Vishkanya 30th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 30th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vardaan calls Renu and informs all the incidents happened and says there is some connection between Nandita and Kalpana’s families, which they need to find out. Kalpana takes neem and tulsi from kitchen. Vardaan sees her going with a bowl and silently follows her. She goes to room and grinds neem tulsi paste while chatting with Apu. Apu’s body turns blue and she says let it be blue, she wants to go like this in front of Nandita and shock her and even give a slight scratch so that she dies slowly suffering. Kalpana smiles and asks what happened to her. Apu opens windows and says this night is so dark and she wants to fill darkness in Nandita’s life. Kalpana asks her to close window and leaves room. Vardaan clicks Apu’s blue face video and while closing window mobile falls down. Apu senses her presence and Vardan falls down nervously. Apu calls her Roshni and follows her. She hides behind wall and then car and runs into home. Apu follows her blood stains.

Vardaan runs into home and knocks Malay’s door vigorously. Malay opens door and finds Kalpana instead. Kalpana says she lost all marriage items in fire and she is worried. Malay assures her that everything will be alright. She walks from there. Apu holds Vardaan and they both take her to room. Vardaan cries in fear. Kalpana says how could not she sense Nandita and Vardaan’s plan and says they have to kill Vardaan now. Apu says they will not kill any innocent. Kalpana says Vardaan will inform everyone about their secret. Apu says let her inform whatever she likes, nobody will believe her.

Kalpana takes Vardaan’s phone and sees Apu’s blue skin video and says she wants to show this as proof. Apu wipes her body with neem/tulsi water and her skin turns back to normal. She warns Vardan not to interfere when she does not know anything. Vardaan asks why she wants to harm Mittals via Malay. Apu recites Geeta shlok and asks Vardaan to leave this home and even city and never come back. Kalpana says she has even a mother and should think of her life also. Apu gives Vardaan’s dupatta and sends her out.

Precap: Children play football in dirt and dirty football hits an arrogant man. Man tries to hit children with stick, but Apu holds his hand.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. Linsa

    blaming apu to set veda free, apu inherited the power of vishkanya by birth which means her mother was also like her,I don’t know how she get the power

    • Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      No linsa her mother is normal.. Kalpana has fed poison on apu body from apu was small.. I think

      • shai

        yes naren…apu mother was a vishkanya..that’s why her father died…kalpana said in the very same episode that from he jijaji’s(apu’s father) body,poison was found
        but yes as apu’s dida did a lot of puja for her daughter(nilanjana) so that she won’t be a vishkanya..her poison’s power was less effective(they actually didn’t even know that she was a vishkanya till that accident)

      • Kathy

        I remember kalpana says to Apu… When she reveal her the truth… Vishkanya’S elder child will be a vishkanya as apu’s mother n now Apu…

  2. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    I hate vardhaan alot.. But enjoyed today epi and laughed when vardhaan is caught and waiting for next epi.. Who is that man? Anyone saw? Tell me his real name??

  3. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Sorry guys now a days I can’t help u in making 100comments?????sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry

  4. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Many does not know.. Whenever I find time I am reading u r comments and posting mine also.. ??i read ek duje ke vaaste show also but does not list comment but here only..

  5. Kathy

    I wish Apu do as she said to kalpana… A simple scratch is enough to kill nanditha……

    • shai

      but she deserve even worse punishment….a sudden death is not enough….she must be tortured mentally,physically,emotionally..
      kalpana is playing the right move

  6. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Guys I will let u know tmr my today test mark.. Pray for me.. Then after that daily cycle test for all subjects daily I will try to tell u and rank also.. So now I am leaving bye guys take care.. See u at 9.00pm…

  7. Today’s episode was nice hope that chipkali goes away.And I have started writing naagin season and 1 part is posted pls read and comment

    • Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Not asking me?? ??bye see u soon after studying my economics??boring subject.. But still I am learning bye guys.. Today I have commented more times!! Compared last few days!!

      • shai

        i’m here di….today had class at a sterch from morning 10 to 5pm…then had to go to get my dresses…and other workss….a super hectic day for me!!!

      • shai

        i am a member of this family…so how will not come to comment here??? i really miss you all di…

      • Ooshi Akbar

        don’t be sad ranaji u r studing ur boring sbjcts its good but i left which i felt bk bk bk bk vaas

    • Rufina

      Di i was studying….dad said that if i don’t get good marks in my second cycle test (which is on Thursday) he will not allow me to use his phone r laptop:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(…i can’t watch TV from tomorrow. I was studying hard…..

      • Kathy

        It’s ok… Dear focus on ur studies … It’s more important then this… Am sure u will score well on ur test… My peayers are with u … Always…

      • Rufina

        Tomorrow school i am happy that i am.going to see my friends but i am afraid because of first cycle test papers…..i will not be sad for whatever mark i get but facing my parents is difficult…first i used hide my low mark papers n when i get good marks i will show all the papers but now i can’t do that too….before I go home my marks will be messaged to my parents. …:-(:-(:-(

  8. Hey guys do u know Vin rana (Malay) has a daughter.Her name is Milana rana.He first denied to accept her as his daughter but later he accepted her.She is daughter of vin rana and a Russian women.

    • Kathy

      Yes Arpita I know that …. In a interview with his Indonesian girl Friend … he accept it… He also mentioned that she is so beautiful… N even she visited India with her mum…

    • shai

      yeah i knew it….now his recent gf is nita sofiani who is the former miss indonesian…i think they are going to marry this year..

    • Kathy

      We don’t have any problem… Shafaq… Welcome to our vishkanya family… ??? keep commenting…

    • Ooshi Akbar

      this line of asking is better than that of “can i join” and welcome to our’s family which now ur’s too

      • Ooshi Akbar

        and i don’t have any problem with u but be a good girl and don’t say any thing against any one except serial’s villain actors means chipkali/vardhaan and new bakre/nandita’s latest bro’s who r going to reveal hope so in today’s epi and who say any thing against any member of family for this category i am giving u the permission to say bad things but kathy di will advise any one to ignore such type of people

  9. Vishi

    Its official apu s made a villain. Vardaan s love story startstart. New entry s apu s love interest

  10. shai

    today’s scene-
    apu to chipkali-“tum hamare upar nandita kaki ke kehne par nazar kyu rakh rahi thi???”
    chipkali to apu-“main SACCHAI ka saath de rahi thi”
    apu to chipkali-“mahabharat meinKARN ne bhi yehi sochkar galat logo ka saath diya..pura sach an jaanker meri ladai ke beech mat aao!!!”
    SERIOSLY Apu!!!! with whom were you comparing the great hero KARNA…..don’t insult the daanveer by comparing him with this chipkali…she doesn’t even stand near him…..what a amazing personality he was…and this chipkali..UGH

    • Ooshi Akbar

      di last night i slept early because my sis was using laptop as she doesn’t use the whole day i want to comment last day in day time but our transformer was get fever high voltage fever it was brought to the hospital and at 5 of evening it came back don’t know the exact patient transformer or any other and electricity came at 5:45 and it gone on 4:30 of morning for some time ups worked and laptop got off on 11:30

  11. shai

    hey harshan….thanks for the suggestions…i already know about feriha..that was a nice story!!! will read the others whenever i get time….thanks again!!!

  12. mel

    Good episode . Waiting for tomorrow ‘s. Guys pls, don’t post too many ff’s, don’t make vishkanya’s page like kumkum bhagya in which one will have to scroll down until just to look for de daily updates, its really boring to me. Didn’t mean to offend anyone,just airing my mind.thanks

  13. Friends this is my true story.

    My mother is daughter of government officer.She got married to my father without her parents permission and because of that my nani and nani don’t talked with them for 1 years.And my nana and nani use to abuse my father because he married their daughter.Before getting married my mother got the offer for airhostess in airlines.My mother married my father instead of getting airhostess.My father use to behave nicely in front of mom but he was not like that like he was behaving.When I was born and my parents were doing addition for my school my auntouchable i don’t know her name as I always asked my all three aunts name but no one answer my question.My aunt told to my mother that I am a girl then she should send me in marathi medium school and not English medium school.Infact my aunt gave her son admission in English medium school.And my father’s relative always hated me but my mother’s relative always loved me.I feel guilty because my mother don’t want to live with my father but for me she is living with papa as if she will go to her parents house then nani will give me admission in muncipaty school.I always feel guilty.Papa never let’s me meet my mother’s relative and his relative just hate our family.My mom told me that when I was in my mom’s stomach it was 6th month and my heart beat stopped told that I am no more but when the doctor checked twice my heart beat started beating.Mom told that she called her parents but they din’t came.One time I fallen on glasses because my mother gave slippery slippers to me and I run to open door as my father was there so by running my leg got hit by table and it was of glass so it got destroyed and I fallen on glass.My father told because of her I fell down.Before my parents marriage my father thrown his family out of the house.One time a big fight taken place between my parents and my mama Rahul came to pick me and mom and then my father takes knife and gone down to stab him but thank God he went from there.I really got scared.

    This is my story and more is there but will tell you later.

    • shai

      sorry to hear that you had to suffer a lot….and yen my father’s side is also the same as your’s only try different methods to extract money from him…and break our peace!!!!my aunts are horrible too…they give bad influence on my father…always try to say negative things about me and my mother…even their husbands and kids are to no good…my father is actually raising all their families(sab nikkame hai)

    • Ooshi Akbar

      siddhi and shai if both r girl right? do u feel that ur names suit ur genra but i don’t feel it don’t mind sorry if hurt now coming back to life story guys may be many or some of us had relatives but not have them by heart so don’t think about them and enjoy the relations u had don’t think about the one u don’t have although to forget them is painful but it’s required yo spend a normal life according to our papa and i accepted it u only know ur relatives but i loved them and now i hate some of them and some i don’t want to talk although i could talk and with some i talk but u r away from them so live life with the people you have although it’s very difficult in my case i don’t have nana nani but if they were alive then to away from them hurt too much i understand but u have to bear this sorrows and we r always here to help u as ur family

    • Kathy

      Oh siddhi dear… Hmm what to say….
      If your family argues from time to time, try not to worry: No family is perfect. Even in the happiest home, problems come up and people argue. Usually the family members involved get what’s bothering them out in the open and talk about it. Hopefully, they reach some compromise or agreement. Everyone feels better and life can get back to normal.

      Being part of a family means everyone pitches in and tries to make life better for each other. Arguments happen and that’s OK — it’s all part of learning how to live with each other and get along. Figuring out how to resolve conflicts by talking things out or learning when other people need their space can help you later in your life, too.

    • Kathy

      One more thing….
      If you feel that your parents’ fighting is getting too much for you and you’re stressed out about it….You could try talking to one or both of your parents about their arguing. They may not even realize how upset you are until you tell them how their arguments affect you. If this doesn’t work, you could try talking to another family member to help you figure out what to do …

  14. shai

    guys….just came to know..that new entry was nanditha’s brother….and four more of her brothers will be entering the show(remember in the previous episode she was talking to someone)

  15. shai

    yeah kathy di……now it will be 6(nanditha and her brothers) is to 2(apu and kalpana)..
    it is confirmed that nanditha called them for killing apu

  16. shai

    today i watched the show on tv…and to my pleasant surprise there were a lot of advertisements during the break…it is a good sign…this means the trp is going up…good job team vishkanya!!!

    • Kathy

      Good morning heena…. Welcome to our family… U have a good day… Keep commenting..

    • Ooshi Akbar

      thanks heena we love all the people who love them but a person who said any thing against any member of my family i am worst to him or her

  17. Kathy

    Good morning naren, ooshi, Ayesha Akka , Shai, rufina, siddhi, ridhima, nagma, Mel, Tara, mukti, shraddha , sharaya, shammu, Nandi, Arpita, harshan, shafak , kavya Linsa… N all my vishkanya family…. Good morning all ????? have a good day ahead…???? keep smiling…??????

  18. Ooshi Akbar

    kathy di us no important ki boht yad aa rhi hai waise to maine 27 may k comments main us ki izzat kr di thi pr or krti to zyada maza aa ta

    • Kathy

      This comment should come to below ooshi comment… I will read ur reply to not important …

  19. Not important

    With reference to comments two days back:
    “Kalpana comes… She is dragged.. Blood falls on them… She died..”
    So I speak to u directly now ooshi Akbar! What kind of horror is this?
    I criticized him openly as a reader I can do that! And any writer should not feel bad about it! Plus there are so many uncountable mistakes!
    So are u illiterate that u can ignore such mistakes! Any article to be successful and entertaining for the readers should be at least grammatically correct and have the element of fun! U threat to abuse me that gaaliyan doongi! Then u don’t have that judgement to decide what’s actually correct! I am not only shocked but also laughing on reading ur such petty childish reply!
    I kept the name as Not Important as the name of any reader is not important but u’ll did not understand even the reason for that!
    And Mr. Naren plz bring some element of excitement in ur ff and please correct the grammar it’s very pissing!
    InshaAllah u’ll understand what I actually meant instead of emotionally crying foul!

    • Kathy

      R u sick…. ?? y u posting ur comment here again… We clearly mentioned that we r not interested in ur comments not even to reply .. Uff again…

    • Ooshi Akbar

      ab tjhe meri tjh jaise logon k lie rae pta chle gi tjhe sedhi bat smj ni aati mjhe nhi pta tu muslman hai ya nhi but o sale main tjhe boht boht boht kch kehna chahati bs tu 1 bar yeh keh de k tu ne mjh se galian sunani hain us k bad dekh is 1 boht ki jgha do galian na bken to mera nam ooshi nhi aur jo tu bol rha hai k iss main ye mistake hain ye aisa hai ye waisa hai to tujhe kis pagal kutte ne kata hai k tu woh prhta hai jo tujthe psnd nhi aur tu iss se entertain nhi hota na ho us ki ff hi na khol lakin pehle tu khud koi aisi ff likh k dikha jo perfect ho phir dosron k bare main bat kren naren ko us wkt tk kch na bol jb tk tu khud koi perfect ff nhi likh leta aur tujhe us ki ff itni hi bkvas lgti hai to prhta q hai aur itni bkvas lgti hai uski ff to ainda kholen b na mjhe nhi pta tu lrka hai ya lrki but jo b hai ksi ko kch b bolne se pehle apna greban jhank agr smjh na ai to urdu muhavron ki translation check kr lena aur isi page pr mera Heena khan ko reply prh lena umeed hai k reply b aasani se smj aa jae ga aur wo maine tmhain prhne ka q bola hai ye b smj aa jae ga hm rone walon main se nhi rulane walon main se hain aur main jaisi b hon pagal ya akalmand mera behaviour childish ho ya elderly lakin khush hon lakin meri family k ksi b shaks k bare main 1 lfz b na bolen aur main teri koi b bat smjhne main interested nhi hon tu jo b hai jaisa b hai naren ki ff na prhna aur reply na krna behtr yehi hoga k tu smjh jae ALLAH HAFIZ FOR EVER ainda reply mt kren qk na to mjhe teri bkwas prhni hai aur na reply krne hai smj ja

    • Not important

      OMG! What a cheap girl u r! I’m. Muslim girl who secured 97.63% in SSC, 89.5% in HSC and now is successfully studying medical in a govt medical colg in Maharashtra! I pray Naz 5 times a day! Jaakar Quraan Sharif khol and aaine mein apni shakal dekh aur soch ki noor kahan gaya! Afsos ki tu musalman hai aur tujhme baat karne ki tameez nahin hai! I SAID I CRITICISED HIS WRITING U FOOL! And any reader or viewer can criticise for that is the basic right of any reader or viewer! But u r the cheapest person I’ve come across jisko baat karne ki tameez nahin! Yahan kisi ki bhi insult nahin ki maine aur tu jaa apne maa baap se tameez seekh aur baat kar! Jaahil aurat! Aata jaata kuch hai nahin aur baat karte hain!
      Plus haan upar mere comments me se samajh gaya hoga tujhe mera english kaisa hai so happy to tell u also I have a blog too on u fool! Jaakar seekhi aur baat karo! Life me kuch accomplish kiya nahin aur badi badi baat karti hai useless! I have worked hard for these blo*dy scores and gained such success for which I thank Allah almighty everyday in Namaz not like u who bicker and complain about things in life. Islam kya seekhata hai wo padh aur fir baat kar! And if u talk to me in a harsh tone I’ll reply u the same got that!!!!!!!!!!! Keep that in ur narrow minded mentality!
      Quality writing hai nahin aur baat karte ho!

    • HarSHaN

      Dear frndzz..I wrote tiz aftrn actlly..I accepted ur commnt..If u take tat valuable comments as a token of Encouragement,it maybe gud..Maybe U already know tat a writer’s story will be done if he can create a story with only understandable concept..n the essence of the story ignites in the imagination of readers.. A comment is easy bt A work is not tat easy.even any work..I didn’t mean to hurt U..Maybe U have free time,Kindly read my ff (also others) n commnt Ur suggestions/negatives..This will make mold in writing..A comment must comes from one as “Maybe If U modified,It will be good”..It is the Courtesy..I m Sorry Dear frnd..I didn’t mean to hurt U..Ur bold n frankly words r Gud bt there will be a other way to express

  20. Kathy

    Ooshi… Don’t waste ur valuable time to reply to not important … Just ignore it yaar…

    • Not important

      Any writer should accept criticism be it good or bad… Try to accept the critics! That is why even in award shows there is a category called critics award where critics review actors! And Mr. Taran Adarsh is a renowned critic google kar usko! Salman shahrukh r very good actors but their are criticised and this he give their movies some stars! Wo pado instead crying and bickering and getting emotional ki mere bhai ko waisa bola… Usko support kar aur khud pad and bohot ache se baat kar rahi thi main phle! But sadly u don’t server that! Be mature to handle criticism not be a 5 years jo rone lagta hai! I doubt u r 15-17 years old!

  21. Rufina

    U have the right to express u view about the serial but u don’t have any rights to say fault on any individual. pls say any thing about others…sorry di i just replied to her as no human being is perfect….n not important no human being is perfect…even u r not perfect see ur English…It too has mistake…again sorry di…

    • Not important

      Thank u so much Rufina! That’s what sportsmanship is! I really appreciate that u r mature enough to understand what a viewer and reader thinks! And about my english I’ll to improve for improvement is the only which we humans can do! Shukriya! And I hope this idiot who has no manner of speaking ke gaali dungi etc etc should learn this!!!

      • Kathy

        Happy to know that ur doing medicine… But pls yaar…. Not important n ooshi… Not again… I felt really sad today… What happen to our family here… ????

    • Kathy

      Ok guys just leave this matter as it is…. Not important ….whatever u wanted to say… U said… It’s a family… If u want to b apart of this family ur welcome to comment here… on 27th u comment … N again u post ur comment here I don’t know why…?? Anyway … Hereafter pls don’t take this topic again.. Tnx

    • Not important

      Thank you Kathy di I really appreciate ur effort! But I was shocked that how can ooshi stoop so low on such comments that too for a muslim girl! That’s why I replied her in her tone! But I’m really happy that how mature you r! I wont comment so much but when ever I get time I’ll comment! I live in hostel na and there’s no TV that’s I read updates! And haan I just wanted to say last that I wished Naren could answer some of my questions coz the comments were for him but unfortunately he couldn’t dont know why – he didnt have te answes or whatever! But I really appreciate u! #GoGirl 🙂

  22. Rufina

    Siddhi just now read it….see i will say a thing no family is perfect…i am saying it as a girl who has faced the such problem…i know how it feels…just talk to ur parents n see….Some times they take u wrong….but they will realise later….i too had a problem like this but my mom’s brother came from America n solved the problem. ..even now they argue but will compromise for our sake…so talk with ur parents d…

  23. I am literally shocked…….. Seriously….
    By reading the comments i came to onow about the love and care you people have in your heart. If one is depressed everybody is supporting her. Proud to be a member of this beautiful family…….
    InshaAllah khush raho sab log…..

  24. I would like to introduce myself…
    I am shafaq naaz. I live in delhi with my big bro and big sis. I am 23 yrs old. I wotk in wipro. My biggest support is my brother atif and sister sania. Till i was 14, i lived with my parents. Because of some problems they got divorced and married someone else. My brother is the eldest among three. We came to delhi and lived with my dada and dadi till my bro finished his studies. He started working and became independent. He bought a house where we three siblings live. Today three of us work. Our parents left us when i was 14, my sister was 17, brother was 21. Thank god my biological father and mother did not forget us. They deposit their monthly pyaar in our bank account. This is my story…..

    • Kathy

      Happy to know that u have wonderful siblings… This is a family dear… We always support n encourage one and other at the same time we never tolerate when outsider come n creat problems or say Ill about our members .we all love each other even though we haven’t seen …. Keep commenting dear… Take care

    • HarSHaN

      Shafaq..Gud to hear abt U..Be bold n share ur thoughts n feel like tat U said.. (ur comment)..We,ur frndzz r always with u

  25. Friends i don’t know but my parents are definitely hiding something from me as my birthday comes on 23 march but instead of that my parents were excited for 24 March as we were going on 24 March but shocking thing was that mom was not excited on my birthday she was just normal.And you know my father and his relatives are also hiding something.pls help me to know how to find what they are hiding,

    • Ooshi Akbar

      i think when the things should be known we get to know them automatically but when we shouldn’t we can’t know them may be it’s a planing of god

      • Actually ooshi I don’t beleive in God. My friends tell me that I am hindu then also why don’t I believe in God and for my shock our dance sir tells that who believes in God they get very successful in life.Is it necessary that I am hindu so I have to beleive in God?

    • Kathy

      When the right time comes u will get to know… Al u need is to b patience sometimes it might b a illusions of yours… So wait… N don’t stress yourself… Take care

    • HarSHaN

      Siddhi..they r Ur parents..If they hide something,it’s for ur gud only like as they think..Be free n cool..Surely they ‘ll tell ..if u sure tat they r hiding something,friendly ask tat ur parents bt aftr some time n steady decisions

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.