Vishkanya 31st March 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 31st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Kalpana bringing Malay home. Kumkum’s husband stands dumbstuck seeing her. She wakes him up and asks him to help. They both drop Malay on sofa. Whole family gathers. Nandita asks to call doc. Doc comes and says Malay is having high fever. Kalpana sees injury on Malay’s hand and thinks Apu does not know what she did. Malay is taken to his room. Nandita asks Kumkum’s husband to book her, her husband, and Malay’s London tickets, they will go back right now and will not repeat a mistake of coming back here. She also asks to cancel party. Kalpana gets tensed and says Malay has got jet lag after traveling and will be fine in the morning, there is no need to cancel party. Nandita says she knows how to take care of her son and family and asks

Kalpana to go out. Kalpana walks reminiscing an accident incident long ago.

Kalpana goes home, looks at a photo with her mother and 2 children and thinks she waited for 10 years and will not let her effort go waste, she will not let them cancel party.

In the morning, Kumkum asks Nandita how is Malay now. Nandita says he still has fever. They both look up and see Kumkum’s husband thanking Kalpana outside Malay’s room and praising her all the way downstairs. Kumkum and Nandita look at him in a shock. He tells Kalpana brought herbal tea for Malay. Kumkum asks if he allowed her to give it. Kalpana says it is a herbal medicine with no side effects. Nandita says doc told not to give any other medicine. Malay comes down fit and fine and says with aunt’s medicine and thanks her. Kalpana says he should thank Apu instead, but today’s party is canceled, how will he. He insists Nandita to not cancel party. Nandita agrees. He then asks Kalpana to bring Apu tonight for sure. Kalpana smirks at Nandita and leaves. Kumkum says Nandita that Kalpana knew what happened to Malay, so she brought medicine. Nandita says he got well with doc’s medicine and Kalpana is trying to befriend us. Kumkum’s husband asks what is wrong in it. Kumkum scolds him to stop staring at Kalpana again. He thinks he will stare her in mind.

Kalpana goes back home and sees Apu smiling. She asks if she is eager to meet Malay. Apu nods yes. Kalpana says she can meet him tonight at party.

Precap: Kalpana wishes holi to Harshvardhan and says now a new chapter will begin. Malay asks Kalpana loudy why did not her daughter came, he is waiting for her. Everyone look at them in a surprise.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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