Vishkanya 27th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 27th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Malay holds Vardaan and says till now, he did not hide his feeling from her, even when he noted loved her and loving her now. He says he loves her a lot, loves his selfless behavior, etc. He cotinues expsressing his love for her and applies sindhoor with his blood. Vardaan feels her forehead. He says he applied sindhoor in Apu’s forehead helplessly and applying her with his wish, he is her only wife and love.

Mittal family gets worried for Malay and Kumkum yells at Apu that it is all happening because of her. Malay comes with blood stains on hsi shirt and injuries. Apu says where was he, she was very much worried for him. Vardaan steps in next limping with bandage on leg. Kumkum asks what happened to them and asks them to come in and have turmeric milk. Malay gets in. Apu

stops Vardaan and asks if she is deeply injured, shows her sindhoor and says she must have realized now how much Malay loves her. Vardaan shows her blood sindhoor and says going out of her house was her big mistake, she will never repeat it. Apu stands fuming.

In the morning, Malay wakes up and sees Vardaan still sleeping. He thinks she is so cute and innocent, he loves her so much. Vardaan wakes up and her mangalsutra entangles with Malay’s locket. Their eyes lock. Apu brings tea for Vardaan and black coffee for Malay and calls Vardaan bado didi/elder sister. Vardaans shouts why did she come here. Apu says when they are sharing husband, then they should share work also. Vardaan takes tray angrily and Apu leaves smiling. Malay says he did a big mistake and will sort it ouit himself now, only Vardaan is his wife and not Apu.

Kumkum goes to temple with Nandita and tells neighbors that Apu and Malay’s marriage was a mistake and she will correct it soon, it was booth badi women’s plan. Kalpana comes and after touching Nandita’s feet tries to feet her sweets. Kumkum yells to stop her drama. Kumkum says drama has not started yet. Kumkum leaves angrily with Nandita. Kalpana sees temple lady and says she is the one who met Vardaan other day, what she is up to. Lady says she is a banjaran and came here first time. Kalpana warns her to stay away from ghosh wadi people, else she will repent.

Malay comes out after bath and calls Vardaan to get him shirt. Apu brings shirt and seeing Malay trying to stept on thorny wire pushes him away. They both fall down. Vardaan comes and fumes seeing them on floor.

Precap: Apu says Kalpana that Malay is only hers and she wil not let Vardaan take him away. Temple lady says Vardaan that vishkanya Apu is very intelligent and tells her some plan.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. Sammy


    |Registered Member

    Yaar vardaan look so bad ..I mean she is not pretty as aishwarya ..why writers make it crap ..even Malay is not looking good with vardaan …after doing so much bad they made her main lead ..rubbish serial ..they have spoil such a beautiful pair …apu was a sensible girl and now they make her a obsessed mad woman ..really writers grow up …and really Malay is he mad …tomorrow he will start romancing with tapur too saying she is much more better than these two πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. saya

    Well, i watched a few scenes and vardaan looks so unconvincing in her portrayal. She is not that good in acting. And who the hell is this temple lady giving tips and tricks? Pls apu get out of mittal’s house… we want to see you in a positive light. He’s not for you apu…you deserve someone better. I want to see that innocent apu…don’t spoil this show further…reading updates only to get to know about apu and the way she proceeds but pls give her a better track

    • Elsa

      Yes shai UA r8 … Everyone r strtng liking apu but acc to CVS apu says vardhan truth and Malay realizes his luv is for apu… Vardhan helps apu in overcoming her poison and dies.. Apu becomes normal and says truth to Malay.. Malay says he can see vardhan and apu both in her and dey get married and serial is taken twists wid casual house problems

  3. Jana

    I live vardaan and Malay.. They are chooooooo cute… I always hate apu from beginning.. She looks like malays elder sister..:-)

    • Siddhi


      |Registered Member

      I don’t agree with u but Malay and Vardaan are not bad couple.Sometimes when Apu plays some game to stop Vardaan then I feel very bad for Vardaan and I get angry on Apu.don’t know what is happening to me first Apu was my favourite but don’t know why I am not able to like Apu

  4. Swati_bhardwaj

    Not bad today’s episode half in appu favor and half in vardan wait for next episode

  5. Siddhi


    |Registered Member

    Guys I think u should not abuse Vardaan.I agree that Vardaan married Malay by cheating but now she is good.She is not a chipkali or bad

  6. Shai


    |Registered Member

    hey nandana,i am not able to read your messages nor can message anything to you….something’s wrong

  7. Maryam

    I can’t believe Malay is suddenly madly in love with vardaan,what has Apu done to make him stop loving her,what is this drama portraying, the drama should be titled betrayal of love. The writers lack intelligence, in fact the drama is a crap,i think they have forgotten the story line of the really upset. Love you Apu always.

  8. pari

    Yaar she is his wife(vardhan) whoever are here loved someone and married to someone else can’t they love or live with their wife or just they live their life only remembering their love.

  9. arpita

    siddhi though i like apu but then too i want to clear ur misunderstanding.vardan did not marry malay by cheating.she was not involved in apu’s kidnapping.she when heard that apu ran away she married malay to save the respect of mittal family.btw how r u dr?

  10. Mahira

    What the makers want to do.the show should be about vishkanya.who will love this show after this.first of all she has gone through all the bad things.and now she is fighting fr good.

  11. toya

    Hi everyone, another show from Zee that I’m crossing from my list and the worst part is that I don’t have access to any other Hindi station. Sigh.

  12. dharhu

    who is tat stupid temple lady ,already we cant tolerate tat chipkali,malay nd all from where she came,malay nd chipkali pair is nice being a apulay fan i accept bt my doubt is wen this idiot malay comes to know the truth of apu being kidnapped by his own mother then wat he’ll again fall for apu? first we tolerated the chipkali’s intro scene nd knowing tat apu nd malay r engaged she flirted with malay tat also we tolerated then the marriage nd chipkali’s efforts to get malay nd last this malay itself fell for chipkali nd the highligth is even though he knows apu also loves her he didnt find the truth bcoz he thought tat she cheated him bt wen he comes to know the truth y his brain nt working we also accept malay nd chipkali pair they are gud bt if we see the starting episodes the current episode is nt even matching . plz change the track malay nd chipkali get united so nw show new partner for apu nd he should be for her nly

  13. pari

    Dharhu apu chose revenge not love , we also respect apu being viskanya she is calm and good . Malay loved her so much but still she was indirectly cheating him by not saying truth about her. About kidnap he asked her about her absence on her marriage on that time also she didn’t say anything because she wanted to take revenge , now you tell me how do you trust a person who doesn’t anything to you

  14. priscilla

    I just hate that vardaan Gosh she so annoying. Malaysia is such a damn looser from being madly in love with Apu suddenly he is all crazy in live with vardaan. Just goes to show mentality of boys not forgetting the writer of course. Lost interest in this serial.

  15. priscilla

    I just hate that vardaan Gosh she so annoying. Malay is such a damn looser from being madly in love with Apu suddenly he is all crazy in love with vardaan. Just goes to show mentality of boys not forgetting the writer of course. Lost interest in this serial. So now story is about malay and vardaan love

  16. Farhana

    Guys vardaan is beautiful than apu. Apu she is not fair I mean she is black wen she does more makeup she looks fair but vardaan is fair and she look pretty even without makeup

    • Kathy


      |Registered Member

      Farhana what u mean by beauty here… Fair skin… Beauty is all about what ur from inside … Ur inner strength.. Ur self confidence , ur soul n ur heart is all that matter…

  17. Anne

    I am reminded of a famous animated character – Johnny Bravo, every time I read about or watch the gullible moron – Malay Mittal (being essayed by Vinay Rana) in the serial. πŸ™‚

  18. Kathy


    |Registered Member

    R these cv’s dumb… Shows TRP is low after vardhaan Malay marriage they should know it happend because viewers are not interested in it… But here… N they all on Their shows BARBHADI…. On adding chipkali n Malay romance… N change character of Apu… Y don’t they understand … dumbo cvs……😑😑😑😑

    • Ooshi Akbar

      Di don’t worry main boht km hi bemar hoti hon waise ksi ko apni itni burai nhi krni chahiye air na yeh baat 100% true hai k MAIN WOH SHAITAN HON JIS SE BEMARI B DRTI HAI WAISE ACTUALLY MAIN ITNI BADI DEVIL TO NHI HON LAKIN YEH BAAT TRUE HAI K BEMARIAN MUJH SE DRTI HAIN

  19. Kathy


    |Registered Member

    Nowadays I don’t even wanted to raead the title of this show… Vishkanya ek anokhi prem kahani… … Where is the anokhi prem kahani yaar… Now it’s all about mahan chipkali n obsessed vishkanya…

    • saya

      True kathy but still i read to know only about the character of apu. I just hope that she gets rid of her obsessive nature soon

  20. Nandana


    |Registered Member

    But shai i had send u some private messages . Still u r not able to read it . I also was not able to sent messages to u by cliking on ur name . Then sent it through by selecting u from the list of people who i already send private messages and the people who had send private messages to me . So if u can u also try it like that.

  21. nikki

    Vardaan is damnn ugly…her in the main lead makes no sense
    some girls are fair with no features and she is one of them
    Apu has beautiful features and wot on earth is wrong with Malay
    Everyone hates Vardaan being the lead actress come on script writers change the story…!!!!!!!!!!!

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