Vishkanya 25th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 25th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with a man snatching Kalpana’s purse and running away. Kalpana, Dida, and Apu shout thief thief… Thief goes and hands over purse to Nandita. Nandita hands it over to a rajasthani veiled woman. Renu asks if she knows what to do. Lady nods yesand returns purse to Kalpana. Kalpana gives her money, but she does not accept it and says she came from Rajasthan in search of job. Apu says they need a maid for home for marriage chores and should hire her. Nandita and Renu smirk watching lady’s drama. Kalpana says they cannot hire unknown person and says she cannot hire her. Lady walks and acts as falling unconscious. They run towards her and Apu asks what happened to her. Lady says she did not eat since 4 days. Kalpana offers her more money, but lady says she is not a beggar and will not accept money without doing any work. Apu insists again and Kalpana denies but finally agrees. Apu asks girl’s name and she sayes Roshi. Apu takes her along. Vardaan is seen in same attire with Renu and Nandita.

Apu brings Roshni home and gives her food. Kalpana says she brought her unnecesarily. Once they both leave, Roshi walks out and Vardaan enters in. She sees Apu walking inside a store room with blucket and soap and gets suspious. She tries to follow her, but Kalpana catches her and asks what is she doing here and asks her to take money and go back to Rajasthan. Vardaan apologizes her and says she was searching kitchen. Kalpana shows kitchen and asks her to clean even her plates.

Kalpana also gets into store room. Vardaan also tries to enter, but Malay comes and clashes with Vardaan. He scolds her and asks where is Apu and Kaaki and calls them. They both get tensed hearing his voice.

Precap: Malay enters store room and searches Apu and Kalpana. They both hide under secret cupboard room. Malay looks at cupboard door.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. ufff…..sick of this chipkali

    1. Wow Shai first to comment …

    2. Yes so irritating…

  2. Tnx MA mane for the fast update….

    1. *mam….?

  3. BTW..kathy di u asked about here is it-
    Aparajitha means…”jisko kabhi PARAJIT nhi kiya ja sakta”…in short one who NEVER LOSE and and always WINS the battle!!!!

    1. Tnx a ton… Shai…?? wow nice meaning yaar… Suits to our Apu… End of the day she will beat the battle of revenge n our Malays heart???

      1. you are the best sister in the world…so for you i will do anything

      2. So sweet of u Shai… Tnx a lot..

      3. Am very touched by ur words shai… Truly… Oh !!!tears rolling from my eyes… Tnx Shai…

      4. i am the only child in my house…so i am loving you as my elder sister di…love you a lot!!!

      5. Tnx Shai….

      6. ❤️ U too….??? may almighty bless u …

  4. Oh renu… U cheapo…..a new drama….. She has send someone to spy on our Apu…. U cheapo….

    1. Oh no… This vardhaan… This name doesn’t suit on her… Spying on our Apu…. U cheapo….???

      1. just call her chipkali

      2. Yes sure Shai… Hereafter as u for me she is chipkali…. I luv that name..??

  5. guys…got some spoilers
    1.for the wedding preparation renu and chipkali will enter the house as rajasthani cooks
    2.(the most important one)-probably on the wedding night,mittal house will catch fire. This wil compel nilanjana(apu’s real mother) to come out of her secret room…nanditha will be shocked..
    so there will be a face-off between nanditha and nilanjana..
    what’s ur reaction vishkanya family???

    1. OMG!!!!???????

    2. Wedding night means… On wedding day or after the wedding night…

      1. during the wedding i guess..

      2. Oh no.. Then what will happened to apulay s wedding..??

      3. that’s the problem..becoz according to other sources that chipkali came for a major twist in the show

      4. I wish I could kill this chipkali …

      5. i m with you kathy di

    3. Sarayu(honey)

      Oh no?

    4. it’s going to be a mega bomb blasting for nandita and create turns in marriage as in indian serials marriage doesn’t take place normally for now can’t say anything surely as any thing could be happen

  6. Sarayu(honey)

    Oh my god, very suspensing. But it is so good?????☺?

  7. guys just read vin’s tweet_
    “Shot one of the most difficult scene of my carrier,i am glad that our director was satisfied..”
    Wonder what difficult scene did he shoot???

    1. Me too naren……

      1. Opss sorry Shai….???

  8. vishkanya family…vin rana aka our hot malay got nominated in the category of ‘most fit actor’ in 9th Gold award…so vote for him

    1. Tnx for sharing Shai… Yes sure will vote for him… Where am I want to vote ??


      2. Tnx … Will vote for sure..

    2. Sarayu(honey)

      Thank shai for sharing, I will definitely vote for him

  9. Kalpana should teach vardhaan a good lesson….

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Kathy my ff is posted.

      1. Yes naren… I read n comment … N all or family will comment too

      2. *our…

      3. Shai to comment first…

    2. i am actually counting on kalpana to do something…otherwise i will break into the show and join hands with kalpana to become a mastermind 😉 (if possible..then surely i will add more apulay moments 🙂 )

      1. Lol…??

  10. Am tensed guys will vardhaan get to know apu’s truth…??

    1. absolutely not

      1. Hope so…

  11. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Thnx for the update mam.. What is precap???

    1. It’s updated naren…

    2. today i was the one to comment in your ff too

      1. Yes Shai… Good ??

  12. Oh no the precap…????

  13. Hey ooshi, siddhi, rufina … Where are u all???

    1. Di I won’t comment Tommorow fully…n now just for 30 minutes….

      1. It’s ok dear… Happy u comment…. U concentrate on ur studies dear…

      2. Have u read naren’s ff??? Ur there in the story dear… ??

  14. guys am gonna kill dis boody vardaan i just hate her face but guys will malay stop loving apu if he gets to know her truth

    1. No idea ccm … Yep this chipkali / vardhaan so irritating….

    2. Absolutely not….Malay won’t hate apu after knowing the truth….

      1. I hope so rufina… Fingers cross… But these days love hate stories are common on serials…. Too….

    3. don’t think so..he is madly in love

  15. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Hi sorry I couldn’t comment.. First today..

    1. today i was first to comment on your ff too

    2. It’s ok naren… Today Shai first on to comment … Happy for u Shai.. It’s like winning a marathon….

      1. yeah…it is indeed!!!

    3. Y feel sorry yaar… B positive .. Opss not the blood group… ?? put in to this way …. That u have given a chance to one ur family member/ Shai… ???

      1. *our family….

      2. Not chance opportunity …

      3. Opss… Sorry Shai …. Hope u didn’t mind… That I had said naren that he has given chance to u…???

      4. My mum ….use to say think before speak… Always..??

      5. It shouldn’t hurt anyone… N ur a family….

      6. mujhme bura manne ka feature hai hi nhi 😛

      7. Am relieved… Tnx my little sis…?? good night sleep well…

  16. i thnk renu aur vardan ki koi ghar nhi h.. bechari.. isiliye kaha rahegi yeh soch ke jaate jaate fir v ruk jate hai.. lakho insult k baad v.. shame on u renu vardu.. chj?????(ง ˙o˙)ว

    1. Lol…??

    2. isliye to unhe chipkali bula rahi hu…kisi ke bhi ghar chipak jaati hai…aur naak me dum karti hai

  17. Good work, MA.. Thanx a lot..
    But today’s update is too short..?

  18. Need apu and Malay scenes …more ….

    1. Yes ridhima me too…

  19. Sorry friends today I was not able to comment.

    1. It’s ok siddhi.. Just chill… How is ur day??? Oh again u change ur DP.. Now sharadh malhotra ..??

  20. This quote is for my beautiful vishkanya family… Dedicate to each n everyone here …. Shai, naren, rufina, siddhi, ooshi , Ayesha Akka, sarayu, nagma, mukti , shammu,Tara, ridhima, Arpita, sanam, Nandi, ccm sorry if I missed any name …Who accept me …
    The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life
    Luv u all
    Richard Bach

    1. Opss ” luv u all” from my side it’s not in the quote…???

    2. awesome quotation di i had a message which was RELATIONS ARE NOT OF BLOOD BUT HEART A PERSON WHICH IS YOUR BLOOD RELATIVE CAN GO AWAY FROM U BUT A PERSON WITH WHICH U HAVE HEART RELATION COULD NEVER GO AWAY FROM U ALTHOUGH HE OR SHE IS VERY FAR AWAY FROM U it’s not the exact word but meaning is 50% same and 50% my reality(my reality was the second part)good night to every member of vishkanya family from all (if u try to understand it then u feel it funny if u could understand)

      1. It’s nice … Ooshi… Tnx for sharing…?? take care …

    3. Opss Mel… Am adding ur name as Wel her…

    4. loved the qoute…keep it up!!!

  21. Vardhaan is so cheap and friends I was busy that’s why couldn’t comment but here after I will today my board exam result came and I got 490/500

    1. Congrats…. Sharaya…. Happy for u..?? yes nobody likes that chipkali/ vardhaan…??

    2. congratulations and ur result is very very very goooooood

    3. Thanks Kathy and ooshi

  22. Good morning .. Naren, Shai, ooshi, ayesha Akka , rufina, siddhi, nagma, mukti, Mel, shammu, sharaya, Tara, ridhima, Arpita, sanam, Nandi, ccm good morning all… Have a wonderful day ahead…! Keep smiling….????

    1. Happy morning …

  23. Good night sarayu…. U have a good sleep….???

    1. di plz help this arwa or bate what ever that is

  24. Hello guys Do you know where I can get this drama with english subtitles

  25. ASSALAM O ALAIKUM AND A GREAT GOOD MORNING to my all family members

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      4. ok now take care and get well soon i am very angry that god didn’t gave me and kathy di,shai,and nagma the permission to talk properly with each oter from 10 to 11 days

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  27. good morning guys where can I find this drama with english subtitles

    1. Where are you guys؟؟

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  29. Happiness can’t be buyed butility we can get happiness in small small things.

    1. yes so enjoy small things and don’t wait for any big happiness because in this way you could lose small happiness of ur life and share it with others

    2. Very true siddhi…

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  31. to love deeply in one direction makes us more loving in all others

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  32. Hi friends I am Sharad siddhi’s brother and I love serial vishkanya.Can I join ur family?

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