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Vishkanya 25th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Apu tells Vardaan she need worry, she will get respect as Malay’s first wife always. Vardaan goes and locks herself in her room and treaks things reminiscing Malay applying sindhoor on Apu’s forehead and Apu telling this marriage is important to her than her life and telling Vardaan that she will get respect as Malay’s first wife. Malay comes and knocks door and worried for her breaks door and looks up thinking she hanged herself, but sees her standing holding her bags.

Apu thinks within 1 hour, she will come in her real form. People say vishakya will be very weak during monsoon’s first amavyasa, but she is strongest emotionally now, Vardaan will go back to Jaipur soon and Malay will be hers forever. She lights lamp in front of god idol and thanks god.

Malay tells Vardaan that he does not know what happened after he went to Apu’s room. Vardaan reminisces him applying sindhoor on Apu’s forehead and starts walking. He pleads her not to go. She says if he respects her, he should not stop her. She walks out of house reminiscing her marriage with Malay and looks at her mangalsutra. She then reminisces her mother Renu telling Mittal mansion is her permanent house now. Apu comes and says if she is going, how will she know how she married Malay. She tells how she emotionally black mailed and hugged Malay and gave him sleeping injection and act as consummating with him. She taunts Vardaan now she is going away permanently, it is easy for her to recoincile with Malay.

Malay reminisces his romantic moments with Vardaan and her talks, she said they are friends, saving him, giving him devi maa locket, etc. Vardaan escapes from speeding car and shouts. Malay hears her shout and thinks he will save her by breaking her promise. Goon see Vardaan alone and start misbehaving with her. Malay comes on his bike.

Precap: Malay says Vardaan that he loves her and he cannot live without, she should not live him as only she is his wife and love.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Hate this epi…What’s they trying to show….they r showing varadaan as the heroin and apu as the villian. …lol..rly funny

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  4. I know rajni didn’t say u all that she have bf am I right

  5. Nandana

    I won’t watch todays episode . As i cant see malay proposing chipkali . And appu in sadness .

  6. Nandana

    Nice and keep writting harshan

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    I wish if today there is no time like 6:30 . By thinging about the episode i am getting very angry on malay not on chipkali

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  10. So funny yaar if apu is heroine , she should be positive and others should be negative.

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