Vishkanya 30th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 30th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Apu warns Vardaan that she did wrong by snatching her love from her. She breaks Vardaan’s gajra and leaves warning Vardaan. Vardaan breaks down.

At police station, Malay tells inspector that there is a misunderstanding, Kalpana complained for Apu, he should call Apu and ask the truth. Inspector shouts not to teach what he should do and asks if he did not think when he was enjoyng with 2 wives and asks to share his experience. Apu holds his collar. Inspector gets into cell and starts beating Malay ruthlessly.

Apu arranges burning coal on floor. Kalpana asks what is she doing, she did what she asked for. Apu says she wants to get rid of Vardaan, but does not want to harm Malay, she will punish herself for the torture Malay is suffering because of her. She walks on coal.

Kalpana pulls her out.

Vardaan goes to temple and asks god why is Malay suffering. She picks lamp in her hand and starts praying. Temple lady comes and says her prayer is fulfilled, she has a way to tackle Apu. She says brahmarakshas, Vishkanya will burn even with his shadow, people have seen somewhere in this area. He will get Apu’s poison ouit of her and will make her powerless. She reminds about the black beed packet she gave and asks her to put it in Apu’s body somehow to destroy Apu. Vardaan says okay, but she will have to save her husband first.

Vardaan goes to police station and meets Malay. Malay says he did wrong by apply sindhoor on Apu’s forehead. He asks her to go back and limps. She gets concerned for him and says she will get him out of here soon. They both touch each other’s hands emotionally. Apu watches everything standind behind window and gets teary eyed seeing Malay’s condition.

Apu goes back home and sees Vardaan and Kumkum consulting lawyer to bail out Malay. Lawyer says bigamy is a serious crime and he cannot bail out Malay easily. Avi says commissioner is dad’s close friend and they can seek his help. Kumkum asks Vardaan to be at home and leaves with Avi and lawyer. Apu enters and Vardaan asks her to go to police station and take back her case. Apu says she will if Vardaan divorces Malay. Vardaan thinks to bail out Malay, she has to trap Apu.

Vardaaan enters Apu’s room silently trying to throw black beeds on her, but Apu turns back and warns her to stop following her and if she wants to see Malay happy, she should divorce him. Vardaan says she is married to Malay and will not leave him just like that. Apu gets divorce papers and asks her to sign on 3 places. She says Vardaan has two choices, either to let Malay suffer in jail being her husband or let him be her husband.

Precap: Apu falls unconscious after consuming Vardaan’s black beeds. Vardaan shakes her to check if she is really unconscious. Kalpana rings door bell.

Update Credit to: MA

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