Vishkanya 5th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Guys pls adjust today alone becoz from tmr writer ma will post

The episode starts with Malay searches for apu and slightly sees her dress and ons the flash light in his phone.. At that time everybody ons it.. Her face glows.. Malay sees apu for a while and says wowwww….. She stares at him and she gets nervous and holds dupatta.. Malay tells what a beautiful!!!????… He offers drink which he kept for her.. She refuses he tells no problem and drinks fully… He opens his eyes lights on… Apu goes aside.. Malay searches for her.. Malay bro comes there and asks him why he drank fully??. He asks for apu!!

Kalpana sees apu.. Apu comes to her.. Everybody praises her beauty.. Neighbours ask kalpana is she is u r daughter?? She tells yes and moves forward.. One boy offers hand and she hesitates.. She tells namaste and leaves from there.. Kumkum tells Malay mom

that apu is so beautiful!! Malay mother tells she is apu… Kumkum gets shocked… Apu and kalpana comes to apu sister and talks about dress.. They hear some song and they turns back and sees Malay.. Kar guyi chull plays.. He dances and comes down and dances with many girls… Malay comes to apu sister and drags her for dance… He dances with her.. Kalpana sees apu smiling.. And she moves from there.. Malay losts his control and falls on apu.. They share an eyelock????suddenly white decorations falls around them… Kalpana smiles??while Malay mother smirks both come forward and stand… Malay brother scolds Malay….in his mind. Malay tells u are soo beautiful… She gets up and holds his coat tightly… Song plays… He smiles..

He tells something…. She tries to leave but he holds her hand and tells her to wait.. Kalpana smiles.. While Malay mother smirks.. Kumkum thinks her sister will become kaali maa now!!
Malay tells u r soo beauty..she Tries to leave.. But he holds her hand and speaks to her.. He tells I have a big place in my heart for u from now on… She gets nervous… Malay brother draggs Malay … While all others go to enjoy party…apu comes out and tells sorry to kalpana and gets teary eyes.. She tells apu not to worry and she smiles evilly….

Kalpana tells her to enjoy party… She leaves. Kalpana comes near that decoration and tells today Malay and apu had some moments soon I will unite them and brings her as bahu of the house she smiles evilly…..

Kalpana sees Malay mother and tries to come there.. But she moves but kalpana comes there and holds her hand and speaks to her and tells u r sari is superb and adjusts necklace and tells u are soo beautiful.. She tells today Malay and apu had nice time.. Malay mother tells from now on see I will not let them get close.. Everybody sees them.. Malay mother tells her to get ready… Kalpana tells her also I am ready from now on let us see.. Waiter gives drinks.. Kalpana takes both and offers her but she denies and leaves from there telling her to enjoy the party… Kalpana tells I will unite apu and Malay soon and she smiles….

Precap:I did not watch it guys I have watched zee website video and posted for u

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  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Guys I don’t know precap!! Sorry if anyone know pls post it!

  2. Fan of karthik and lovely

    Thank you narendran for the update

  3. No problem rana ji , thanks for update

  4. Thank you so much Naren for the update… & accepting me in here…

  5. Ya I watch it in precap shown that someone tries to come close and romance with apu but apu refuses in this term apus nails scratch his hand and apu ran away from there and herself in a room her colour change into blue Malay was also present in this room and he saws her in blue colour

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Don’t worry Malay will not see her.. It will be kalpana imagination or apu’s or when Malay turn she will hide they will do something like that.. Which happens all shows!

      1. Haha true.. That was so funny..very true

    2. Or He might be drunk so he won”t remember anything afterwards.

  6. Wow … Episode …

  7. I am also from Tamizh Nadu …Which part of TN ….??? Ranaji

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Coimbatore!!! U??

  8. wow ya nice episode ……. hope malay didn’t see apu in blue skin:( ….. hey malay is in drunken state so he will nt able to remember it morning …:) ye serial waale esahi kuch batayenge;)

  9. thnks for update naren tambi(bro) πŸ™‚ keep doing pa pls….

  10. he is from Coimbatore and am from kanchipuram. … u ridhima dr… where r u from? ????

  11. Tom precap:A guy tries to stop Apu..Apu escapes bt her nail scratches his skin..He sounds wit pain ..Apu hides in a room turns blue..All r in outside of tat room..Sorry FrndzZ replay daan paapen daily at 10.30..

  12. Thanks for update ranaji.nice epi and precap ,i hope malay does’t see the apu.nagma where are u dr.anyone know the any news about nagma,how is she now?

  13. Ya me too from tn ….in which place in tn r u from…. i m from madurai….and in precap it was shown that malay and apu r facing directly to each other ……

  14. Tnx ranaji for the updates ….. I think coz of bhang nasha Malay won’t realise that apu had turn to blue… I think so….

  15. Good night frds have a nice and peaceful sleep

    1. Good night akka

  16. sarayu (honey)

    precap: one guy in the party misbehaves with appu and she scratches him and runs. that boy faints due to her scratch. and while running appu’s skin changes into to blue and she goes inside a room where malay is present there

  17. Ya i am too frm tn …..which place in tn i m in madurai…..and abt todays precap malay and apu saw each other face to face…. so may be malay will come to know apu’s identity

  18. Thanks ranaji for the update
    I think its just the imagination of kalpana

  19. More people are here from Tamil nadu πŸ™‚ I’m from chennai does anybody is from chennai?

    1. Hi! I live in USA( lived her all my life) but I’m from Chennai,(Tambaram)… I did not know that so many Tamil speaking people watch these kind of shows (just saying, not wanting to hurt anyone).

  20. Gud morning Nice episode…
    I Am from chennai..

  21. Good morning…good episode.i am from tanjur….

  22. Good morning all… All r from India …am from Colombo ,Sri Lanka ?

    1. Hey kathy i am also not from india …. I am from ctg (chittagong)…… From Bangladesh

      1. Hi Tara really… I like Bangladesh …?

  23. Im from Pondichery

  24. Good morning

  25. Hello everyone…… Missed u all very badly……. I am fine now. Hospital food is ewwwww…… ?? how are u all?

  26. Dear ayesha…… I am very happy that you are concerned about my health and asking my whereabouts. I am absolutely fine dear……. Plz do comment regularly like i do ???

  27. Nagma is back to irritate everyone with her comments……. Hahahaha ??????

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      How. R u ??

  28. hai dr nagma ….. how r u ….??? howz ur health ?? its really nice to have u back dr ……… missed u lot…… take care

  29. Hi nagma how are you? How is your health?

  30. Wellcome back nagma.happy to see u again dr.? hi kathy i’m also from sri lanka.

    1. Hi Ayesha oh… Really where r u from…. Nice to here someone from Sri Lanka

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