Vishkanya 26th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 26th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Malay enters store room calling Apu and and Kalpana. Kalpana and Apu hide in secret cupboard. Malay looks at cupboard door but walks out searching them. Apu silently comes out and asks her what happened, why is his shirt wet. He says her new veiled servant dropped water on him and told you are in store room. Kalpana comes from backside silently and asks why will they go to store room.

Vardaan watches them coming out of store room and silently enters store room and opens cupboard. She gets afraid seeing herself in cupboard mirror and thinks why is it empty and why it has big mirror. She sees rat and gets afraid and shouts. Apu hears sound and walks down. Vardaan toches glass and is surprised to sees secret door. Kalpana sees store room door open and enters it. Vardaan hides behind wall. Apu sees salt packets torn and thinks rats must have done it. Vardaan silently slips from behind. Apu senses her running and walks towards her room. Vardaan silently goes and sleeps on her bed. Apu sees her sleeping and walks out. Vardaan calls Nandita and informs her about the secret door. Nandita asks her to check what is inside. Vardaan prays god to help her.

Electricians decorate lights at Kalpana’s home and due to wrong wiring, short circuit happens and house catches fire. Vardaan feels hot and wakes up to see fire all over. She wakes up everyone. Mittal family and neighbors see fire and rush towards house. Malay tries to jump in but Abhi stops him. Kalpana, Dida and Tapur come out. Apu calls for help. She realizes her mother didi bhai is in secret room and runs to bring her out. Malay forcefully enters house and sees Apu bringing Didi bhai.

Precap: Malay carries Didi bhai out. Nandita looks at her in a shock. Kalpana gets tensed thinking Nandita will know her plan now.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Tnx MA mam for the updates ….

  2. OMG!!!! Now what will happen…. Coudnt even think…??

    1. don’t worry di…everything will be fine…now the real face-off (evil nandhita vs cunnig kalpana) will begin…as kalpana is also the lead of the show

      1. Ur right Shai…

  3. Oh chipkali… I wish I could kill u…

    1. where’s the chipkali remover???

      1. i mean pest control department 😉

      2. Should call them before it late…??

  4. Didi bhai revealation before the wedding … Now nanditha will go for any extend to stop this wedding guys… Poor apulay…

    1. i think it is good…now malay can the the evil side of his mother..and apu will be the real warrior lady(not a vamp like the writers were trying to make…thank god!!!)

      1. *see the evil side

      2. Hope so … Shai…

  5. Wow Malay u didn’t even bother about the fire… Hates off…?? so caring for Apu…. It’s true luv…. ❤️❤️

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Hats off.. It is mistake lol

      1. Opss…??

  6. Wonder what kalpana and Apu will say to Malay n other family members about didi bhai… Waiitng for the next episode …

    1. Me too Kathy

  7. Ohhh no, nandita is going to find out kalpana’s truth. IM so angry at this vaardaan, she’s so irritating. But truely guys, nandita have to suffer for her sins but i think this noisy vaardaan is going to spoil kalpana and apu’s plan of revenge.

    1. Yes Mel this chipkali is too much…

    2. NO the plan should be on…they deserve justice..kalpana has really suffered a lot..just imagine her state..a single lady running the whole house,taking care of a vishkanya,managing her mother,raising a child whose father has betrayed her badly..trying to heal her damaged sister for whose state she is guilty,hiding the whole family from the wrath of mittals,overcoming social and financial obstacles(imagine what the society will call the single mother)…so she will obviously want revenge…after all what mistake did she do for which she suffered such a big punishment?

      1. It’s true Shai… Ur right…

      2. Yea Shai, correct. I really want kalpana to go on with the revenge

  8. Sarayu(honey)

    Today is my birthday☺?

    1. Happy birthday ??????

      1. Sarayu(honey)

        Thank you ridhima

      2. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

        Happy birthday sarayu…???

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    3. Many more happy returns of the day …. My dear birthday girl…???

      1. I hope you have a wonderful day and that the year ahead is filled with much love, many wonderful surprises and gives you lasting memories that you will cherish in all the days ahead.???????❤️❤️????

    4. happy birthday sarayu yesterday was mine if u don’t mind what’s your year of birth

      1. Oh Ooshi… Yesterday urs… Y u didn’t tell me dear… Belated wishes… Dear… Sorry yaar..

      2. no it’s not late i want to tell it to u but god didn’t give the permission so….

      3. sarayu (honey)

        My date of birth is 26 May 2002

    5. happy birthday…may all your wishes come true!! 🙂

    6. in precap every one is thinking how to save himself isn’t it seems funny

      1. Lol…??

    7. Hey, Naimisha how did this happen to Nagma?Feeling very sad for her??????

    8. Happy birthday sarayu

    9. Happy birthday Sarayu dear

    10. Happy birthday sarayu….may God bless u….

  9. I think some scenes are missing …in written update …

    1. Really … If u Can pls tell us the missing parts dear…

  10. Vardaan will help apu to bring her mom out …..

    1. Oh then not Malay…

    2. no its malay…uus chipkali ko chipakne ke alawa kuch nhi aata

      1. That’s y she is chipkali… Actually it’s suits a well…??

  11. It’s nice but hate that chipkali?

    1. Siddhi is that u??? Y DP change???

      1. Din’t changed dp by mistakenly wrote other email address

    2. Me too…

    3. gud to see another family memeber calls her chipkali 😉

  12. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Superb Malay as hero.. Sorry guys from today I have tuition daily so I will comment on Sunday alone… Me too miss u all but I will comment daily aleast 10 times..

    1. It’s ok naren…. Do ur studies well…. Happy u comment …. Take care …???

    2. ok bro we understand your situation don’t be sad and take care of yourself and i when ever i saw minimum comments of ranaji i really miss the time when it was maximumly only ranaji seriously for me u r the founder of this vishkanya family so ur value couldn’t be decreased for ever

      1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

        ???don’t praise me.. But j thought many shows has family so only I made for Vishkanya also..

      2. Tnx naren… N now it’s part of me as we’ll… ❤️❤️

      3. Ur right ooshi…. Missed those days where naren txt a lot… But it’s ok… Happy even for a few second we could see him here… It’s show how much he loves this show n as well us… Specially Apu…??

    3. hey where’s ur ff…after the suspense cant wait!!!

      1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

        I have wrote 3 ff and tmr other 5 ff.. I am writing 8 ff.. Now days???i need to end all soon.. Horror,fantasy and krishnadasi and matsh ff will be posted tmr.. And other ff u r my life,vishkanya ff and rettai Vaal kuruvi.. I have sent..

      2. Tnx naren…??

    4. i am not praising u but according to me telling the truth and for me it is so i said this

  13. Today’s episode was awesome

  14. Guys hot tea spell on my leg at morning and it’s still paining and it has got black.I think if something will happen on black marks.

    1. Better to go to doctor…

      1. My mother tells it will get fine as this thing has happened with her many times.But I have got very big.

      2. Take care of yourself dear… M

    2. Siddhi take care of urself dr….

  15. Bad news…….
    My sister vaishnavi(nagma) had an accident and is admitted in hospital. This is the second time. She is in coma. I want you all to pray for my didi’s recovery.

    1. oh dear..i pray to almighty for the fast recovery!!!
      do take care of yourself too…she will recover soon

    2. Oh no how that happen!!!!!!I will definitely pray for my lovely sister and I am sure God will listen to me as God listens of children’s.

    3. Me too will pray with my brother Sharad.We both will pray and see God will definitely listen to us as we are children’s. But how did this bad happen with naagmani di?

    4. Oh no… Don’t worry naimisha … All our family will pray for a recovery… May almighty help her for fast recovery… She will b fine soon… U too take care of yourself dear…

    5. How that happen? Pls take care of her


    7. I will too pray for her……god will certainly listen to our prayers n she will get well soon…

  16. guys new..interesting spoilers
    get ready for the high voltage drama as now the mittals and the ghoshs will stay under one roof(malay will bring apu and family to the house)!!!
    as of nilanjana..for now kalpana will only say that she is her sister..
    but in the upcoming sequence she will reveal the secret of nilanjana!!
    So what do you think vishkanya family??

    1. Wow Shai… Tnx for sharing… Excited for the episode… Wow Malay… Ur awesome yaar…

    2. Y u r late today Shai???

      1. i overloaded with studies di 🙁 ….also the moderation is killing me..
        hope in 2 months i will be free..

      2. Oh it’s ok…. Yah even I hate this moderation always…

    3. now may be secrets got revealed in serial gradually

  17. Can see a high voltage drama then… Don’t know how would Malay react when he comes to know about his mothers truth…??

    1. it will be on apu-kalpana’s favour

      1. Then I will b happy..

  18. Lol chipkali is getting afraid of rats ???

    1. wow the 4th member to call chipkali…good sharaya…hum uska asli naam mita ke chipkali hi rakhenge!!! BTW in today’s episode she was actually looking like a red/black chipkali 😛

      1. one pest is getting afraid of another pest 😛

      2. Lol…??

  19. sarayu (honey)

    Thank you all for your wishes and have a nice day guys

    1. Good night sarayu… Have a good sleep..

  20. sweet dreams kathy di,sharaya,sarayu,ooshi,siddhi,sharad,naimisha(am praying for ur sister),ridhima,mel,naren and all other members of vishkanya family!!! Have a tight sleep!!
    see you all next on tomorrow evening(oops its already 12..ok so see you in the evening!!)

    1. Awww thanks Shai, sleep tight too.

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  22. Wow Shai u change ur DP it’s wonderful…… I luv it..???

    1. thanks di!!! i loved the expressions of apulay here

  23. Good morning…. Naren, Ayesha Akka ooshi, Shai, siddhi, rufina, saraya, shammu, Mel, nagma, Tara, Nandi, sharad ridhima, Arpita ,ukti, Ayesha… Good morning all ???? have a wonderful day…..???? keep smiling…????

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    3. Good morning Kathy and u all

  24. Friends my mother says that in my kundli it’s written that I have to always stay away from fire as it is very dangerous.And she also told that I have sarpa dosha in my kundli because my forefathers killed a snake.

    1. i can’t say any thing about it but a firm believe in god can change every thing

    2. Really…

    3. Hey u watch nagin na…??

      1. No actually it’s real thing because it’s written in my kundli and if nothing will be done of this then it will effect my whole life and after my death’s very dangerous and I am suffering from sarpa dosha and it’s real.

    4. Siddhi actually i don’t believe in this kundli matters…but I have a lot of interest in reading such stories….its only my thought…don’t take it seriously……

      1. I also don’t use to beleive in all this and actually din’t use to beleive in God but like this many incident happen that proves I have sarpa dosha like snake’s come in my dream and more three time snake’s tried to bite me but got saved and when I was small with agarbati I got hurt in my hand.first I don’t use to 4 in God also but proves came in front of me and I believe in his all but not very much.

  25. Assalam o Alaikum and gooood morning to my all family members

    1. Wa Aalikum as-salaam … How u doing ???

  26. hi! guys can I join you all

    1. Yeah of course.Welcome to vishkanya family

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    4. ayushi u r welcome and i will not repeat this again

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  28. Today is the happiest n biggest day of my life….i am missing my sister a lot….i am excited n nervous…n i am in a confused whether to go for reading or not…i am scared of stages..n reading before a 1000 of people is not easy…

    1. Yeah it’s really difficult in front of 1000 people but be confidence and don’t get nervous as I have also in this situation for essay competition and there were more then 1000 people but I told my essay and in fact I got first

      1. Thanks siddhi….i am going to read it today….

    2. Oh rufina don’t worry as a family we all with u n will support u always …. Every one has fear of stage … Me too?? this what I do… Thought to share
      Stop scaring yourself with thoughts about what might go wrong. Instead, focus your attention on thoughts and images that are calming and reassuring.
      Refuse to think thoughts that create self-doubt and low confidence.
      Practice ways to calm and relax your mind and body, such as deep breathing, Meditation would help u…
      Learning to accept yourself and not feeling that you have to prove yourself to others…

      1. Di u r a great human being n a nice elder sister for all of us…..i thought that my sister is the world’s best sister others r not….i just love my sissy a lot….now she is in chennai n i am in madurai…when ever i read ur comment I or reply to ur Comment i just fell that i am talking with my sister…Thanks di….may God give happiness to u….

      2. Anytime dear…. May alamighty bless u… Take care of yourself…

  29. Give 100 percent to everything u do… N never give up… Good luck… ??

  30. Friends you know when me and Ranaji first time talk with eachother then we use to fight but now we are friends.We use fight in kasam written update

    1. U watch kasam serial….to be frank I hate kasam….i am a great fan meri aashiqui tumse hi…..i couldn’t control myself n was in full rage n anger….i used to read each n every comment in kasam page n will read the fights interestingly…sorry siddhi my anger came out…don’t fight with me….

    2. it happens generally that a person u treat talk very bad became a part of your life or your friend and some time a person with one meeting became your best buddy

  31. Guys i will ask u guys a question
    Which was the day u read n commented on telly updates n in which serial n mention which made u to comment???? Give answer for this question….eagerly waiting for the answers…..

    1. I started to two comment two months ago I think only for vishkanya dear.. Coz it’s on different concept n l luv apulay… So I started to comment here in this page …?

      1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

        Me kumkum bhagya and matsh.. Both shows.. But matsh is first…

      2. Naren ur big fan of matsh na..???

    2. meri saasu maa and yeh kahann aa gaye hum bacause any thing very good or irritating occurs i have to bring my happiness and specially frustration out through the comment

  32. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Guys today I have sent all ff one again.. Today all my 7 ff and one more new ff will be also posted..

    1. Tnx naren…

    2. where are they

  33. Friends I have a game.I will create four teams and in whichever team u will like u can go and one will ask questions whichever team will answer most correct questions it will win.if u agree with this game then choose a team in above list

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  34. Ok… I go for .. Mumbai panthers ..

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