Vishkanya on 27 November 2016 fans fiction

Hi guys actually I don’t know the story line and the episode will be some bore so from now u all suggest some idea to end this vardaan track . So from next episode I will write ur ideas.

The episode starts with appu and vardaan going to store room . Then they both enters the store room . Then our appu locks the door . Vardaan was surprised seeing this.

VARDAAN – What u r doing appu ?

APPU – Wait and see my dear friend .

By saying this she came near her .

Appu then asks her to say who r u ? Or other vise I will take my vishkanya form . Is that needed ?

VARDAAN laughing hardly – Really ! Then come to ur vishkanya form. I know appu that u have lost ur powers and that now u r just a human being .

Appu said that anyway say who r u ? .

VARDAAN – Areee tum don’t know ? I am ur friend vardaan .

APPU – I know u r not .

VARDAAN – What r u saying ? Can’t u identify me ?

APPU – Just stop this nonsense the vardaan I know is not like this .

VARDAAN – Ya u r right but the real vardaan is this . I came to get my rights and love back . I want Malay and I will make him mine at any cost .

APPU – No I know u can’t be the vardaan I know and about Malay he won’t be urs . As Malay is mine only once I sacrificed Malay for my friend vardaan who was been good soul but then also god gave him back to me . He is my first love and this time I won’t give him to any one for that i will fight as it is not for me its for our baby .

By hearing this vardaan smirked.

Then Malay called Appu . By hearing this appu went from there .

Vardaan then thought for some time and an evil smile came to her face .


It is shown that Malay was calling her .

APPU – Has Malay I coming .

Our appu was shocked to see Malay .

It is shown that Malay had made the room decorated with the toys and kids Items and some posters of kids.

Appu was surprised by this .

APPU – Malay what is this ? 😍😍😍😍

MALAY – Welcome to our family room .

APPU smiles him back .

MALAY – How is it ?

APPU – Very cute and nice . But why u r doing it now ? Still 9 months are there know ?

MALAY in a funny tone – Are what u r saying this 9 months will go easily so I want to ready with all the preparations to welcome my child . As it is my child so it the welcome should be nice for him .

By hearing all this appu smiles .

MALAY – Haaa appu kalpana kaki called me now she told she will be here by tomorrow . And today evening u should be ready OK .

APPU in a confused tone – for what ?

MALAY – As today evening we r going for dinner outside .

APPU – But…

MALAY – No but and all its fixed.

Without no way she nodded yes .

Then Malay comes near appu and hugs her from back and said I want to give u and our baby all the happiness in the world .Do say the truth if I ask something to u ?

APPU – Haaaa.

MALAY – Do u have any insecurity vardaan being her. If it is like that we can find a solution for that .

Appu thinks in mind that for finding the truth I should watch her so that she has to be here .

APPU – No Malay I don’t have any problem . She can be here.

MALAY – Really ?

APPU – Why Malay don’t u have trust in ur self ? Is anything matters to u if she is here ?

MALAY – No appu not like that . U can always trusts me . Now she is only my friend as now u and our child is my life. I promise u.

Appu nodded.

Then it is shown that vardaan was standing near to the room hearing these and got angry .

VARDAAN – No Malay u can’t do that u will be mine only . Wait Malay I will change ur mind . Before that I should make Malay away from appu . For that I should make some plan to cancel their dinner date . Today at any cost I won’t allow them to go to dinner date .

The episode ends here.



  1. Kathy


    |Registered Member

    No bore dear…Story seems interesting dear… Except this vardhaan track… Will update if I get any idea soon…

    • Rufina

      I am fine studies..a biggg no..I unable to finish the portions for exams in one day..its difficult. ?.n this non stop exam is irritating. ?.how r u di??

  2. Kathy


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    Good night to all my VK members.. Have a good sleep … Sleep well… Sweet dreams …

    Ooshi dear… Come soon …missing u ..

  3. Maanu

    Hi dr friends , how r u all??
    This is maanu(saru)…
    Nandu dr , episode is ok but I don’t like vardaan…finish her portion soon dr..

  4. Maanu

    One more request for nandu…if u posting ff means plz share the link in Ur previous one dr…I can’t get the link…love u masti ff episode 26 th link plz anybody share..

  5. Kathy


    |Registered Member

    I truly wish …. Ooshi dear to come soon… We all missing u yaar come soon… Mat Intezaar Karao Hame Itna yaar… Missing u badly …😞

  6. Maanu(saru)

    Good morning my vk friends….
    Today our honourable chief minister of tamil nadu miss J.Jayalalitha has passed away…may her soul rest in peace😭😭😭😭😭😭

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