Vishkanya 29th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Vishkanya 29th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Malay comes back to house and sits on bed and sleeps. Next day Malay gets ready.nanditha comes there and gives ring and blesses him and leaves. Kalpana blows some sound to God. She smiles and does pooja. Kalpana prays to God. Dadi comes there and asks her about apu and malay? Kalpana tells now apu and Malay marriage will happen at any cost? Dadi asks what does u mean? Kalpana tells apu loves Malay. Dadi holds her hand and asks how will u make apu marry Malay? Kalpana tells wait and watch and she leaves.

Malay gets ready and sits there.. Apu gets ready and sees through window all decorations.. Kanika comes there dressed and she sits on sofa. Kumkum and nanditha comes to Malay room and brings him down and makes him sit near kanika and pandit performs pooja. He gives ring to kanika and tells her to make her to put ring to Malay. She puts it. Malay thinks about apu.. Pandit asks ring? Malay tells sorry I have kept it inside itself. He tells I will bring. Nanditha tells abhi to go along. Malay goes upstairs and sees ring and tells abhi I won’t marry kanika and tells I love apu. He gets shocked. Abhi asks what r u saying? He tells yes and gives ring to abhi and tells him to give to mom. Arjun comes there and puts blanket on apu and takes her from there..

Malay jumps from there. Abhi comes down and tells this tk nanditha she gets angry. Malay sees apu was taken by Arjun and gets shocked and he follows it but fails and falls down. He shouts apu.. Siye re plays.

Nanditha comes to room and shouts Malay. Kumkum sees apu not in her room. She tells it to nanditha. She fumes and tells now everything has crossed beyond the limits so I will not let this happen

Precap:Apu was brought to disclosed location and Arjun and goons ties her hand.. He opens it. Apu sees Arjun and gets shocked. Guru tells I will also kiss her. Arjun tells sure and he was about to kiss apu. Malay enters apu smiles

Guys sorry I did not watch full epi and I have updated what happened correctly! Sorry if there is mistake

Update Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Hey somebody tell me what happened in this week

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      Nothing fishy apu told no to Malay propose. Kalpana told that apu is vishkanya to her and told about he rpast. Apu dies not like to use Malay for revenge and rejected it. Kalpana bought Arjun to make angry Malay so that only… Malay will be engaged to kanika

  2. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

    Sorry if there is mistake.. Pls forgive me it is little correct to my knowledge.. Today alone I think today MA will update or tmr she will resume her work so don’t worry.

  3. now this arjun will surely die a painful death……go vishkanya show it to him 🙂

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      Shai me too think the same he will die but Malay won’t see the death of Arjun if Malay sees then show will be not be nice, it should take time Malay to know

      1. yes..i’m sure malay won’t see apu in vishkanya avatar….but of course a dead arjun.

      2. Where are you from ranaji? Actually i am not from India . I am from Bangladesh.

      3. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

        I am from India and from Tamilnadu State. Coimbatore district OK.

  4. Missed week episode fully..tanq for updates ma n ranaji

  5. oh the drama is getting hot, what will Nandanita do kill Apu

  6. malay mother needs to realize that he is an adult.

  7. Somebdy plz tell me apu’s past……i did not watch it for few dayz…..

  8. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

    This show last week trp is 0.5poor.. I hope it will raise in upcoming week

    1. zee tv is not promoting the show 🙁

      1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

        Shai this show is just started only 30!epi now so they will promote more when fans and trp increase.

      2. Yes but there is no repeat telecast….also the timing is very how will people know abt it

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