Vishkanya 31st May 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 31st May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Apu and Kalpana come down getting ready. Kumkum yells there is a lot of work pending, but they are going out. Kalpana asks if she said something. Kumkum says no Malay comes and asks if they are ready. Apu says yes. Kumkum asks where are they going. Kalpana says her dama is taking them for shopping. Kumkum asks where is Roshni. Kalpana says she got afraid of fire yesterday and must have gone back. Roshni/Vardan comes and says she is here, she felt asleep for a long and Kolkota is so beautiful that she did not want to go. Kalpana looks at Apu and Apu assures Kalpana that Vardan will not play her dirty tricks again.

Children play football on dirty street. Football falls on an arrogant man who tears football and yells Sundar is so beautiful that world praises his beauty, but dirty

children spoilt his face. He orders them to smear their faces with dirt and do so and cry not to punish them. He raises cane to beat them, but Apu comes and holds his hand. He shouts who dared to hold Sundar and says even she will be punished. Apu says these children will be clean after a bath, but he is so ugly from inside, how will he clean himself. Sundar fumes and says she will also be punished along with kids. She says let us see. He goes to Mittal house and tries to hide from Nandita. Nandita asks what happened. He says he does not want to show ugly face and will meet her only after washing his face. She sees his dirt smeared face and laughs, asks who did it. He says her colony kids and a girl, he will not spoil them. He takes bathe and meets her in hall and asks whom she wants to kill. Nandita calls Apu. Apu comes and Nandita introduces Sunder as her brother. Apu greets him and he says her family bahus touch elder’s feet. Apu touches his feet and greets him. He taunts that may god give her some consience. Apu smiles at him and leaves.

Vardaan is busy in kitchen. Kalpana comes and asks why did not she go. Vardaan says if she goes, Mittals will get suspicious. Kalpana says she does not have to worry about that and she worry about her mother now, frightens her by picking knife. She warns Vardaan to go right now and leaves. Malay comes and asks Vardaan to prepare kichdi. Kalpana comes and says let her go, her mother is ill. Malay gives her money and she says she does not need it. Kalpana forcefully gives money to her and asks to go and take care of her mother. Apu instead goes to library and searches Vishkanya book, which her mom asked her to read. She finds book, reads it and realizes that Apu is vishkanya.

Kalpana is busy decorating house standing on ladder. She slips and a man (Nandita’s another brother) holds her. She asks who is he, leave her, what is this misbehavior. Man says he has not started misbehavior yet, if she cooperates, he will settle her life. She says he does not have to worry about her and if he touches her again, he will repent.

Precap: Nandita asks her brothers what is the plan. Sunder explains and says it will not fail.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. Ooshi Akbar

    di sorry very very sorry again and last time u r a very good girl say no important sorry if that hurt him and u r a very good girl di sorry again for not obeying u agr ALLAH ne chaha to phr bat kren ge ALLAH HAFIZ di jb b ooshi roti hai to us ka dil krta hai k aik aisi god ho jis main woh sr rkh k khoob roe pta nhi kbi dobara bat ho pae ya nhi agr aap mjhe smj paen to aap abi mera haal jan lain gi but pta nhi aaj k baad aap mjh se bat krna b chahain gi ya nhi AGR main ne COMMENT NA B KIA TO AAP SB K COMMENTS PRH ZROOR LON GI sb family members ka dheer sara khyal rakhna pta nhi ooshi achi hai ya gndi pr jis se pyaar kre us k lie ooshi k dil ki koi hd nhi rehti aap ki pagal ooshi ki trf se ALLAH HAFIZ WISH U ALL A HAPPY LIFE EVER

    • Ooshi why r u doing so year I m missing u so please come back .In fact everyone is missing u.comeeeeee back please ????????????

  2. Ooshi Akbar

    say no important to help naren in decreasing his mistakes in spite of criticizing him and say sorry to him on my behalf if no important u reading this then it’s better other wise kathy di reply this to him from yesterday’s page and ALLAH HAFIZ i will read comments regularly

  3. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Sorry guys I went out today..??have lunch with my relative.. I got 81%in commerce and other subject I wrote today and tmr accounts.

  4. Rufina

    Oh nanditha’s brothers r soo cheap…i just loved the dialogue when apu said children will be clean after taking bath but u r soo ugly from inside how will u clean urself….awesome…

  5. Not important

    Hey ooshi don’t leave dear! I did not wanted this! But I was shocked that u being a girl how can u say such cheap stuff to me who is also a muslim girl! I live alone in a hostel away from family doing MBBS and whatever I said was just as being a reader! But u took in wron way dear and said all mean stuff that’s why I retaliated back! And it would have been nice if naren would have commented coz the criticism was for him but don’t know why didn’t he respond – he had no answers or whatever! U don’t leave! I’ll live! Allah hafiz tc will always remember u in my Namaz! Ramzan aa raha hai dua me yaad rakhna Allah hafiz! 🙂

    • Kathy

      Guys … Finished off this… Pls.. It’s a humble request from ur elder sister… We all brothers n sisters… So pls… Pls don’t continue that topic here again…

    • Kathy

      Don’t worry not important … Ooshi will come back soon… Coz she loves vishkanya family…U too comment whenever ur free… May almighty bless u with success…

      • Rufina

        I too wanted to say this but di said it…comment whenever u r free n i will pray for u n can i call u di???

    • HarSHaN

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  6. Kathy

    Uff this nanditha’s brother … Cheapo…. Disgusting …. ?? as Shai said… One more balika bakra…?

  7. Kathy

    Guys there is a poll for Zee TV best show… N pls do vote n comment … Vishkanya in 4th…

  8. Kathy

    Ooshi dear… I know u can’t b away from us… So come back soon… Will wait for u…??

    • Ooshi Akbar

      i love u all guys so much thank you for showing your love for me I LOVE U ALL VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY MUCH FROM YOUR AND ALWAYS YOUR’S Ooshi

      • shai

        welcome back ooshi…we missed you…ab writers jo jhatka dene waale hai..uske liye sabko ek saath rehna hoga

      • Ooshi Akbar

        beshak jhatk to boht sakht milne wale hain aur woh jhat k tkleef km dainge aur mera demagh gr/khrab zyada krain ge

  9. Rufina

    Our vishkanya page is soo colourful…when i scroll screen it’s just beautiful to see…

    • Armitage don’t study it for knowledge.Think that you have a target to study well and play it as game and I will tell you it will be very easy to study.You know when I studied like this then I got 89 out of 90 in maths.

    • Kathy

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      1) To achieve the highest level of concentration, choose a location that promotes the ability to focus
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      3) Develop a study timetable with dedicated time allotted for studying and incorporate it into your daily routine.
      4)Concentrate all your attention on one specific task at a time n stop worrying
      5) make study a fun… N also u need enough sleep..

    • Ooshi Akbar

      don’t worry i sure i am in a very bad condition to u but doing more bad to myself then u i didn’t think and touch 1 sbjct about 2 thinking but no touching and hopefully it will be my annual exams in next week PLZ. PRAY FOR ME IT’S A VERY VERY VERY HUMBLE REQUEST TO MY ALL FAMILY MEMBERS

  10. shai

    guys sad news….
    nanditha’s five brothers will kill apu….and she will swap the brides and will bring that chipkali!!!!
    however as you all know that apu has 3 lives…so she will come back..
    dont know guys what to do….if it goes on like this,then this is the end of the show…mai to serial dekhna chodh dungi

    • Kathy

      Shai .. From where did u get this info… I don’t want to see Apu die… Malay marry chipkali I can’t believe this …

      • shai

        through user engagement…actually the episodes reach the channels early…so they put up the synopsis…i compiled them..
        di don’t worry apu will not die…but yes malay and this chipkali will be married 🙁

  11. shai

    hey guys can’t we say directly to the writers not to show that stupid track…no one will like it

    • Bolne ke baad agar un logon ne sun liya na toh log lamba list banake rakhenge. Itna risk kaun lega? Wahi hoga jo writer likhega. Agar producer ko woh track pasand aaya toh wahi dikhayenge. Writers ke dimaag me waise bhi kheechad ke alava kuch khaas nahi hai. Atleast producer ko samajh jaana chahiye ki dimag use karenge toh tax nahi lagega ??

      • shai

        i agree with you…lekin iss track ko dikhane se yeh serial 1 mahine me band ho jayega…at least we can try like kasam fans…tannu ko aur ek-do mahine ka extension mil gya

  12. Rufina

    Good night to all my family members. ….say thanks to god for all the good things he has done it n say sorry for the mistakes u have done it today..sweet dreams guys…

  13. Kathy

    Actor Nishikant Dixit, popularly known as Shambu Tripathi of Ishq Ka Rang Safed will soon stage an entry in Zee TV’s Vishkanya..Ek Anokhi Prem Kahaani (Peninsula Pictures).
    He will enter as Malay’s (Vin Rana) uncle and would be greedy to the core. He would be loaded from top to bottom with jewels like gold chain, gold rings, branded sunglasses etc. He would be someone who would enjoy torturing beggars by flaunting his wealth. A cruel and selfish fellow, he would not trust banks and would keep all the cash in a safe place.
    Vishkanya will see the entry of not one, but five uncles of Malay who would be summoned by Nandita (Kashish Paul) to kill Apu (Aishwarya Khare). Since Nandita knows the reality of Apu and Kalpana (Rohini Banerjee), she would want to kill Apu with the help of her brothers.
    Along with Nishikant Dixit, actors Tanveer, Akash Pandey, Nirmal Soni and Pradeep Kabra will enter the show as Nandita’s brothers.
    When contacted, Nishikant confirmed the news saying, “Yes, I will be entering Vishkanya in a negative role.”

    • Rufina

      Oh i am soo happy that he is entering in vishkanya….i like his acting in ishq ka rang safed….i am really excited….

  14. Kathy

    Good night all… My vishkanya family.., have a good sleep… Sleep tight …..???? in shaa Allah … See u tomorrow …

  15. Guys good news my mother was pregnant for 9 months and finally she gave birth to a girl year really she is very cute I love her very much pls give her your sweet blessings.

  16. Kathy

    Good morning naren, ooshi , Shai, siddhi, rufina, Mel, shafaq, nagma, ridhima, Tara, Nandi, Arpita, harshan, mukti, shanaya, shammu, kavya , not important n all my vishkanya family…. Have a wonderful day… Ahead… Keep smiling…?????

  17. Kathy

    Don’t know what these writers are upto…. It’s vishkanya anokhi prem kahani…. Having three lives can b anokhi… Then where is prem kahani??? ?? Malay with chipkali … ???

  18. Kathy u r elder than me so now on I will call u Kathy di.I m 15 years old .By the way why Karen is not commenting today?

    • Ooshi Akbar

      first of all congratulations to your bro for becoming papa,bhabhi to becoming mama,ur sis and u to becoing aasi and ur would be G JU to becoming mausa again and it feels goOd SHAGUFTA NAAZ AND SHAISTA NAAZ COME HERE UR MAASI IS TEASING ME IT’S A JOKE

  19. VishkanyaFANHeart

    Request – Stop watching Vishkanya, if Vardaan gets married to Malay .

    If vardaan gets married to Malay, then I request all Vishkanya fans to stop watching the show, such that the Vishkanya will get much lower TRPs and then the serial will be stopped just like the show “Janbaaz Sindbad” . Zee Tv never learn, they always hurt the feelings of loyal fans by marriage swap

  20. Friends my little sister is very good you know when she cries then I come near her and then don’t know how but she stops crying and smiles looking at me.Just love my little sister.

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