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Vishkanya 2nd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Apu rushes towards Pune highway in car to meet Malay. Driver bores her with is unwanted commentary. Kalpana comes out of temple and tells she will call Apu, but Kumkum stops her.

Apu reaches venue and calls Malay. Madan and Sunder come laughing and say they are Malay. Madan shows Malay’s phone and reminisces how Sunder stole it from Malay. Apu runs towards car and requests driver to take her from there. Driver pushes her towards Madan and Sunder and laugh that he can do anything for food. Madan throws rasgulla tin on him. He catches it and laughs that he can kill anyone for tasty food.

Vardan shows vishkanya literature to Nandita and says this is Apu’s truth. Nandita says these are just stories and requests her to protect Malay. Vardan asks how. Nandita

asks her to marry Malay and says she will in be veil during marriageand and after marriage, she will convince Malay to accept her.

Sunder and Madan with driver continue to misbehave with Apu and she sees Malay’s car passing by and shouts Malay. They turn and see car leaving, they turn back and see Apu missing.

Kalpana and Kumum’s taxi breaks down. Driver says it will take time. Kalpana confronts Kumkum that she with Nandita tricked her and brought her via secluded place. Kumkum says no. Kalpana says she knows they tricked to stop Malay and Apu’s marry, she will have to reach Apu soon and runs from there.

Apu runs on road. Madan, Sunder, and driver follow her. She comes in front of police jeep and pleads inspector to save her. Inspector asks her to sit in car and walks towards Madan and Sunder and asks how dare they are to create havoc in his area. Driver says no. Inspector shouts not to try oversmart with police. Madan says inspector that they want to kill this girl and he has to help them, else… Inspector asks if they are threatening him. Sunder says it is offer, he will get 20%. Inspector says he needs equal partnership, 50%, rest 50% they can share among themselves. Sunder says okay. Apu thinks what are they discussing about. Inspector and Madan shake hands. Apu is shocked to see that.

Sunder tells inspector he just have to leave the girl for him. Inspector says that is all, she is all theirs. Apu gets out of jeep, but Sunder stops her. Apu thinks poison runs in her vein and they will die, reminisces killing snake and Nandita’s another brother.

Precap: Kumkum calls Nandita and informs that Kalpana ran to meet Apu. Apu shouts for help. Kalpana hears that.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Tnx MA mam for the updates….

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      U r first!!! Try to comment before reading.. Then u will be first always.. Me do the same!!

      1. Good Idea….

    2. di you are our today’s gold medalist…congrats!!!

      1. Oh tnx… So where is the medal…???? I mean gold..??

      2. oh yes will surely deliver you di

      3. ??? more than the medal… Am happy to have a family like your all… Luv u all..❤️

  2. Oh come on Apu… Kill these cheapos…. U itself enough to kill them off…

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Yes lol!! Guys let us all have Nick is boring to call Kathy,siddhi,rufna,ooshi,ayesha,and etc… Pls let us all have.. One Nick name .. That should be suggested by our own and no others should keep..

      1. you forgot me 🙁

      2. Bro i will say a nick name for me..i have not said nick name to any one..but saying this to u guys….its doubty….This was kept by my sister…

    2. Rufina oh… So sweet name…doubty… But Y she kept that name… ?? sorry if it too personal…

      1. Di it’s not personal I will say it…..actually in 5th standard we had a lesson about thanthai Periyar n in his childhood he used to ask a alot of questions to others….After knowing this I liked periyar…n i too started asking questions…later on it became natural for me n i used to ask a lot of questions to my sister….she will call me doubty
        doubty…..If I ask the reason why she calls me doubty means she will say u ask heaps questions n is a way tooooo talkative so doubty…..

      2. Tnx for sharing… I laugh a lot … ??

  3. Guys will chipkali marry Malay… I cannot believe this till now… Apu… Go fast…

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Me too Kathy!!??chipkali is slipper..

  4. Hi friends tomorrow me and my parents are going to keep name of my little cute sister.

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Oh!! What name??

      1. We all have different names so will decide tomorrow.

    2. Tats NYC siddhi..Then the cute name of cutie will be a suspense for us 2day..

    3. Wow.. Tell us the name…

  5. Now all know apu’s truth…

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Yes Kathy.. So what? No one can touch her and all will maintain distance from her??it is more plus point

    2. Yah it’s true naren…

    3. no di…nandita did not believed that chipkali

      1. Really… It’s good…

  6. VishkanyaFANHeart

    Why Appu is scared ! Fight and kill them all … I am so sad to see some Appu getting repeatedly hurted all of her life

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Yes..yaar.. I also think the same.. She has powers then why not killing vardhaan??

      1. Yes she should kill them all…

  7. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    ??if Malay marry vardhaan this backwas show should end.. Pls apu go and slap vardhaan and marry Malay.. Or I will not watch this show..

  8. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Vardhaan knows how Malay madly loves apu.. I hope she will stay out.

    1. Yes naren… She shouldn’t marry Malay…

      1. Yeah bro this chipkali should not marry Malay….

  9. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Anyways this writer should bring twist like swaragini,thapki pyaar ki and kaala teeka.??Then there is no lead for apu.. Guys sorry now only I found.. Still now there is no lead so there no chance for vardhaan and Malay marriage

  10. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Guys as per I told see apu gonna scratch them and come to mandap and slaps vardhaan.. Then this show will be the best.

    1. I too wish the same naren…

    2. Bro i want this to happen but also want apu to say pas karo yeh shadi…n i want see how Malay sees vardhaan n apu…

    3. hey can you give me the spoiler link

  11. Noooooooooooooo
    Chipkali cant marry malay….
    Apu…. Remove the necklace and scratch those people. Dont even leave the three idiots(kumkum nandita and chipkali)

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Hi fi.. Same idea!!

  12. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    But this writers never do it.. They will break out head till last time!!

    1. Yes naren… Ur right…

  13. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Ohhh now only I found.. Till end of epi this Maha rani does not know about her powers.. Her brain worked at last part…??Anways apu pls kill them

  14. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Today is m little free so that I can write ff and post comments…!!!…

    1. It’s good…

  15. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    This show has less member but get 100comments in all epi.. But IKRS has many fans and many members but average comments are less.. There but here only 6members always fights the battle

    1. Happy to know naren…????

  16. Hey can someone tell me how come that third girl what is her name yes vardhaan croped out from i didnt see this show for quite a no of days saw it today thats why and only apu is made for malay and this show name is vishkanya so vishkanya aka apu is the lead and vardhaan is not a vishkanya so no worries and m so disappointed with all zee shows vishkanya is still ok but if by any chance vardhaan marries malay that will become useless too

  17. How can a police b so cheap?

    1. Yeah…at before days we just see this on movies n serials but now it is happening in real life also nila….

  18. If Malay Marty’s vardaan . Then I will stop watching this …show. ..

  19. In d Spoiler it told that ApulAY will be married so don’t worry about that chipkali and other bad omens…………….. guys have a good day

    1. can you tell me the spoiler link dear

    2. Tnx a lot sriranjani… Glad to know… ?????? from where u get this spoiler dear…

    3. thanks sriranjana for the good news on the behalf of my whole family as we were very sad + angry by reading all bad things to happen thanks again for telling us that nearly a very good thing will happen

  20. Guys I have a surprise for you all it will be posted soon.

    1. Oh i am excited to know the surprise. …n i will be waiting for the name of the cute little princess. …

    2. Really…. Hmm excited to know…

  21. i am glad to know that now everyone calls that vardaan chipkali….i am happy that everyone liked my name for her 😉

    1. Coz Shai it’s suits her a lot more than vardhaan…

  22. Frndz…… How was ur day?
    My day was sooooo tiring. Lot of work in office. Me my di and bhai went to orphanage and gave clothes fruits blankets and money for kids. Shaistha came to this beautiful world and my di is going to get married. Itna toh banta hai. I enjoyed a lot with those kids. Their innocent faces touched my heart. Bachpan ke din yaad aagaye. I dont understand why did their parents leave them? Feeling sorry for them…..

    1. Akka today the day was too good…i got my maths test papers n lot of fun today…today we had a inspirational talk in our school n it was just awesome…i enjoyed today alot….

    2. I had a Good day dear…tnx…. Happy to know that u helped needy … It’s rarely occurs people to perform good deeds with good intentions without need to get something in return… Helping others itself provides the feeling of self worth n it gives satisfaction …

      1. The best way to cheer you up is to cheer everybody else up. Mark Twain ~~

    3. Gud to hear U.Be always like tiz..May the Cute Gods’ joy travelling always with u

    4. nek kaam kiya di aapne…aapko bahut saari duaae milengi…

  23. hey shafaq…maine abhi tumhari comment padhi…no malay will not be jailed…as registered marriage ko hi value di jaati hai…mandap me ki hui shaadi ki koi value nahi(only legally…i am not hurting anyone guys)…

    1. Every marriage should legally registered…. It’s a law….

  24. hey guys…one more imagination….agar shaadi ke baad ghunghat se chipkali ke jagah apu nikle aur sabko shock karde to!!!

    1. Will Luv to see all their expression… ?? imagining…. ????

    2. Villains ki watt lagegi…

  25. no malay will never accept vardhan as her wife

    1. Yes Ayesha…

  26. today’s zee tv’s update-“will appu come back to life and stop malay from getting married to chipkali?”
    (obviously they said the actual name 😉 )

    1. Did they mention chipkali???

  27. Ooshi dear where r u??? Y no comment today…

    1. sorry di but in my home any one can use laptop in day time accept me other than if i prove to be lucky so i can.It’s not a restriction but we make a schedule according to which my sis and bro use laptop in different hours of day time and i will use it in night time

    2. i am also thinking along the same lines….

  28. The surprise is posted read it and you will laugh out loud.

    1. thank u very much for the cute and sweet surprise we all surely liked it very much

    2. siddhi tell me sharad’s age as he is your big bro

  29. Wow siddhi… New ff… Hmm this must b ur surprise … Good start dear… By the way u made me an alien ..?? …

    1. Loved ur surprise… May almighty bless u always…

  30. Friends i have started one more ff and it’s name is Our Impossible Love Story pls read and comment loads.

  31. I have a doubt, Apu is daughter of Vishkanya, Apu Dad id dead in accident? how come it happen? So confusing

    1. Apu mom is Vishkanya

      1. no she is not actually kalpana fed her poison in childhood to make her vishkanya

    2. apu is the daughter of normal parents and was normal by birth but her aunt fed her poision in childhood to make her vishkanya

  32. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    In horror there is more scenes for apulay.. Hope u will like it.. Bye guys need to go to school.. Kathy did j read ekdv?? Superb track.. But I am not commenting there.??

    1. Good morning naren… Have a good day.. Study well… Yah watch EDKV but don’t comment their…will read ur horror story for sure … Take care

  33. Good morning… Shai, rufina, siddhi, shafaq, ooshi, nagma, Tara, ridhima, mukti,Mel, harshan, Nandi, Arpita, sharadh, ayesja, Ayesha Akka, n all my vishkanya family… Have a beautiful day ahead… Keep smiling…???????

    1. Good morning di

  34. Guys at night I saw 5 comments in my ff vishkanya family as alien and human and at morning it’s 20.

    1. It’s 23 comments now dear… We all really enjoyed it…

  35. I wish apu kill that Nanditha and chipkali first because they are so irritating

    1. Me too wish the same…sharaya…

  36. Friends my cute little sister name is Samiksha.Isn’t it’s a nice name.And we all siblings name starts from s Sharad,Siddhi and Samiksha.

    1. Very nice name dear… May almighty bless her with lot of happiness …

    2. nice name and nice policy of S SHARAD,SIDDHI AND SAMIKSHA

    3. Superrb Siddhi..Sweet name for cutie

    4. beautiful name

  37. Quote of the day!!!

    If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.

    Milton Berle

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Superb quote!!

    2. StarQuote

  38. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..


    1. Yes naren…

  39. Oh God

  40. Hi guys!!
    please let me know
    whether vardaan is daughter of Renu or isn’t?

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