Vishkanya 2nd July 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 2nd July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Madan serves alcohol to Apu. She gulps alcohol in one go. Malay angrily comes to his room and sleeps. He wakes up at midnight and sees Vardaan still hasnot returned from party. He calls her, but her phone is switched off. He asks hotel staff outside if he saw his wife who has long hair and wearing black dress. Staff says no, party finished long ago.

Madan gets double vision after drinking alcohol and tells Apu i can see 2 Munni. Apu reminisces mixing drug in his drinks. She tries to fall on her, she runs into bathroom. He enters bathroom and sees her in bath tub. He opens her veil and sees a doll instead and falls into bat tub. Apu standing aside removes her neem/tulsi beed necklace and shows her blue skin and says she is Vishkanya. He is shocked. She gives him electric shock

and leaves thinking Mamaji will be under electric shock for 12 hours, she should check Vardaan and Malay.

Malay sees Vardaan sitting under rain. He scolds if she has lost her mind and asks to come in. She says she will not, he treats her so badly and does not respect her feeling, she is a human with emotions and not robot. Malay stands in a shock. She falls unconsciouson his shoulder. He rushes her to room. Apu watches him taking Vardaan in and locking door from inside. She peeps via key hole and sees Malay removing Vardaan’s clothes and then his clothes and sleeping with her to give her body heat. She feels shattered and thinks this cannnot happen. She is about to knock door when hotel staff comes holding blankets. She asks which is room #304. He says it is upstairs and she asks why these blankets. He says this room’s guest is ill after drenching in rain, so ordered blankets. She walks thinking Malay is just helping Vardaan, but Vardaan is culprit, she must have drenched in rain purposefully to get Malay’s attention.

Malay changes Vardaan’s clothes and dorns blankets on her. She stills shivers. He pampers her looking at her face. She falls asleep. He thinks what is happening to him, why is he looking at her like this.

Apu goes back to Madan’s room, sees him unconscious and tied and says he must he praying for his death, but for he heinous acts he did, she will kill him slowly. Till then, she will see what Malay is doing.

Precap: Malay asks Vardaan to get ready for sight seeing. She says okay. Apu thinks she will fail Vardaan’s plan again and not let her win Malay’s heart.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Nandana

    Hi to all my friends yesterday I didn’t comment because I was little bit busy and sorry for that and how r u all ? Nowadays this serial is getting very bore because of that vardhaan :$

    1. not bore but bakwaas and don’t be sorry as we understand that u will be surely busy in some work

      1. shai i want to tell it to her too but then i didn’t do this

    2. Shai

      call her chipkali..

    3. Kathy

      No sorry naren.. N we understand u…

      1. Shai

        its nanadana di…

      2. the upper reply should be here but mistakenly i wrote it there

      3. Kathy

        Hopped typo…. Err… Yah it’s nandana… Happy u correct me…

  2. Hi all how are u can I join in vishkanya family my name is anjana

    1. Of course. .welcome to sweet vishkanya family. ..keep commenting. ..

    2. welcome to the family Anjana and keep commenting

    3. Kathy

      Warmly welcome to our family anjana…. Keep commenting….

    4. Siddhi

      Welcome to Vishkanya family Anjana

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    1. Kathy

      Yes I read dear… I didn’t go for class… Even I took day off from work… Spending my whole nights by stay awake Praying n reciting the Holy Quran as well…
      seek forgiveness and mercy from Allah… N making dua to all my VK family… luv u all…

      1. we love u too di very much

  4. Shai
    aishwarya and vin’s interview on camera day…check it for hpw vin keeps pulling leg of apu 😛 ..they are actually cute

    1. Kathy

      Tnx for sharing Shai… Yah they indeed a cute pair….

    2. They are actually cute shai. idk why that vardaan is between them. She should have been the first one on whom apu must have taken revenge.

    3. Yes they are actually cute together shai. But IDK why have they introduced vardaan in the show. Instead, she should have been the first one on whom apu should have taken revenge

  5. Nandana

    I will surely watch that shai 🙂

  6. Mukti.H

    Rufina who is the person in ur dp…
    Reply soon…

    1. Mukti it’s anirudh…music director n composer..

  7. Hii frndz assalaimualaikum i m back how r u all ? i really miss my vishkanya family sososososososososososososososososososososo much and sosososososososo sorry bcoz i didn’t comment and i m sososososososos much happy that i m back really i can’t say u all how much i miss u all and i miss siddhi ff to i know that u all i can’t wait for tommorrow that’s y i comment today and i read everyone comment y everyone is angry what happening here please anybody say me about previous episode in short bcoz i can’t read bcoz my test is near after eid’s first tuesday that y i should study i miss kathy di,ooshi di,shai,naren,rufina,mukti,ranja and all

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    2. Kathy

      No sorry … Miss u too dear…. Glad ur back…. How r u now??? All the best for ur exam dear

  8. *rajni

  9. Hello friends, I think that chipkali is being more chipku than ever.

  10. I know some mistake is there i mean in firat comment bcoz i comment that via phone and i said that phone is working properly

    1. first of all WA-ALAIKUM SALAM and don’t be sorry ever with me u could be sorry from all the family except me so remember it every one is angry because the present situation had made angry every one and last thing i am very sad that no one replied u till now and i am also late i am very very very sad forgive us plz and we missed u too dear take care and remember us in our prayers and there’s no point that u comment today we r family and u could say anything any time with out any hesitation

      1. Don’t be sad and but I m happy first u reply and rufina reply me and I will not say I sorry again that for that this is last sorry ?? and how r u both I mean rufina and u and thanks rufina

      2. Kathy

        Dear coudnt reply to u earlier… Happy ur back… Hope u feeling better now??? Take good care of yourself… We all missed u a lot… N I always remember u n my prayers… For your recovery…

      3. I am fine. .how r u???

  11. *first

  12. @harshan bhai..i am fine studies r going good..sorry could not reply u earlier. .n how r u bhai?? Did u finish ur painting? ? N which part of chennai u live bhai??

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      1. first of all best of luck for the journey and best of luck for the journey take care of yourself may Allah fullfil ur aim of journey and u will surely/Insha Allah get a good job don’t feel awkward that i use Allah in my prayer plz only think that i prayed for u with pure heart i don’t want to say this but i felt that i have to say that and when will ur painting finish it will be the best Insha Allah

      2. Kathy

        May almighty grant you your heart’s desire and fulfill all your dreams….?

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  13. Nandana

    OK shai I will call her chipkali 🙂 😉

    1. Kathy

      Nice DP nandan….

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    Shai I have taken few days off from work… So I could perform my night prayers n … Reciting al Quran…. N making dua to all my VK family to their bright future…

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  19. Chee I didn’t like dis chipkali is shameless

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      Yes she is…

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      My Internet was finished so couldn’t comment and my injury is healing but very slowly

      1. take care and get well soon

  23. Kathy

    So cute… apulay… Pls check the link… N read below one andrewpremkar post as well… He just said what we all wanted to say….

  24. Narendran

    many forgot me???

    1. first of all do u think any one could forgot u and in my upper comments there is a comment missing u bro it’s indicates u bhai is for Harshan

      1. bro is for u

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      1. Narendran

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    Good afternoon!! Guys!! Kathy,ooshi,HarsHan,ayesha, shai,rufina,siddhi,shammu,sharaya, adito,pinky and nandana and all Vishkanya family member!! Good after noon!!?

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      Good afternoon naren… Hey nice DP…???

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  26. I like bardan Malay jodi

  27. I dnt noe why u all members say bardan as I noe that she is not the main character..but her acts is showing positive..where as appu s act is one can achieve its love forcefully..which bardan never does..but after seeing last few episodes how appu Act fact she harms atleast judge d correct thing..I dnt noe day u ll post my comments or not cz it s against ur opinion..but I noe someone ll know my view

    1. according to me a girl which becomes a cause of making a love triangle in a perfect love story can’t be a good girl apu did bad to vardaan we accept it but vardaan didn’t create such conditions to stick with malay as chipkali it’s a lie there was an episode where she tried her best to stick with him as chipkali james and the other guy will surely favor u i forgot the other one’s name

  28. I like vardaan and apu vardaan is beautiful have good thought she can act the love but apu she deserve a enemy character and she is not beautiful she is black love malaan

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