Vishkanya 2nd April 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 2nd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Kalpana’s mother asking Kalpana if she knows what she is goind. Kalpana asks why is she asking even after knowing the reason. Mom says whatever happened is past many years ago and warns her not to get Apu out even after knowing about her medical condition, what if she panics in party seeing people and her skin color changes to blue. Kalpana says even she is going with her. Mom says even then she is worried. Kalpana asks if she does not trust her.

Malay asks Nandita if she does not trust him. He says it is not regarding trust, he does not knnow the real issue and should not meet Kalpana and her family. Malay thinks why mom

Mom tells Kalpana that only she cares Apu a lot, but Apu does not know what happened to her, she only knows she is ill. Kalpana

says she will decorate Apu with clothes and Jewelry, only she knows waht Apu means to her.

Malay apologizes Nandita and she smiles and asks him to be careful outside as she is worried for him. He says he will be careful and asks her to get ready soon for party.

Mom asks Kalpana from where she will get jewelry and clothes. Kalpana says she should know her daughter well, she has broken her FD. Tapur comes and hears their conversation. Mom asks that FD was for Tapur’s studies. Kalpana says at this time, Apu is most important. Tapur feels sad and thinks mom cares Apu more than her.

Apu talks to rabbit that she will go out of house for the first time for part, but she does not know who parties are, she read in books parties are amazing with lots of people, dance, music, jokes, etc. She reminisces Malay handing her rabbit and thins how are friends and how they behave, she is very nervous. She hopes people will like her and even she likes people. She is very excited to see outer world. Kalpana comes and knocksdoor.
Apu drops rabbit and runs to catch and her nail injures rabbit while holding it. She hides rabbit it in wardrobe and opens door. Kalpana asks if she is fine, why she took such a long time. Apu says she was changing clothes. Kalpana says she knows she is lying and asks what was she doing, what she talking alone. Apu takes out rabbit and shows it to Kalpana. Kalpana says is it the same rabbit for which she was crying and how did it came to her. She then sees injury on rabbit and blood turning black. Apu says Malay gifted it to her and she hid it fearing she would scold her and apologizes. Kalpana asks how did rabbit get injure. Apu says he was running and got injured. Kalpana takes rabbit and says it may get infected if she touches it and asks her to take bathe with herbs and get ready for party. She takes rabbit along and cries seeing rabbit dead with body turning blue due to poison. Mom sees it and they both go out in jungle and bury rabbit. Mom warns Kalpana again not to take Apu in open and risk people’s life. Kalpana says she waited for years for this moment and hid Apu’s truth for 18 years and will safeguard it, she will not move back easily.

Apu bathes in herbs in bath tub and thinks she has only few hours left to meet people.

Nandita guides caterers about quality and taste of food for party. Malay shows bhang juice to Abhi and says it is his special guest. Abhi asks if forgot morning scolding. Malay says it is elder’s duty to scold and his duty to just listen. He knows bhootni will come today. Apu thinks she will meet Malay today. Kalpana thinks nobody can stop her from uniting Malay and Apu. Malay looks at bhang juice and thinks today’s party will be dhamakedar.

Precap: Apu walks out of house reminiscing Kalpana’s words that people will try to talk to her and she should nod her head and move ahead. Malay eagerly waits for Apu with bhang juice. Apu enters.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. jasmine

    its going in a smooth manner….

    mainly the background music of kalpana n apu, malay tunes are superb….

  2. Hi.I am new here but i allways read your comments.I just love this serial and think it’s a different story.are u all from india?glad to talk u all ?

  3. Samaira Kapoor

    Yeah after watching today’s epi I also felt that the story is moving very slowly
    Their was only a rabbit’s death part in today’s epi

  4. aiyshwarya khare (apu) …………she is miss Madhya Pradesh she is from Bhopal she is 29yrs old her her mother shoba khare is a radio jockey and her father is a bhajan singer her first serial is “yeh shadi hai ya sauda”

    I became fan of apu she’ so cute I like her very much koi galatmat samaj na frds bus unhin share kya
    yaarum tappa edutukadinga summa share panen

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Vin Rana(Malay)age is 28 and apu age is 29 she is aged than hero????it is OK their pair looks seems interesting

  5. Anonymous

    Another episode and the story is still stuck. Yesterday, it was the holi scene which was dragged and today it was rabbit’s scene. πŸ™

  6. Nilan

    Yes guyzz… I also feel the same that the story is going slow… Plzz makers don’t make it so slow… We, the fans are eagerly waiting for Apulay’s meeting… But.. What to do… We have to wait till monday…but… It’s okay… Hum aur kar bhi kya sakte hain…. Humare paas aur koi rastaa bhi toh nahi hain….isko sehna padega…love u a lot Apulay… Hope u meet soon…. ??????????

  7. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Finally apu comes out can’t wait for Monday epi!!???????????????????????

  8. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Guys I think this show is fast becoz in Bade acche lagte hain male and female lead met after 10epi but here female lead already met male lead in 2nd epi itself but whatever u told is also right but this is my opinion

  9. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    ???less comments this s not fair yaar this show should maintain 50comments average!!

  10. Frndz…. I am afraid….. Kalpana want to take revenge from malay’s family so she made apu a vishkanya. She want to unite apu and malay coz if they start loving each other or if apu is too close to malay then he will die coz of apu’s poison…… Cant wait for monday’s episode. I dont understand why this sunday is going too slow??????

  11. Frndz….. I hope vishkanya beats the crap good for nothing over dragging sense less kumkum bhagya in trps…..
    Wt do u say frndz????? Will vishkanya get the highest trps????
    Waiting for ur answer….

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      I agree but kkb drama is coming go end I mean tanu,aaliya and Raj and nikhil.. Already pragya exposed Raj and aaliya.. She knows tanu bf also so she will expose him in Monday itself I think

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Fine this is little big family I think more members in starting itself!!

  12. Am dying to see apu and malay’ meeting but we have to wait till mon 6.30 so sad:( ranaji where r u from TN??????? and u nagma dr ?????

  13. guys why dont u all intro ur self am from Tamil Nadu am studying Bsc Cs final year Ive got married and hvng cute little prince am from kanchipuram u all????????? if am gng personal means sry yaar jus friend ship ko badarahihun tats it πŸ™‚ if u dont want to tell means its ok frds πŸ™‚

  14. Is the vishkanya a snake or a women who is crused to turn into blue.From which city or town does this represents.But why is Ranaji tellying he has gone mad and what hospitial was you admitted when you were mental and now what hospitial you are admitted may I know.

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      We don’t know much about it still now they are saying that apu have skin disease

      • Apu dont have any skin disease…….. Her skin changes to blue coz of poison so she ties tulsi leaves around her wrist…..

    • No yaar…. Vishkanya is a woman who is fed by poison from childhood. If she consummate woth anyone he will die fir sure. People make some beautiful women vishkanyas in ancient times to kill a king or their enemy who is a man. Vishkanyas are very beautiful so anyone will love her. Hope i am clear.

  15. Ranaji where are you? Samaira di wt about u? Sneha rosy athya sharaya where are u all???? Plz do comment yaar…….

  16. Honey (Sarayu)

    Oops, I am late. Actually I am busy so I forgot about reading the update and to comment. Anyways the episode was pretty good. Eagerly.waiting for next episode.

  17. sujee

    Hope they dont drag a single episode with a single rabbit like it in the upcoming episodes .&i dont think apu is kalpana’s daughter as a mother would not make her child a living venom.

  18. I think naagin serial of colors is going to have a fall in trps coz shesha is sooooo cheap…….. She is tooo close with husband of her sister. Poor shivanya…. Hate shesha. So frndz… If trps of naagin decrease then vishkanya will be the best supernatural show…… Yayyyyyy…..

  19. Yamuna

    Damn so many comments… Especially by Nagma and Ranaji, anyways how old are you Ranaji and you too Nagma?? And i agree with those who say this show is dragging cuz the story is moving slower than sloth…

  20. sweety

    heyyyy guys………… i m new here……….. special hi to ranaji πŸ˜›

    congo guys viewers like u earned vishkanya 2.4 trps in its first week itself…… πŸ™‚

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Thnx sweety for the news I knew this show has beaten IKRS trp!!in first week itself

  21. Good morning frds ,,,,, good morning dr nagma ranaji samaira sharaya sujee ………….and all vishkanya family members have a marvellous MONDAY

  22. Fatarajo

    May I join this group I really like vishkanya show wow interesting I wonder what’s the mystery behind Apu turning blue when she is emotional I saw only 1st episode and this episode and I really liked it

  23. Silpa k sivadasan

    Hi guyz
    How r u all

    Varsha dear u askd me if i am malayali or not

    Yes dr i am , frm thrisur
    Is there any othr malayalis in our vishkanya family then do let me know

  24. Fatarajo

    Wow everyone is so friendly here, I don’t watch KKB I comment on TEI at YVR among zee tv shows , and I also used to write ff but I don’t write them anymore now

  25. Bad news. Nagma di is admitted in hospital coz of road accident. Nothing to worry she is out of danger. I thought to inform you all coz she loves you all. I am naimisha younger sis of nagma.

  26. Hi silpa,iam tamizhan but i know malayam and i love your mother tongue so much.anyway,nee schoolilano padikkunnath atho collagilo?

  27. ho sry yaar fatarajo I read both kkb and yvr updates … little bit confused …….. its really nice to have in tis vishkanya family. ….:):):)

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Over yaar but spl class????i am crying very much with commerce miss becoz she does not take class properly!!but I will sleep in her class alone

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Hello he it is the ek tha raja ek thi rani role name.. Siddharth karnick name is ranaji in that serial OK.. Now u understand!!!! My real name is not ranaji

  28. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Today epi was superb and next epi will be ????????????????????????????????????????????

  29. Hi friends.sorry for late reply nagma hifi to u tooo…?sujee i’m in kandy,and nagma i’m very impress about your studies. U are yanger dan me and glad abut u.

  30. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Guys I have sent small summary of today epi becoz writers are not available.. I have sent I don’t know they will post or not.. I don’t know Hindi but what I have understood I have sent as it is

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