Vishkanya 2nd May 2016 Written Episode Update


Vishkanya 2nd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Nandita with her puppet Kumkum and neighbors continuing to insult Kalpana and Did and smearing their face black. Kalpana shouts she will destroy Nandita Mittal. Nandita tears Kalpana’s blouse. Kalpana cries hugging Dida. Apu comes and is shocked to see Kalpana and Dida’s condition. She dorns her shawl to Kalpana and warns Nandita and her puppets to back off. Kumkum provokes puppets not to listen to Apu. Apu picks stick and all puppets run from there. Apu hugs them both and consoles them.

Malay also reaches and Nandita starts her drama that she punished boothwadi ladies who tried to harm him and now they will never come near him. Malay scolds her and asks how can she stoop such low being a woman and harm another woman. He is ashamed of her. Nandita is shocked. Malay says Apu risked her life and saved him. He is indebted to Kalpana’s family. He loves Apu and wants to marry her, even she loves him but does not want to marry him seeing his family’s opposition and got engaged to a goon. Nandita says she deserves it. Malay says he cannot believe his mother thinks so low and walks out from there.

Apu goes to her house and sadly looks at broken things. Malay goes home and tells his fiance that he loves Apu and cannot marry her. Nandita says he decided to marry her and should. He says he will marry only Apu.

Precap: Kalpana asks Apu where is she going. She says to do what she had to do long ago. She tells Malay that she is ready to marry him, but he has to get back her mother and grandmother’s dignity back.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Ranaji (EDKV Fan)

    Thnx for the update MA.. Superb show. I think tmr apu will ask Malay. He will tell their parents to tell sorry to her?????????????

  2. Ranaji (EDKV Fan)

    Pic of this show has not changed yet?.. Why tu sir.? But some shows has changed I am happy

  3. Kalpana now i am eith u in this revenge..nanditha does not deserve one but 100 vishkanyas ….apu should really take her mother’s revenge…and malay should support her

  4. Vishakanya family…lets take poll for fun 🙂
    Whom do you like more?
    a. Malay( the cutie)
    b. Kalpana (the cunning)

    Post more and more comments vishkanya fans 🙂

    1. Ranaji (EDKV Fan)

      Malay only becoz he is smart… He looks good in black dress.. But apu is sooo cute I love her very much muahhhh..???????????my heart is broken second time becoz my first love is radhika madan???second she both looks superb… Nagma and sharaya where r u?miss u guys.

      1. Think so fan of shravan too …. but narendran bhai me too fan of all the people u mentioned but mainly sharavan reddy….I love him sooooo much….ummmmahhh ?????????

  5. Anupam Shinde


  6. are yaar….. koi is nandita ka gala dabao…….. kalpana…. i am with u….

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Nagma try to comment regularly.. I miss u Akka.

  7. ok Apu kill them all,these two mittal woman are animal,how could anyone stoop so low.

  8. Friends I have applied for zee TV upcoming serial sandesh,please pray that I get select for any role of serial sandesh which will be aired on zee TV.

  9. Friends please pray that I will get any role in zee TV upcoming serial sandesh as I have applied for the serial sandesh which will aired on zee TV.

  10. The jingle raag which is somewhat cute while playing Apu n Malay frm their first meet still now makes them Pinkies like KaaliYug

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