Vishkanya 28th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 28th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nandita frightens Apu and Nandita that she will inform Malay about their secret and he will kick them out of his life. Apu says she can surely tell Malay how his father ruined Kalpana’s life and how she tried to kill Kalpana and didi bhai, then she will see Malay will punish them or her. Nandita gets tensed. Apu drags her to Mittal house, calls everyone, and tells that Kaki/Nandita wants to tell something to Malay. Malay asks what she wants to say. Nadita stands tensely. Apu says she will tell.

Apu says kaki wants them to stay in this house until their house will be repaired and says thank you kaki. Nandita stands fuming. Apu says they had already found house to stay, but kaki insisted them to stay in her house. She even assured that all rituals will talk place at Mittal house and since Kalpana wanted bidayi from Ghosh badi, kaki promised to renovate their house till then. Nandita and Kumkum angrily look at Apu. Malay tells Nandita that she did right and he is very happy.

Nandita goes to her room and yells at Harsh. Kalpana enters and invites Harsh to patra patro ritual and taunts Nandita that all her plans failed. Vardaan hears their coversation standing near door. Kalpana leaves without noticing her. Vardaan then enters in and Nandita scolds why is she so careless, what if Kalpana had seen her. Vardaan asks why did she keep silent when Kalpana confronted her and why she agreed to let them stay at Mittal house. Nandita lies that she is doing this for Malay and asks her to spy them silently.

Once Vardaan leaves, Nandita locks door, calls someone and scolds why did not he/she pick phone and orders to reach Kolkota tomorrow. She smirks that Kalpana cannot defeat her.

Precap: Kalpana goes out hiding something. Vardaan sees her and thinks what she is carrying.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Worst I hate vardhaan face alot???whenever I see her face I get vomit..

  2. Rufina

    Today’s epi was full fire n awesome but no apulay romance….i can’t wait till monday….aah suspense…i am eagerly waiting who is the one who talked with nanditha in phone….

  3. shai

    uff yeh chipkali waapis aa gyi…why the hell she is interfering in others matters…khud ki shaadi ke baare me soche na

  4. Rufina

    Di i read the reply comment…yeah i am taking it too serious i have to chill down…i am going to do confortion…..n forget that thing…..

  5. Kathy

    Sometimes I think.. When chipkali comes to know the truth of nanditha … She will help kalpana and Apu… Just think… Not sure..??

  6. Kathy

    Nanditha now renovate apu’s house as soon as possible to send them off from her house ???

  7. shai

    kathy di looks like we have favourite shows in common!!!! i am also missing ipkknd and ek hasina thi!!
    tell me what other shows you like…

    • Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Hi.. Where is u r ff.. Post now.. There is many fans to support. U r ff!!!!

    • shai

      many secrets are now opened…and there is a chipkali in the show….most important apulay marriage started and now it is apu-kalpana vs nandita-weird mittal women

  8. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Kathy i also like badtameez dil alot… It is remake of rettai Vaal kuruvi.. Tamil show…. I like meher and Abeer chemistry there…. And I watched many shows once upon a time.. For 10months I watched many shows regularly… For eg… Ishq ka rang safed.,thapki pyaar ki,sasural simar ka,tashan-e-ishq, kumkum bhagya,ek tha raja ek thi rani,meri aashiqui tum se hi and naagin.. This much shows.. And all shows.. I like female leads.. Alot.. In ssk I like roli(Avika gor)tashan-e-ishq (Kunj) becoz he is handsome but he left the show.kkb(Big fan first i started watching matsh.. But first written update is kkb only.. Matsh( always ishveer??)naagin(Rivanya chemistry) and thapki dhruvki pair.. And IKRS social message

    • Kathy

      Glad to know that one Tamil show remake on Hindi I thought krishnadasi is the first show… Tnx for the info naren…??

  9. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    But I stopped watching all shows on March and now only 2 shows… Ek duje ke vaaste and vishkanya.. I watched wk tha raja ek thi rani.. Show for sometime but there also leads quitted the show..

  10. sharaya

    This vardaan chipkali is so irritating I hate her who else hate her? I think the whole vishkanya family hates her ;p

  11. I heart fully thank each and every member of this family to pray for my sister. I dont know how to thank you people. She came out of coma an hour ago. She is not completely fine but there is some improvement. I am sure she will become fine very soon. Thank you again. ???????????
    I am sooo happy that my didi’s condition improved. I am posting a os. Plz support me.

  12. Ooshi Akbar


  13. Kathy

    Good morning… Naren, Shai, ooshi, rufina, siddhi, Ayesha Akka, mel, mukti, sharaya, Arpita, nagma, Tara, harshan, Nandi, Ayesha, Linsa , Nimisha … N all my vishkanya family… Good nor it’s all ???? have a wonderful day ahead… Keep smiling …????????

      • Kathy

        Hi Linsa…. I like sruti haasan from 7m arivu n she is fab actress n I like her in vedhalam too. My colleagues call me Kathy… Coz for them it’s easy to pronouns … My name is katheeja …

  14. Kathy

    My break time…?? wow rufina tnx a million… For the rettai Vaal kuruvi link… It’s awesome story … Naren must say ur a fabulous writer… U have written it well… I don’t know how I missed that show… I remember once I show a promo on Vijay tv for that but coudnt watched it…

  15. Kathy

    Once I started to read RVK I coudnt stop myself so finished it within half and hour naren… It just awesome… Keep writing…

    • Kathy

      Naren , rufina… Why the makers stop rettai Vaal kuruvi… On middle… ??? Any idea… I google it but coudnt find any reason.. It says it was stop from episode 99… Is it rue…???

      • Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

        Yes Akka.. It is due to low trp and 6/30time slot.. And no repeat so only it is ended.. And female lead got engaged with 3 telugu movie.. So only show ended..

  16. shraddha

    hi kathy,rufina and naren anna.
    rufina iluv ur dp and i luv krishnadas iand vishkanya,but missing them these days due to studies.
    does any watch krishnadasi here?

  17. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Guys get ready I have written comedy ff which will be posted soon.. Masala cafe.
    Four shows alone combined.. U will laugh alot.. From first epi itself.!! There will be more humour and other shows is surprise.. One show is ek duje ke vaaste and other shows name is suspense.

  18. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Kathy Akka.. Sorry I saw I skipped one epi!!??from 31 I jumped to 33.. And I will write that ff till 75epi or 100!! Becoz I enjoy myself writing that ff.. Which I don’t get from other ff which I write..

  19. shai

    hi kathy di…
    Currently i watch vishkanya,bahu hamari rajnikant and naagin
    In pakistani till recent i used to watch zindagi gulzar hai,humsafar,dil-e-muzter,kabhie-kabhie,akbari-asghari,mera raqeeb
    In turkish i saw a bit of feriha..
    IN korean-boys over flowers,love lost in time,jewel of the palace,emperor of the sea,say i love you,korean ghost stories..and some more beatiful shows but don’t know the name
    And now i am waiting for vatsal seth aka shaurya goenka’s baazigar

    • Kathy

      I heard of this upcoming life ok…show baazigar unfortunately i don’t have that channel in my satterlite … I like vatsal from ek hasina thi… He just Amazing .. Will read written update for sure …

    • Rufina

      Actually i am not excited in this ipl series….my favourite team chennai super kings is not playing…n rajasthan too is not playing….n i wanted gujarat to come to finals but it didn’t come…i wanted pune to come at least for play off but it too didn’t. I’m not excited. ..

      • shai

        even i am missing csk and rajastan royals too…finals csk ke bina khaali lag rha hai…
        but RCB and SRH did a very good job this year…its best batting line vs best bowling line…so can’t miss the excitement!!!(you win some,lose some)

  20. Kathy

    One thing I notice… Y good shows always get less TRP… ??? Coz of it makers force to stop them yaar… Y is that???

      • Kathy

        It sad rufina ….. I’ve lost a lot of my favorite shows prematurely over the years, because they were canceled before their time. In less episodes ….???

      • Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

        Yes i agree with shai.. Becoz people like horrible ssk show.????i watched that show from mausiji track to chaitan track.. This show is the only show which brought black magic,horror,thriller,drama,romance and now chandmani and now simar has become bee???????this is awful in all parts.. Compared. Becoz paatali Devi’s is OK to this bee.

    • Ooshi Akbar

      di hope your day was good is it? and i can’t comment your question as some things had to happen and we can’t control it so we have to move on and actually now there’s no serial with whom my heart get attached only habit of some and love for u all these r the reasons to use net for me nothing else

  21. HarSHaN

    Shai..Moon embracing the Sun,Pasta,HeartStrings,PlayfulKiss, n Feriha,Masters’Sun tats gud (actly Feriha written updates only got n if U got “PonniyinSelvan” stories in English ,kindly read tat if u hav free time

  22. Kathy

    Good morning… Naren, ooshi, Ayesha Akka, Shai, nagma, siddhi, rufina, shammu, Tara, mukti, Mel, Arpita, sharaya, Linda, Nandi, harshan, stud hi, shraddha n all my vishkanya family… Good morning all ???? have a beautiful day ahead… Keep smiling…??

  23. Friends pls tell me who wrote which ff and currently I am writing 14 ff’s

    1.Naagin-Love Forever

    2.The promise I gave you-Naagin , Yeh hai Mohabbate and KRPKAB

    3.I love you more hen my life-naagin

    4.dil Ki baatein ( Aryan and Aradhya-Ritik and Shivanya)

    5.I hate you but I love you-Yeh Hai Mohabbate

    6.Made for eachother-matsh are my heart beat-manan ff

    8.don’t go away from me-naagin ff heart belongs to you-naagin ff life is for you-kasam tere pyaar ki

    11.Rishton Ki Dori Hai Dil Se judi

    12.Kayamat-Jindagi Aur Maut Ki

    13.Your my life-Apu and Malay

    14.untouchable love Story-Vishkanya

    I know there are many naagin ff’s because my 1st favourite show is naagin then vishkanya.

  24. Rufina

    Guys i will ask a question. Which was the first serial u watched???, I thought to ask this question because every bodies first will be best for some first will be the share ur experience of first serial n whether it was best r worst n what made u to watch serial???? It’s about ur wish to share ur experience but I am eagerly waiting for ur reply……

    • Kathy

      My first Hindi serial was “banoo main teri dulhan” was aired 2006 zee tv… Played by divyanka tripari n sharadh malhotra…. For me it’s One of best show ever..

    • My first watched serial was Pyaar Ki Yeh ek kahani it use to come on star one I like it very much because they were having vampires.

  25. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Guys today I wrote commerce cycle test superb.. I think I will get 45+ out of 50.. Now I am leaving to write horror ff???i m happy and next masala cafe.. And vishkanya, rettai Vaal kuruvi.. And I am confused which ff to write first??? Anyone pls guide me??horror I wrote already half..

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