Vishkanya 26th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Vishkanya 26th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mandira applies haldi to Chikki without getting her hand burnt. Apu and Kalpana are shocked. Chikki says Mandira her skin will also glow like her. Mandira says it caannnot be as she is unique and says if she applies haldi mix, she will be young for long for sure and her skin will nnot wrinkle. She reminisces seeing Apu and Kalpana discussing about holy haldi mix with which evil spirits will burn. She wears gloves and does skin tone makeup on it.

Apu thinks if haldi did not work, kapoor smoke will. She ties lemon and chilli thread on door and adds oil in lamps. Kids push lamps by mistake while running. Malay sees it falling on Apu and saves Apu on time. Panditji starts pooja. Mandira starts coughing and silently tries to leave, but Apu stops her folllowed by Nandita. She stands back and her legs starts burning. She silently pushes Chikki to diver attention. Everyone get busy looking at Chikki. She corrects her leg and start scolding people. She herself then lights lamps. Apu thinks why her trick did not work at all.

Apu passes by Malay’s room. He throws his haldi stained kurta on Apu and says this stain is very less than the one she gave on his heart. He continues yelling. Apu thinks she hurt him by becoming reason of Vardaan’s death, she will compensate it.

Mandira goes to Chikki’s room. Chikki sees Mandira’s chudail image in mirror and shouts she is not human. Mandira says she is not ghost, she is black smoke, evil’s friend. Chikki shouts. Mandira turns black smoke and tries to enter Chikki. Apu and Kalpana hear Chikki’s voice and knock door.

Precap: Chikki falls down unconscious after shouting. Apu knocks door and warns to open door, else she has keys. Mandira gets tensed. Apu opens door and sees Chikki on floor.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Angita

    Malays being to rude

    1. Exactly!! he doesn’t deserve apu and I’m not liking her staying there

      1. Angita

        Me to,..first he loved aou than vardhaan but he cantnbehave so rude with her…she didn’t to anything

    2. Nandana

      Congrats to todays gold medalist

  2. Nowrin

    Thanks for the update…

  3. I think soon I will stop reading the written update. BORRING

  4. Why this Malay blaming apu for all wrong things

    1. I guess that is his habit now

    2. Angita

      Because….he lost his mind,….he should I’m mean can be mad on nandita to right?

  5. Nowrin

    This black smoke and it’s creepy tricks ? Are they again planning to start Apu and Malay track?! Confusing!

    1. Nandana

      Yes its confusing

  6. Hii guys remember me i know u all r very very very……………………………. angry on me sososososososososososososososososososso sorry and especially very big sorry to friend cum sister sumaiya actually wt to do in my previous test i get less marks so i and very busy and now sumaiya she is not picking my call and not replaying my messages also sorry sumaiya please forgive forgive me and not only sumaiya this is for my hole family please forgive sorry guya sorry sorry sorry and i m not well also i have fever taras khao mujh jaise chote se jaan par please spare me please

    1. hi ayesha! I’m sure no one will be angry on you. Studies are more important. take care

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      1. *not talking

    3. commenting after so long tym and we are not angry dont take tension we can understand and take care of urself

    4. Nandana

      No need of sorry dear and u should give importance to study so no need of sorry. takecare and get well soon dear.

  7. i know u’ll not accept my sorry but this tym u should accept my sorry including u also ooshi di please

  8. nice episode

  9. what is this? really bad behavior of Malay towards apu. please give a nice track for apu

  10. waiting 4 tomorrow episode

  11. hi VKIANS whtzz goin on??

    1. Hi! everything is good. how are you?

  12. I would really like to see a guy getting interested in appu.

    1. same here

  13. Drama started …..

  14. Hi guys,today’s episode is gud after a long time apulay scenes were awesome wen malay tries to protect her. Writers plz don’t spoil the show again by bringing another heroine for malay like chipkali, chipkali is gud bt they can put her as a second lead pairing with someone bt they showed as her dead watever, plz don’t spoil the serial nd also change the character of malay really he is so rude, he should realise his mistake if he thought apu is wrong then he also did wrong by forgetting apu so easily. Bt i liked the apulay scenes after a long time its nice to watch

  15. Drama started …

  16. Hi guys y the moderation is taking slow sometimes my comment is nt displaying. Nd abt the show after a long time I’m happy seeing the apulay scenes wen malay tries to protect her soon he will fall for apu nd he should realise his mistake if he thought apu is wrong then he is also wrong tat too he easily forgot apu nd loved chipkalli. Plz writers don’t spoil the serial again. They shouldn’t have brought chipkali in btw apulay. Malay is so stupid bt apulay onscreen chemistry is really superb plz writers bring tat charm to the serial it will be so nice to watch

  17. Again they are trying to start Apulay track.
    But it isn’t that interesting like previous track 🙁

    1. Yes it’s not interesting. how about a new lead fur apu?

      1. Angita

        That’ll be AWESOME

  18. Anika

    Don’t know how my account got logged out!

    1. HarSHaN

      At the top of page..signed in as appears..Is tiz come in web page??

  19. Hii guys how was ur i m happy that malay save appu today

    1. Nandana

      Yes . Their eyelock with the old appulay bg song was been nice but when that malay saw chipkali’s photo he hurted our appu by letting her head hurting . Now also that chipkali is still between appulay . And this malay is also stupid .

  20. You know what guys begin to love the serial please because apu lay is back and like da every human does mistakes so Malay did once and I think he will realize it soon so please try to enjoy sorry for hurting anyone feeling

  21. Angita

    Good morning vkiandps family

    1. Nandana

      Good after noon dear

  22. gud mrng..where r othr mmbrs of VK family?

    1. Nandana

      Good after noon dear

  23. Hi kathy nandana ooshi saya how are you all??? To have ielts exam n its such a relief… i missed u guys…

    1. Oh i have missed some words will write it again… haha

      Hi kathy ooshi nandana n saya.. how r u all… i have finished my ielts exam today n its so much relief…. i hope u guys are enjoying ur day… i missed u guys

      1. Nandana

        We too missed u dear and happy to know that ur exams had got over but my FA-2 exams r going to start only . 🙁 🙁

      2. Hi dear. I’m fine. hope you’re good too. Take care

  24. So the new girl will die. Those directors know only how to plan a wedding and kill the bride. They are destroying the vishkanya story, someone please stop them. Please. ?????

  25. Hii everyone goodnoon how r u all today i m very happy bcoz yesterday i make cake and we should they faces they r shock i m very happy that they like my cake so much they ask for recipe also and where is my other family memeber here only half is there where r u all guys kathy di ooshi di nandana saya siddhi harshan bro shai anika and many more ehere r u all

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  27. Shai

    when will apulay track start!!!

  28. Shai

    New spoilers by Tellychakkar-
    The new entrant, Ashlesha Sawant, of Zee TV’s Vishkanya (Peninsula Pictures) has made the show all the more interesting to watch.
    As we reported earlier, Ashlesha plays the mighty supernatural character of Mandira. She is a Vishkanya-hunter who has lived through ages. Her aim is to kill Apu (Aishwarya Khare).
    In the coming episode, Avinash’s wife Chinki would happen to see Mandira’s real identity in a mirror. But before she could tell anyone, Mandira would kill her.
    Cut to another interesting track…during the haldi ceremony, Apu would mix something in the haldi so that when Mandira would apply it on her hand, she would automatically transform herself into her original avatar.
    However, Mandira would plot a plan so smarty, making everyone believe that Chinki was the woman with supernatural power.
    Will Apu and Kalpana believe Mandira?
    When we buzzed Vin, he was busy shooting.

    1. Nandana

      thx for the news

  29. HarSHaN

    Rajni!!Hw R U??Cake?!!!We missed the Spl Cake…

  30. HarSHaN

    Many missed here..,??Hw r U frndzz..Missed a Lot

    1. Nandana

      we r fine . how r ?

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  33. Shai

    Mandira enters Apu and Malay’s household and tries to get them to consummate their marriage. She plans to get hold of the Vishkanya baby so that she can use her to become immortal.
    what you think of it???

    1. Nandana

      Thx for the news dear

  34. well guys am New ad I want to join u guyz ad be wth u cute guyz

    1. Shai

      welcome Ariana!!!

    2. Siddhi

      Welcome ariana to vk family

  35. Siddhi

    Sorry for not commenting guys and a request that who were naagin fans please read 25th episode of my Ff Naagin (Rivanya forever) season-2 and do comment

  36. HarSHaN

    Kawach soon starts in StarVijay!!

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