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Vishkanya 29th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

APu hears Chikkki shouting and knocks door. Mandira as black smoke strangulates Chikki and she falls down dead. Apu with Kalpana knocks door again and says she knows someone is in and she/he does not open door, she will open it and come in. Mandira gets afraid that they will know her secret. Apu enters room with Kalpana. Mandira starts crying. Apu sees Chikki’s skin burnt and asks if someone was here. Kalpana runs to bring family. Mandira continues her overacting. Apu asks if she saw someone else here. Mandira says shhe does not know, she was in washroom and when she came out, she saw Chikki on floor. She reminisces applying her bloood on Chikki’s cheeks and chands to make Apu and Kalpana think that Chikki was evil spirit. Apu thinks if Chikki was evil spirit, then why

did holy turmeric did not affect her for more htan 30 minute, something is wrong. Inspector takes everyone’s statement and leaves. Mandira consoles Avi that he escaped from marry a chudail, now she will find a good girl for him, in fact she has found one.

Kalpana tells Apu it is good chudail is dead now. Apu says if Chikki was chudail, why did not holy turrmieric did not affect her for 30 minutes and why did she go near lamp herself. Kalpana says it was her plan to fool us. Apu thinks Chikki may not be chudail and she wil have to cross ccheck each family member to check who is chudail. She keeps holy white beads in each room, goes to Mandira’s room and keeps beeds under bed. She then keeps beeds near table in Malay’s room and is about to leave when she hears Malay coming and hides under bed. Malay comes and removes his shirt and is about to remove pant when Apu stops him. He shous what is she doing here. She says she was cleaning room. He asks in darkness. She says so what, Vardaan gaves his responsibility to her. He says he does not want to share his sorrows with anyone and pushes her out.

Apu walks out of Malay’s room sadly. Mandira stops her and says she knows about Malay and her love story. Apu says Vardaan is Malay’s love and gave his responsibility to her. Mandira says one can hide first love, but cannot forget it. They both will realize their love again soon, in fact she can sees love in Apu’s eyes. Apu says it is late night and she they should go and sleep.

Mandira looks herself in mobile and thinks her each move is her a plan. She goes to her room and picks driver’s number from purse and it falls down. She extends her hand down to pick it and holy white beeds turn red. Driver calls her and she says she will go out at sharp 3 a.m. and he should remove chilli lemon thread on main door. She leaves home at midnight wearing shawl. Apu sees her and tries to follow,but door shuts down. Apu realilzes Chikki was not chudail and chudail is still in this home. She runs upstairs and watches her from balcony.

Precap: Malay pushes Apu and asks her to stay in her limits. She asks she is not his wife to obey him. Nandita shows Mandira’s childhood box to her and Mandira tries to snatch it. Nandira falls down unconscious. Apu wathces that and thinks what is in that box that Mandira is so possessive about it.

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  1. Siddhi

    Hanks for he update mam

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        Thanks Nandana and my 25th episode of Naagin (Rivanya forever) season -2 is updated please read and comment

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        Thanks ayesha and I am fine but my leg is still paining and have difficulty to walk ?

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  12. Viashkanya at the beginning was interesting, but now I don’t know what to say.

  13. Most Viashkanya fans were happy when vardaan died (but I wasn’t) .they thought Viashkanya will became interesting ,but it became boring. The last day I watched it was when vardaan died. I like apu but I don’t like the way the story is going. Now I am Frank .

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  15. Not interesting at all especially that mandira track. we’ll always be craving for a nice track but won’t get one

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  24. Fatma Abdigani is my real name. I from Kenya

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