Vishkanya 28th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 28th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Apu falls down on floor with Malay while trying to save Malay from steppin on thorny stick. Vardaan comes and Apu gets uip nervously and says she came to pick something. Vardaan gives it. Malay tells Apu that he knows wrong happened to her and his sympathy is with her, he also knows nothing happened between them that night, he is Vardaan’s husband now and only considers her as his wife, so Apu should go away from him and his wife and this house. Apu is shocked to see Malay’s changed tone and runs from there. Malay (like an obedient puppet husband) asks Vardaan if he did right. She nods yes. Apu cries that Malay cannot do this to her, she will not let Vardaan win over her. Vardaan thinks she knows Apu will not go away so easily, so she has to meet temple lady.

Apu goes back to her home and tells Kalpana what Malay said. Kalpana says she told her already, love is not in vishkanya’s life. Apu says she will not let Vardaan take away Malay from her.

Vardaan meets temple lady who says she did not think Vishkanya would be so inteliigent, she can trap Malay forever completly. She suggests Vardaan to consummate her marriage tonight, then Apu won’t be able to come near Malay at all.

Malay comes home. Apu and Vardaan stand looking at him. Malay ignores Apu and gifts sari to Vardaan. Apu gets sad. Malay then gives gift bag to Apu. Apu happily thinks she knows Malay cannot ignore her. She opens gift and sees Darjeeling tickets in it. Malay says Darjeeling is a calm place like Apu and she can lead a peaceful life there. Apu stands in a shock. Malay levess with Vardaan to spend a romantic evening. He enjoys candle light dinner with her.

Vardaan gets ready at night to consummate marriage with Malay and walks towards room with milk. Apu hits her head from behind and ties her in a bag and says she will consummate marraige with Malay now. Vardaan tries to free herself. Malay searches Vardaan. Apu comes to check Vardaan but stops when she gets a phone call.

Precap: Malay asks Vardaan where was she. Vardaan tries to speak, but Apu comes and says she is leaving Mittal mansion permanently today and says Vardaan she can speak to Malay later.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Nandana

    Bad episode

    1. Congrats nandana as u r our today’s gold medalist.

    2. Kathy

      Opss sorry for not giving ur yesterday’s gold medal…. So here u go…..?
      N congrats…

  2. Nandana

    What the hell is this Malay doing

    1. Kathy

      Only cv’s know….

  3. Shai

    Hope i am first

    1. Kathy

      Better luck next time dear…

  4. “Obedient puppet husband”- is malay under some sort of spell? i don’t know for whom should i feel sad. Apu please leave this husband and wife pair alone. Not liking the track at all. Hope that what is in the precap is true and apu goes away from their lives…want a beautiful track for her

    1. Kathy

      I too wish the same dear….

  5. Sammy

    Yaaar writers are really creep …apu ko kya bna diya logo ne badass villain …hadd hai …pls close this show ….we can’t get more disheartened .. or else pls unite Malay with apu …or bring some innocent looking vardaan .pls change this one

  6. Nandana

    Is this chipkali is a teacher to ask if he does good or what he wants to do . I just hate her and what character less man is this Malay . and appu plz don’t leave the house now after killing that chipkali u should go to darjelling or any other place and find a life partner for u and live with that guy in front of that stupid Malay . When he sees this we can see what will this Malay feel . after the death of the chipkali surely he will go behind appu as older and that time she should reject him and should marry the guy and should live before him with her husband . then he will know what pain did appu suffered . but I think it won’t happen as he will find any other girl like Chipkali.

    1. Kathy

      Malay is a idiot…

  7. I think Malay is under black magic effect…

  8. this show has become a garbage,plz find a guy for appu

    1. Kathy

      Wish the same…

  9. What is this

  10. Hey guys I saw in insta of Aishwarya there in comments i saw tat in some article vin’s mum found a huge snake in their house as he is acting in vishkanya so they changed nd another article also it was mentioned bt i didn’t believe in these articles. Today’s episode is asusal irritating with malay’s acting nd chipkalli’s too

    1. Even i don’t believe in all this, though i like vin’s acting…as usual not watching the show

  11. Shai

    First mind your own language, then teach others

  12. Nandana

    Thx ma mam for the update

  13. Wat is this,malay wat hpnd to u. Malay nd chipkalli got united na y they are sticking to the same storyline.plz bring another hero for apu. Let apu go to darjeeling nd there they can show new entry for apu’s pair nd they can show their love track

    1. I want the same dharu but the writers would never do so

      1. Kathy

        Yes saya it’s a wish from all the viewers… But cv’s never understand…

  14. Nandana

    Hi pari I want to say u one thing that plz don’t give negative remarks for the written update writters plz as they r writing for us . so plz never hurt them if we didn’t thank them . as here ma mam can simply sit with out updating the serial written update as it is not necessary for them to update so plz don’t hurt them . plz it is kind request from me plz . if I hurted u dear plz forgive me dear plz plz plz plz plz

  15. Nandana

    And shai did u see my private message . are u able to see it now ?

  16. Narendran

    Finally this apu gonna kill vardhaan!! In precap!!..???

  17. Just tone down your language pari. You can show your displeasure in correct tone too. She’s doing a great job by giving us daily superfast updates.

  18. Why do I sense that apu really loves Malay in real life coz every time she poses so many pics on her snapchat..aishwarya khare needs to take a chill pill Malay is a married man..she should only stick to acting with him and not getting closer to him all the time..

    1. Posting pics doesn’t say anything. There is a term called friendship. They can be just best friends. Don’t start speculating so much

    2. Posting pics doesn’t say anything. There is a term called friendship. They can be best friends. Stop speculating so much

  19. Kill Malay first of all.. disgusting rascal.. kithne Baar pyar hathahe thume aur kithne ladkiyako pasathe thumari soo called immatured love

    1. Kathy

      Yes he should b killed soon… N Tnx for the comment…

  20. I want to give slap,kick,punch to this apu.Idiot.

    1. Kathy

      Hey who are u??? Am sure u r not our Ooshi…

      1. Yeah di it’s not me

    2. Original ooshi uses capital a for Akbar and can’t say anything which is not against the point of view of majority members of her family remember it always

  21. Hate this stupid malay… How many times he will hurt appu … First he made all this love drama vd appu and now vd that stupid lady vardan … How could someone forget the frst love so easily… Stupid serial..

  22. Vaishnavi

    Stop watching this crap. Jab trps ki band bajegi tab jaake akal ayega. Us chipkali ka naam vardaan nahi shraap hona chahiye. Kya chipku hai cheeeee. Hate her. Pehale kisi aur ke pyaar ke saath flirt karo. Phir fareb se shadi karo. Phir pyar mohobbat ke baare me lecture do. Wah kya funda hai senseless people…..

  23. Vishkanya was my favorite show I stopped watching ever since they made apu look like the villain it’s really annoying I hate the twist just saying wat me and my friends over in Nigeria feelfeel. though I have stop watching the show

    1. Kathy

      Yes he should b killed.. N Tnx for the comment….

  24. Saya For your kind information I was not rude , I just told them to give respect to the actors that’s it.
    Nandana I am not scolding and I am thankful to them.
    If the writer used same words to Malay if he married to apu would you keep quiet , you would done the same thing.
    They Way you scold to the writers atleast I am not doing that
    I do respect all the thred actors
    You know how you guys scold to vardhaan , we can able to digest that , I know you guys don’t like her but doesn’t mean you can say anything to the actors

  25. If the writers felt bad then I am sorry , I just want you to see everyone in a same manner .

  26. HarSHaN

    Pre:Dev is a powerful one in cinema n Sona is the girl in Dev’s story..Dev makes her come to our world..frm story.. .
    The old lady give her blessings to Dev n ask Dev”Who is She?”
    Dev smiles n said”Ma..She is Sona..Ur new frnd”
    The old lady smiles n said”How beautiful she is”..
    Sona sees them by her surprising eyes…
    Dev said”Like U,ma”
    Ma smiles..
    Ma:”I ‘ll go to make tea for us”n calls Sona..
    Dev turns back n see Sona n Ma r going to kitchen..
    While seeing gas stove,Sona surprised n asked”What is tiz ma?”
    Ma confused n said”Tiz is gas stove,Sona”
    Sona said”Oh..tiz is gas stove..Bt I don’t know How to use it”
    Ma calls Dev..Dev enters the kitchen with a confusion of what happen..
    Ma tells everything..Dev shocked n said”SorryMa..She didn’t belong to tiz place..She is coming out frm my Story”
    Ma shocked n asks Dev”What??!!”n said everything..
    Ma turns to be normal aftr few minutes of silence..
    N said”I thought Y she is in old dressing style..Now I understood..Maybe She is uncomfortable with tiz old dresses here..Dev U go outside”
    Dev nods his head..n goes to his room..
    Ma brings Sona to bathroom n rotate the tap..The water is coming..
    Ma:”Sona..U strts to bath..I ‘ll give some temporary clothes now..After breakfast we ‘ll go to shopping”..
    Aftr bathing,Sona calls Ma n asked if she wear her old dress..
    Ma give Dev’s old T-shirt n Jean to Sona..Sona asks”How to wear tiz?”
    Ma shocked n said”My Goddd. . .”n said how to wear T-shirt n Jeans..with a smile..
    Aftr wearing,Sona comes out from room.. Ma’s lips smiles n said”U r too beautiful,Sona..Bt,U have to study a lot here”
    Sona smiles n said”TanqMa”
    Ma:”U go to Dev’s Room n sit where U r before..I ‘ll come with tea..”
    Sona enters Dev’s Room n sit in the old place where she is..
    While hearing sound,Dev turns back n surprised while seeing Sona..
    “Spl(KRPKABtune)” plays in bg..
    Dev calls”Ma…..”
    Ma comes with tea n asked”What happen..Dev?”
    Dev signs the direction where Sona sits….n also his dress..n also Dev by sign language..
    Sona also sees Dev..
    Ma sees Dev n Sona..
    Hope U like tiz frndzz
    Sorry for the late..plz forgive me..I ‘ll try to update my nxt soon..
    Kindly write ur thoughts after reading…

    1. Kathy

      Take back ur sorry…?? wonderful episode naren… I guess right… So that old lady Dev’s mum… She is seems to b very understanding person… Not like … Ishwari… Dev’s mum in the show… So possessive on her son..??… N sona on Dev’s cloths… I can imagine…. ??… Eagerly waiting for the next episode harshan…

      1. Kathy

        Oppss… Sorry harshan. … Typo.. Err.. I wrote naren’s name instead of urs…?

      2. HarSHaN

        Tanq Kathy..Its K?.Already I said She is not Dev’s mom ..Bt Ur guess is crct kathy??

    2. First of all u should mention that the sorry don’t belongs to me and excited for next episodes and keep it up Bhai

  27. hey guyz do you have any news about if apu character gonna change in future

    I like apu and not vardaan

    as apu is always lead

    god knows what writter wants

    why are they make her mad

    They can make this serial trp goes high but they are after to make apu character negative resulted most of the fans back out to watch vishkanya

    if u know any highpoint or change in track kindly inform thanksssssssssssssssss

    1. Kathy

      Tnx for sharing… But from where did u get this info nisha …

  28. Trp got low that’s why the made the change

  29. Nandana

    Nice harshan

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Nandana

  30. Nandana

    Thx kathy di for the medal

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