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Vishkanya 28th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Arjun tells it is not my mistake and it is malay..kalpana and apu looks on..arjun tells what can i do? he tells this is our plan.apu asks what is it?kalpana tells arjun to leave becoz it is already late..apu asks her to tell..she tells it is already late apu go and sleep.kalpana leaves….apu looks on comes and stops infront of kalpana house.kanik tells our house is there..he tells if we go there then my family will know about vodka..kanik keeps hand on her mouth..he tells then u are good girl name…?he tells it will come down and marriage and he shows thumbs downward..she tells my god..!!!!!!!kanika tells if my mom know about this?then she will kill me.,.kanika tells then before marriage i will become widow..they both laugh and hifi each other.He comes out

of car and tells good night and bids bye to kanika.apu sees this through window..she tells him hey..he tells her to tell.kanika asks u love apu? he tells no i hate her i hate her.Apu hears it.he beats the car and tells i hate her..he tells i does not love her now..kanika tells now u are love is ended..malay laughs..(Note-They both are in drunken state) he tells bye kanika..she tells miss u and gives flying kiss..malay also gives it.kanika leaves in car..malay walks unsteadily..apu sees him. Malay turns and sees window and does not find anyone..he walks..Apu sees him..siye reye sad version plays..Malay again turns and finds noone and laughs and continues to walk..Apu again sees him.Malay walks.he falls down..apu tells malay and stops herself.

Arjun comes there with goons and his brother also..malay gets up and asks u?Arjun tells yes..malay asks u are mangaai is nice..he punches him apu shouts malay name..arjun kicks him malay smiles seeing apu and he falls down.goons kicks on malay stomach but he sees apu..siye sad version plays…Arjun makes him get up and punches him.malay hits against pillar goons holds malay hand.Apu sees this with teary eyes..arjun punches on malay stomach..Apu tells arjun to stop but he punches malay..Apu remembers the apu and malay dance,hugging in car and malay propose in rain…….She shouts to stop it.she remembers the day he proposed after coming from hospital..she sees him.Malay signs her..Apu comes down arjun brings near road and punches at back..he shouts like animal..i mean arjun….Apu comes down of steps apu shouts malay and opens the door..kalpana asks what happened apu?dadi also asks the same?

apu comes there.arjun pulls him down.Apu holds him and she sits his nose and mouth bleeds with bload.arjun raises his hand.Apu tells him to stop goon raise apu tells him to stop.Malay sees apu lovingly.She wakes him up and asks do u got any wound and she wipes his blood..apu tells are u pagal malay?He asks u told me that u don’t love me?she removes her hand.Malay parents kumkum and all comes out and sees malay..goons runs out.Abhi and kumkum husband holds arjun hand.Nandhitha makes malay gets up and sees apu and comes to arjun and raises his hand.Malay tells her to stop he comes there and tells arjun is hero. Because of him today i came to know one thing nandhitha asks what is it?Malay sees apu..she sees him tensed malay tells alchohol kills..nandhitha asks abhi to take malay inside. Malay stops at once and tells thnq to apu and leaves..Nandhitha turns and sees apu and leaves..arjun leaves..kalpana stands there apu goes inside..kalpana asks apu?apu leaves inside..Kalpana tells dadi to go and tells i will come back.

Arjun and kalpana talks kalpana tells superb..arjun tells that is it i can’t do it anymore..she tells u made today as good now apu feeling came put.arjun laughs and tells apu and malay goona marry?kalpana tells u have beaten i found what apu is thinking..arjun looks on.kalpana gives him money and tells him to do as i say..arjun looks at her angry face.Kalpana leaves..arjun fumes..apu sits down near bed and keeps her hand there and cries…she hears someone opening window and waits..

malay comes inside through it and comes there and keeps hand on her mouth and tells her to keep quiet he tells why u helped me?malay tells if u don’t love me then why u fighted with ur husband?he keeps his both hand on her mouth and takes hand and asks her to say..he tells u love me na apu?apu tells no and moves back.malay comes forward and holds her hand..she sees him she tells i does not love u..he tells u are saying lie..she moves back and he moves forward she tells i love arjun he tells u are telling lie..apu tells i helped u becoz u got beaten up..malay pulls her closer and holds her hand tightly she tries to remove but he eyes her he keeps both hand united i mean all fingers holds it..she moves her finger up he tells how much time u will lie?

he tells u are not understanding my feelings at all..he comes close and tries to kiss her and comes towards her mouth..she remembers kalpana words that she is vishkanya..she pushes him away..she tells i don’t like u..he again pulls her closer and asks why?

what probelm?She tells i can’t tell u..malay tells till that i won’t leave..Kalpana calls apu.. malay stands there apu tells him to go.he tells i won’t..she takes him near window.kalpana again knocks..she tells malay to go. he leaves and apu comes near door and opens it.kalpana takes her inside and asks why this much late to open the door?kalpana asks what?any thing happenend?malay came?apu nods the head and tells yes..kalpana asks what u said?kalpana asks her did she love malay?She tells yes ma i love malay..malay hears it.She tells this marriage won’t happen becoz he is marrying kanika.kalpana smiles and keeps hand on her head.apu sits down and cries.kalpana also sits down beside here and keeps hand on her head.kalpana keeps hand on her shoulder.apu tells what to do?apu tells now i am in u r drama and i love malay..she tells kanika also wanted to marry malay na..kalpana tells i am with u..i will get u married to malay..kalpana smiles evilly..the screen freezes with malay face……

Precap: Kalpana does pooja to god..dadi comes to her and tells kanika gonna marry malay now..kalpana tells this won’t happen..dadi tells apu loves malay..Kalpana tells vishkanya will be get married to malay..

Update Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

    Guys pls forgive me if there is a mistake becoz I am studying now only +2 so I don’t know Hindi so I elaborate d the scene with I saw.. Pls don’t scold me.

    1. no its good….keep the good work going ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Nice episode.and thank u very much for the update

  3. Hey I am back can anybody tell me what happened the past 1 week I can’t watch or read updates because I was little busy

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