Tara, harshan, kavya, Arpita, Mel, mukti, shammu, sharaya, sharadh , shradha, chitali, prakriti, Elsa , Eva , Ayesha, Fiza , Dharhu , Adito , pinky , nandana , Mona , ridhima , Anika, saya, sumedha, saima, nandana, sisla n Shaikh family… Very good morning all … Have a wonderful day ahead.. Keep smiling 😊😊😊😊😊😊…

  39. Ooshi Akbar

    missing all a lot plz get some time for our family from ur busy lives(it’s specially for our missing,old members plz ) a humble request from aap ki pyaari si,choti si ooshi jo Bhai aur Di se choti hai but baki sb k brabr hai aur ksi ki Di ni hai bs sb ki ooshi hai

  40. suman

    Hii everyone today mine & ayesha’s Kannada test so ayesha and me is studying and I got 24/25 and ayesha got 25/25 she won 😣😣 we compite so she won 😭😭😭

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