Vishkanya 30th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 30th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Goons misbehave with Apu and force her to show her face. Malay interferes and beats goons. Goons run pushing Apu and Apu hugs Malay and continues emotionally. Vardaan gets jealous seeing this and asks Malay if he is fine. Apu gets conscious and leaves Malay. Passengers praise Malay for saving woman. Malay gets down with Vardaan for tea at a dhaba. Madan comes out of his seat. Apu asks if he wants to come out with her. He says no. Apu gets down and buys bhelpuri. Vardaan praises Malay for being protective and even saving a woman. Malay sees Apu having bhelpuri and stands behind her. He reminisces Apu having blepuri same way and calls her. She starts running and clashes with a lady. Lady scolds if she is blind. Malay stops her again. Apu confronts and says he saved her does not mean

he will take a chance on her and warns to stay away from her. Malay stands in a shock. Vardaan yells lady yelled at him instead of thanking.

Vardaan insists Malay to visit ancient temple nearby. They both go to temple and pray together. Apu gets jealous and thinks Vardaan always forces her right of being Malay’s wife, she will show her true place today. She tries to enter temple border, but godly powers stop her from entering. Pandit asks Malay and Vardaan to submit prasad holding each other’s hands. They submit prasad and hit temple bells. Apu shouts in pain heaaring bell sound. She sees her leg thread missing and gets very tensed.

A sadhu passes by and says her love is also uncommon like her. In this time, vishkanya cannot enter. Apu nervously says she does not know what he is talking about. He says we both know what he means and says to get her love, she has to sacrifice his poison. He leaves chanting kul devi maa ki jai ho..Apu thinks she will destroy Mittal family with her poison and her poison is her biggest weapon.

Vardaan insists Malay to tie thread iin temple with her. He says couples do that and they are just friends, though they are married. Vardaan sadly goes and ties thread and prays god to develop love for her in Malay’s heart. Malay sees Apu’s hand bleeding and says she is injured. Apu tries to leave again.

Precap: Apu ties holi thread and prays god that Malay is her love and she wants his love go back with him from Ramgarh. She sends poisoned clothes to Vardaan. Vardaan gets happy thinking Malay sent these.

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  1. Ridhima

    Apu love has more power than poison …..understand yaa . .. I dont want you to miss Malay because of this ……

  2. Rufina


    |Registered Member

    Liked the hug…It was the highlight of the epi…n liked the small small things Malay remember about apu..

  3. Rufina


    |Registered Member

    I can’t tolerate this chipkali anymore..i hope that she dies Tommorow…If she dies i will be happy…

  4. Rufina


    |Registered Member

    The precap is superb bro n makes me happy…n once again apu is saying Malay is her love n this shows that her love for Malay n she won’t let anybody harm him or make her away from her (especially that chipkali) n hoping that chipkali dies Tommorow itself..

  5. arpita

    shai can u explain me pls how vardhan is an angel?Apr has good powers n she is using it to destroy the evils which is generally done by God then why she can’t enter in the temple?I don’t understand??????

  6. arpita

    shai can u explain me pls how vardhan is an angel?Apu has good powers n she is using it to destroy the evils which is generally done by God then why she can’t enter in the temple?I don’t understand??????

    • Ooshi Akbar

      Noorain maine tumhara 25 june wala sorry accept kr lia hai woh hmari evo ka pkg khtm ho gya tha iss lie rply nhi kr pai ab aesi koi b bat ainda mazak main b mt krna aur aik aur bat ooshi kbhi ksi se b zyada der ghusa nhi reh skti khas tor pr un logon se jin se woh pyaar krti hai and as a part of our family i love u too and i love u all very much

  7. Shai


    |Registered Member

    from that sadhu’s preach….i got a new hope!!!! she have to leave her poison for completely getting her true love!!!! i gues the naagin fans can relate to it!!!!

  8. arpita


  9. arpita

    Good night naren,kathy di,ooshi di,harshan bro,mel,nandana,chaitali,rufina,shai,siddhi,mukti,prakriti,dharu,sumedha,ridhima n all the cute members of this sweet family.Sweet dreams.

  10. arpita

    Good night naren,kathy di,ooshi di,harshan bro,mel,nandana,chaitali,rufina,shai,siddhi,mukti,prakriti,dharu,sumedha,ridhima,sheikh family n all the cute members of this sweet family.Sweet dreams.

  11. Anika

    Poor Apu..
    But loved today’s apulay scenes.
    and this episode gives a ray of hope that apulay will be together after revenge drama.

      • Anika

        Hi Shai…
        I was always a silent reader of this site.
        will you please tell me how to become a registered member of this site?

    • Shai


      |Registered Member

      Dear go to the menu bar present on the top of this page…and click on register…there fill up the necessary details,confim it…and then u r our registered member!!!

  12. sonu

    Today I really feel bad for apu’s reaction? why apu u want a revenge but u know malay loves u alot and u too but in it reaction u don’t asked/shocked once and thinking of how to let this vish go out from u? oh after getting this u want a revenge (revenge against but bad people is good )more than love?.but apu tied holy thread means she choose only love by seeing that much love from malay???? (since vishkanya’s r not allowed and lost her vish?) so I hope apu will get malay ?and now the fight against villains as simple woman??? i hope malay also will help u?

  13. Shai


    |Registered Member

    vishkanya family some exciting spoilers-

    Episode – 81
    Malay notices the light in the adjacent room and breaks in. He is shocked to see Apu and Kalpana inside the room.

    Episode – 82
    Apu and Kalpana panic when Madan escapes from the resort. Meanwhile, Malay questions them about their presence at the hotel.

    Episode – 83
    Apu breaks down in front of Malay and tells him she still loves him. Vardaan enters the room and is heartbroken when she sees them hug.

    Episode – 84
    Madan loses his mental balance and keeps chanting the words bathtub and ‘ladki’. Vardaan realises that Apu has something to do with Madan’s condition.

    please reply ur views friends…afterall apu is finally confessing her love

    • Ooshi Akbar

      jb tk shai apni service deti rhe gi ksi ko iss serial k spoilers ya apu k bare main information hasil krne ki koi zrorat nhi hai nelu ba g/shai zindabad yar joke kr rhi thi pr seriously in sae kamon ki duty teri hi hai tu chahe to mje b koi duty de skti hai and 1 more thing i am happy that u shared all this with us mje mera kam bta dena

    • Ooshi Akbar

      hey bhai i am back after almost 92 hours and how i spend these hours only me and GOD knows actually our evo’s pkg was finished so that i can’t keep in contact with u i missed u all very very very much and i realized in these days that my life is nothing till then i don’t talk to the people whom i accepted to be mine and for present only u all are the people with whom o could talk easily and jahan tk rhi accept krne ki bat to ooshi apni family ko accept kr hi chuki hai And i am happy that u observed that i am missing from last few days love u all waise di kdhr ghaib hain iss wkt tk to woh comment zrooooor kr deti hain

    • Kathy


      |Registered Member

      Oh… Harshan… Yesterday bit busy with visitors at home… We had ifthaar for our relatives…. Yesterday I had half n hour to comment …since it was less comment on 29th episode … Thought to complete out target their so I post my comment on 29th episode …. I too miss u all guys..

  14. Aisha Zawiya

    I hope they finished Vardaan chapter tomorrow so that we can se Malay and Apu love together. I love the way he hugs her

  15. Aisha Zawiya

    They are showing as if Vardaan’s love for Malay is more powerful than that of Apu’s own

  16. mel

    Guys i don’t think the writers will kill off vardaan’s chapter tomorrow. I think Apu will not succeed in killing her tomorrow. Anyways,lets just wait and see. #apulay

  17. Ooshi Akbar

    there are some replies for Arpita,Gulnaaz,Noorain ,Usman and Kathy di on 28 june’s page check it

  18. Ooshi Akbar

    di mje pta hai aap busy ho gi but jaise hi moka mile plz reply ya comment kro missing u

  19. Kathy


    |Registered Member

    Good morning naren, Ayesha Akka, ooshi , Shai, shafaq, rufina , siddhi, nagma, Tara, harshan, kavya, Arpita, Mel, mukti, shammu, sharaya, sharadh , shradha, chitali, prakriti, Elsa , Eva , Ayesha, Fiza , Dharhu , Adito , pinky , nandana , Mona , ridhima , n Shaikh family… Very good morning to all … Have a wonderful day ahead.. Keep smiling … ?????

  20. Kathy


    |Registered Member

    Guys after long time sarayu has posted her ff on Malay n Apu… Pls do read n comment … Tnx..

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