Vishkanya-5th April 2016-Episode Analysis


The Episode starts with
Malay(to Guests): Guys Don’t panic the lights will come for sure.
Appu(says to herself): why the lights go off and there should not be any problem now.
Malay(thinks): Now only the lights should go off kya…Dam..Now how can I find her?…
The both slightly walks and Malay Turns and his Phone’s Light Flashes on Appu’s Face…They have a Cute Eyelock and everyone light on their smartphones…and Applay’s Eyelock Continue’s.. Appu gets Uncomfortable with his Look..Mamoni Looks On.
Malay: Wow…Beautiful..
Their Eyelock continues…Appu gets reviled and slightly smiles and Mamoni looks on happy at heart…she gets her tears wiped and moves off.
Appu gets out of her dream land and gets uncomfortable.
Malay: Juice Piyogi??
Appu nods her head as no..
Malay: No Problem..I will drink it
Abhi comes and looks at them…while Malay drinks the juice..
Abhi(gets frighten and says to himself): this is Bhang bottle and Malay is Drinking it..and what will happen now?
Malay is drinking that Bhang and Appu looks on…
Abhi(in low voice): hey what r u doing?? everything gets overed…
Abhi leaves.. while Malay finshed his Drink… and the lights gets on…Malay sees that Appu is Missing..
Appu searches for Mamoni…while Malay’s chachi complement her beauty and says to Malay’s mom that she(mom) wanted Appu like Bahu n wife for Malay.
Mom: Did u get mad?? she is Mamoni’s Appu…
Chachi gets shocked..while Mamoni consoles Appu…and Malay and his Brother searches for Appu…

Precap:- Malay dances with appu and appu’s sister…

Guys Sorry I have updated only the part of Vishkanya as I have seen only this Part…Once again Sorry..Guys I loved this Part so much.

Credit to: Sriranjani

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  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    I have updated fully!!

  2. Thank u Ranaji I’ve didn’t seen the post..
    but Precap of the last is some guy tries to touch Appu and Appu with scratch his hand. and the guy faints. Appu runs towards the room and she looks that she turned blue and looks on shocked when Malay learns about her identity.

  3. Precap.
    One guy misbehaves with apu she pushes that guy and run while the guy faints because of her nail ,she comes to a room while her body blue Malay sees this ….

    1. Will Malay fall in love

  4. Ranaji babyy!! Cutiee❤ hope u ain’t married?

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      What?? I am studying +2now only how I will get married??

    2. Very funny ????

  5. Tnx sriranjani n ranaji for the updates ?… I think coz of bhang nasha Malay won’t realise that apu had turn to blue…. Hopefully ….

  6. The girl playing the leading role is very beautiful , cute n sweet … cool drama serial …I just like Appu …. when she comes in red dress in Malay’s holy party

  7. ya ur right Lara she is very cool n beautiful

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