Vishkanya 29th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 29th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Apu angrily injures her hand after Malay leaves saying that his mom is sending him and Vardaan to honeymoon trip. Her blood falls on floor and floor burns.

In the morning, Apu and Vardaan come near car to leave for honeymoon. Kumkum suggesgts Vardaan to take a lot of selfies. Nandita gives Vardaan some moral gyaan and gives something to use it on Malay. Malay says they will get stuck in traffic and leaves with Vardaan. Kumkum asks Nandita where did she send them. Nandita says she wants them to spend time together alone, so sent them to Ramgarh resort. Apu hears to her conversation disguised as sweeper and reminisces asking Malay to go for Nandita’s sake.

Kalpana comes to Apu’s room and sees a letter by Apu that she is going to kill Vardaan and Madan together and

knew she would not let her go, she is going without informing her.

Malay drives car. Vardan starts munching snacks and asks him to taste. He says no, he did not want to go, but is going on mom’s insistence. She plays FM and romantic Kante nahi katte…song..plays. Malay tries to switch off radio, but it does not. She drops sauce on his shirt and bends back to pick tissue paper. Malay rams car to a tree and angrily looks at her.

Apu SMSes Madan that she is going to Ramgarh. She waits at busstop. Madan comes and Apu says she knew he would come. They both get into bus. Apu asks him to sit in next seat. He sits yelling back seat. He sends SMS to Sunder that he is going to watch his favorite entertainment. Nandita says she knows what is his favorite entertainment.

Malay speaks to his mechanic who says it will take 7 hours at least to reach the spot and get his car ready. He waits for lift. Vardaan stands in the middle of road shouting Ramgarh. A speeding car is about to crush her when Malay pulls her and scolds. She then stands again and Apu’s bus stops just a few inches away. Conductor scolds her if she wants to die. She says says she wants to go to Ramgarh and gets into bus with Malay. Madan sees them and hides under seat. Apu hides her face. Malay sits on seat. Vardaan asks Apu to help her keep her bags and tries to peep into her pallu but Vardaan brushes her off. She goes and sits behind Malay and asks Apu when will this bus reach Ramgarh. Apu does not reply. Two goons enter busy. Malay goes and sits next to Vardaan. Goons start misbehaving with Apu. Malay fumes.

Precap: Malay beats goons for misbehaving with a lady/Apu. Apu hugs her by mistake and gets nervous. Vardaan gets jealous seeing this.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. Ace

    Thank you so much for the quick written update..I don’t watch it anymore because Vardaan n Malay’s scenes make me cringe πŸ™

  2. Shai

    |Registered Member

    Guys got to know about ur doubts on malay….even i have some confusion…remember that scene where chipkali forcefully enters into apu house and instead finds her in towel? Well in that scene in the flashback it is shown thatapu ran from mittal house through a lane which leads to her house’s back door…in the present…i.e after a few moments of apu going in that lane,malay came out of the lane in opposite direction..didn’t they bump into each other???and also you will see that malay was delaying time so that chipkali cud not enter..doesn’t it look fishy???

  3. Shai

    |Registered Member

    Some spoilers….apulay will get into the same resort!!!that too adjacent rooms….apu will don the identity of surili to lure madan.madan will folloe her into her washroom,and there our vishkanya will kill him by electrocution(Yay!!!)……but due to the commotion i guess malay will break into apu’s room and will be shocked to see apu and kalpana there!!

  4. arpita

    vardhan tu gari ke age ake mar kiu nehi jati.manhoos kahiki.and rajni congratulation .u r today’s gold medalist.

    • arpita

      naren dr i also missed u.i m gud but i think we r in the same tutorial exams r going on n after eid exam will start in my i m lil busy now a days.good luck for ur studies well.

    • Kathy

      |Registered Member

      Sorry naren… bit busy these days … n this blessed month of Ramadan, we have now come to the grand finale the last ten days of Ramadan that are even more blessed than the rest of Ramadan. So .. Perform night prayers a lot these days… N am making dua/ prayers for all my family members here… For a .. Brighter future…

    • Rufina

      |Registered Member

      Bro ur dp is awesome..i think my dad’s phone scans n shows only Ishveer dp’s..yesterday nandana’s today ur bro….

  5. Kathy

    |Registered Member

    BTW… Where is tapur… Coudnt see her … In the beginning I thought CV s going to pair abhi n tapur…

  6. James bond

    Now this cockroach bcome detective. She luks gud in the role of sweeper!!! Suits her very well….. Lol!!! How much blood she has always cutting her hand .COCKROACHHHH………

    • Shai

      |Registered Member

      Say anything…..aishwarya is doing so much hard work for her role….the revenge track is going good…that’s something hatke for the show…

  7. Dharhu

    I think that malay is also part of the plan as in yesterday’s episode he says to apu tat he loves her a lot and can’t hurt her nd y this sudden change from malay on the wedding day he was so angry on apu nd suddenly he became soft towards apu. Something is fishy as shai said nd i think he is also helping apu bt it is really confusing nd kathy i also feel sad tat malay doesn’t know tat is apu. Nd this chipkali asusal irritating

  8. James bond

    I think u haven’t saw day after yesterday’s epi vardan says they can go on holiday not honimoon as frnds.

  9. Kathy

    |Registered Member

    Not dreams but night changes, not destiny but path changes, always keep your hopes alive, luck may or may not change, but time definitely chages.

    Good night to all my VK… Family… Have a good sleep… Sleep well guys… See u tomorrow.. In shaa Allah..??

  10. Rufina

    |Registered Member

    Precap is superb …..but Malay doesn’t know that it’s his apu…eagerly waiting for Tommorow epi…

  11. mel

    Guys, vardaan is actually the lead now. Im just wondering if Malay and Apu will ever get back together. Again i think Malay might start loving vardaan especially when he gets to know about Apu’s killings. But i still love Apu not that chipkali

  12. Rufina

    |Registered Member

    I have a doubt…its the month of ramadan…Muslim brothers n sisters keep fast n u will pray on early 3’0 clock..then when will u guys sleep?? Don’t u feel sleepy in the morning hours??? Sorry if I have asked a silly question. ..forgive me

  13. Rufina

    |Registered Member

    Good morning to all vishkanya family members. ..have a great day ahead. ..keep smiling n make some body laugh today…

  14. sonu

    I know guys vardaan is not bad and loves malay but she is saving he evil unknowingly (nandita’s brothers) but apu is also good what she made wrong ??? she is actually punishing who is evil for the society( sunder punishing innoscent children and this bad madan) why they r showing vardaan and Malay scenes..
    I don’t know who will sacrifice at the end?apu will think she is vishkanya and
    can’t marry Malay ??? i hope at the end her vish could go off after killing evils and marry Malay leave happily ??
    Or this vardaan by seeing the video of killing apu by nandita’s brother and she doesn’t quit marriage and also will she get the nandita’s brothers cruelness and think apu is good ???and sacrifice for malay’s happiness??what u will think guys??

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