Vishkanya 26th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 26th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Goons start misbehaving with Vardaan. Malay comes on bike to rescue her. Apu tries to get out of Mittal house when Kumkum and Avi stop her and ask where is she going. Apu says Malay went out without informing. Avi says he will go and bring Malay. Kumkum yells that she is trying to ruin Mittal family, even then she is trying to go out. Apu turns her face and her face starts turning blue. Kumkum insists to show her face. Apu gets tensed.

Goons warn Malay to get out from there, else they will kill even him. Malay gets out of bike in slow motion and removes his helmet. Vardaan gets happy seeing hm. He starts beathing goons and shout how dare they are to touch his wife. Goons then overpower him and start beating ruthlessly. Some on them molest Vardaan and try to break her mangalsutra.

Malay retaliates and beats goons again and they all escape in car.

Kumkum is about to see Apu’s face when power goes off. Apu says it is due to rain and asks her to go and be with Nandita. Kumkum leaves yelling she does not have to teach her duty. Someone in burqa shuts Apu’s mouth from behind and drag her from there.

Malay holds Vardaan. Their eyes lock and a romantic song plays in the background. Malay says let us go. She says no, though after saving her now he proved he is a good man, but she is not that great to share him with another woman.

Burqa lady takes Apu to a dark room and reveals she is Kalpana who says how can she leave her in bad situation, so she came to help her. She says she knows Vishkanya has to be courageous and go through this phase every year. Apu gets up with great difficulty. Kalpana says if it was under her control, she would have taken all her pains, but it is vishkanya’s curse and she has to fulfill it. Apu slits her hand and blood once falls on floor catches fire. Apu says she will bear any pain with smile and applies her blood on her forehead like sindhoor and says her love won.

Vardaan tells Malay she knows he does not love her and their marriage happened under wrong circumstances, but she cannot share him with Apu. Malay shouts that he loves her

Precap: Apu tells Kalpana that before Vardaan tries to come close to Malay, she will do something and send her away from Malay. Malay applies sindhoor on Vardan’s forehead.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I thought this serial will be something different as it will be love between the vishkanya and a human
    But sad it’s becoming normal storyline
    And Malay what a coward man forgot Apu so soon. What kind of love he had for apu and vardaan was a poor girl but now I feel she is the vamp of the serial.

    If goes like this I ll stop watching this.

  2. Nandana

    Good morning to all my vishkanya family members

    1. Kathy

      Good morning nandana… Have a great day ahead dear..???

    2. Good morning ??

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    2. Good morning ??? You too have a wonderful day… keep smiling ??

  6. Yes saya trust is very important but did apu trutsted Malay , no she didn’t she was in danger on her marriage date I agree but wen she was back did she tried to tell him the trtuth , no didn’t , truth and truth both are very important. Marriage is not happens only between people it’s about soul .

  7. Or apu saiyyani

  8. God apu antagonist nahi ho sakti par vardhaan can wow.

  9. @pari- As the one who liked the pair of apu and Malay, we never wanted vardaan to come between them, but she came. We never wanted vardaan and Malay’s marriage but it happened. We never wanted apu to be portrayed in a negative light as an antagonist but it’s happening. For apulay lovers, she’s always been like a third wheel and we don’t like her character. Although vardaan is shown in a positive light and as the lead, yet for those who always considered apu as the lead its unfair. it’s the writers who have disappointed us as whatever we saw in the promo was drastically different to what it is now. And no one who loves apu here want to see her as an antagonist. Regarding that marriage thing, even now I believe that he shouldn’t have married in the first place. Secondly, even if the marriage happened in the spur of moment, he shouldn’t have claimed for his love towards apu. 3 or 4 episodes back he was like he loves apu and now he loves vardaan. I would say, thank god he realized his true love in such a short time. Do you think he would have trusted apu when she would have blurred out the entire truth? Wouldn’t he ask for any proof specially in the case when she would allege his mother for an attempt to kill her?

  10. Kathy

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      1. Kathy

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  11. Hi Rashmi,

    I totally agree with you. I started watching this TV serial as it was different and was emphasising more on true love, no matter it can happen between a human and a vishkanya but after Malay’s marriage, it has become the usual story and rather a revenge. Director or story writer if the serial pls understand you are deviating from the focus of the title. Pls don’t make it a usual triangle love story or a revenge story. Hw come vardaan who loved Malay one side knowing he s in deep love with Appu tried to do all the spy work and helped in the all the plots laid by Nandita to prevent wedding between Malay and Appu, now been shown as a good natured person doing everything for her in laws. She was selfish and knew that she was interfering into someone else life.

  12. Thank you for the written update.

    When audio-visual medium is used by programmes to reach audience/ viewers, it is reasonable (for viewers) to expect certain aesthetically appealing elements in them.

    Quite amazed at the impudence of the creativity deficient team of this show…how they continue to beam a substandard serial with meaningless plot…populated by entities (barring Rohini Banerjee, Vinay Rana, Aishwarya Khare, and Gagan Singh) with the most hideous of features and horrid voices…week after week!

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