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Vishkanya 31st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nandita shows box to Mandira. Mandira asks if it is makeup box, she already has so many. Nandita asks if she is really Mandira. Madira gets tensed. Nandita says this is her childhood box which she used to love a lot and never used to part ways, it got broken last time and she refixed it. Mandira says she forgot and opens box. She sees her real chudail/ghost face in mirror and angrily throws box. Nandita also falls down unconscious. Apu passess by, runs in and tries to wake up Nandita. Mandira also starts acting and says she mistakenly pushed Nandita. Apu say she saw that she did not push Nandita. Nandita wakes up and Mandira apologizes her. They both leave. Apu checks box and thinks why Nandita is afraid of this box, she needs to know.

Mandira calls her friend chudial Lakshini

and introduces her to Mittal family as Laila and inttroduces each family member. Laila falls for Malay’s charm. Nandita asks Laila if she informed her parents and came here. She says she does not have family. Mandira signals her. She says they are out of station. Nandita asks her to go and rest. She falls down purposefully. Avi helps her get up, but she looks at Malay. Malay holds her. Apu asks Laila to sit and then go.

Mandira takes Laila to her room. Laila shows her red beeds placed by Apu and says Apu is very intelligent. Apu comes and in lieu of cleaning room checks if beeds and does not them. Mandira says if she needs anything she will call her, now she should go. She sees black cloth on mirror and tries to pull it, but Mandira stops and sends her out.

Laila starts thinking of Malay. She goes to Malay’s room silently and sees him bathing. Malay turns and sees a glimpse of her and she hides behind bed. He wraps towel, comes out and asks who is it. Laila thinks Malay cannot see her, but she can see him. She walks out silently and Apu sees her coming out of Malay’s room, asks what is she doing here instead of being in her room. Laila stammers. Apu asks where is she from. Laila says Bikaner. Apu says she told Jaisalmer some time ago. Mandira comes to her rescue and says she stays in both places and asks why she is taking Laila’s class now like she took her class before. Malay comes and scolds her to stop being a spy and spare her family. She says she is trying to protect his family and it is her duty. He yells to behave like a care taker and be in her limits.

Laila asks Mandira why she is not letting her kill Vishkanya. Mandira says she needs Malay and Apu’s child.

Precap: Apu says Malay what if she prove that here….Malay shuts her mouth and says he does not want to listen anything. Mandira tells Laila that Apu will not let Malay near her as sleeping with Vishkanya means sleeping on dead bed. Malay is seen sleeping with Apu.

Update Credit to: MA

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