Vishkanya 4th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 4th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vardaan wakes up in the morning and sees her clothes changes. She gets shy seeing Malay and asks who changed her clothes. He says yesterday she was totally drenched, shivering and was unconcious, so he changed her dress switching off lights and did not see anything. She says he would have called hotel staff. He says only male staff was present at night and asks her not to panic. He says form today we will sleep on same bed with pillow partition. He then asks her to get ready for sightseeing arranged by hotel.

Apu laughs on confined Madan and says he must be praying for death, but will not get death easily for the sins he did. She further says she will spare him for some time and will go and meet Malay now.

Hotel staff gathers all guests and manager announces that they are hosting this sightseeing to promote Ramgarh’s culture and its history. He calls hotel’s guide Apu comes as guide. Malay and Vardaan are shocked to see her. Apu introduces herself as their guide. Malay asks how come she is here. She says she likes heritage sites and monumnets, so she became hotel’s guide temporarily. She takes guests to Ramgarh palace and asks them to see the monuments and idols carefully. Malay leaves alone leaving Vardaan. Vardaan looks at idols sadly. Apu taunts her that she will not get true love in this life as she tricked and married Malay. If a couple lights lamp in front of ancient idol here, their relationship will be forever, unfortunately she will not able able to light lamp with Malay.

Vardaan starts searching idol. Apu tricks her and sends her in opposite direction. Malay goes in front of idol. Apu reaches there and says this idol is very lucky and unfortunately he is light lamp with his love instead of wife. She lights lamp and smiles.

Vardaan gets lost in palce’s dilapadated part. A snake tries to bite her and she runs for help. Malay is about to light lamp when he reminisces Vardaan and runs from there Apu fumes. Snake bites Vardaan and she falls unconscious.

Precap: Malay sees Vardan unconscious with snake bite and sucks poison from her leg. Apu pricks her nail into Vardaan to poison her further in lieu of helping.

Update Credit to: MA

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