Vishkanya 2nd April 2016 Written Episode Update


Vishkanya 2nd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Kalpana’s mother asking Kalpana if she knows what she is goind. Kalpana asks why is she asking even after knowing the reason. Mom says whatever happened is past many years ago and warns her not to get Apu out even after knowing about her medical condition, what if she panics in party seeing people and her skin color changes to blue. Kalpana says even she is going with her. Mom says even then she is worried. Kalpana asks if she does not trust her.

Malay asks Nandita if she does not trust him. He says it is not regarding trust, he does not knnow the real issue and should not meet Kalpana and her family. Malay thinks why mom

Mom tells Kalpana that only she cares Apu a lot, but Apu does not know what happened to her, she only knows she is ill. Kalpana

says she will decorate Apu with clothes and Jewelry, only she knows waht Apu means to her.

Malay apologizes Nandita and she smiles and asks him to be careful outside as she is worried for him. He says he will be careful and asks her to get ready soon for party.

Mom asks Kalpana from where she will get jewelry and clothes. Kalpana says she should know her daughter well, she has broken her FD. Tapur comes and hears their conversation. Mom asks that FD was for Tapur’s studies. Kalpana says at this time, Apu is most important. Tapur feels sad and thinks mom cares Apu more than her.

Apu talks to rabbit that she will go out of house for the first time for part, but she does not know who parties are, she read in books parties are amazing with lots of people, dance, music, jokes, etc. She reminisces Malay handing her rabbit and thins how are friends and how they behave, she is very nervous. She hopes people will like her and even she likes people. She is very excited to see outer world. Kalpana comes and knocksdoor.
Apu drops rabbit and runs to catch and her nail injures rabbit while holding it. She hides rabbit it in wardrobe and opens door. Kalpana asks if she is fine, why she took such a long time. Apu says she was changing clothes. Kalpana says she knows she is lying and asks what was she doing, what she talking alone. Apu takes out rabbit and shows it to Kalpana. Kalpana says is it the same rabbit for which she was crying and how did it came to her. She then sees injury on rabbit and blood turning black. Apu says Malay gifted it to her and she hid it fearing she would scold her and apologizes. Kalpana asks how did rabbit get injure. Apu says he was running and got injured. Kalpana takes rabbit and says it may get infected if she touches it and asks her to take bathe with herbs and get ready for party. She takes rabbit along and cries seeing rabbit dead with body turning blue due to poison. Mom sees it and they both go out in jungle and bury rabbit. Mom warns Kalpana again not to take Apu in open and risk people’s life. Kalpana says she waited for years for this moment and hid Apu’s truth for 18 years and will safeguard it, she will not move back easily.

Apu bathes in herbs in bath tub and thinks she has only few hours left to meet people.

Nandita guides caterers about quality and taste of food for party. Malay shows bhang juice to Abhi and says it is his special guest. Abhi asks if forgot morning scolding. Malay says it is elder’s duty to scold and his duty to just listen. He knows bhootni will come today. Apu thinks she will meet Malay today. Kalpana thinks nobody can stop her from uniting Malay and Apu. Malay looks at bhang juice and thinks today’s party will be dhamakedar.

Precap: Apu walks out of house reminiscing Kalpana’s words that people will try to talk to her and she should nod her head and move ahead. Malay eagerly waits for Apu with bhang juice. Apu enters.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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