Vishkanya 24th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 24th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Malay carrying dead Apu to shiv mandir and address god that he cannot live without Apu and has to give Apu’s life, else he will kill himself. He beats his head on temple bell and then tries to stab himself with trishul when Apu chokes and wakes up. He runs and hugs her. Vardaan tries to speak, but he warns her to back off and takes Apu with him. They reach near home and before Apu leaves for her hoome, he holds her hand and says he realized that he cannot live without her and will die if something happens to her. She cries emotionally and her tear is about to drop on his hand when she takes it on her hand and says she has to go home now. She says whatever happened today, she does not mom to know about it as she will be worried, already a lot of bad things happened. He says he will not let anything bad happen. She walks towards her home.

Renu reaches temple and meets Vardaan. Pandit there asks if they prayed here. Renu say snot yet. Pandit says this is broken idol and praying here is inauspicious. Vardaan tells Renu that Apu was dead and got life after Malay prayed this idol. Renu says she read that usually evil spirits, vishkanya, etc., get back to life after death. Varadhan asks if she means Apu is evil spirit or vishkanya.

Apu informs Kalpana and Dida what happened at temple. Dida says Apu got back life as she is born in vishkanya’s womb. Kalpana happily says now nobody can save them from Mittal. Apu reminisces Malay’s love for her and feels sad. Kalpana asks what happened, if she does not want to punish Mittals. Apu says she is ready to go through pain as she loves Malay.

Vardaan calls Nandita to temple and informs how Apu got back to life and says either it was god’s magic or Apu is not human. She says she and mom stayed back to find out the secret. Nandita thanks her. Renu says there is no need to thank.

Kalpana asks Apu if she is read to accept defeat. She says she loves Malay, but it will not deter her motto as her mom and Dida are her inspiration.

Precap: A man snatches Kalpana’s purse and gives it to Nandita. Nandita gives it to veiled woman and Renu asks if she knows what she has to do.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Vardhaan should be slapped and renu should be jail and get beating from warden then only she will realize mistake.

  2. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Guys Malay kissed on apu forehead yesterday one time and today one!!!!

      • Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

        Me too that is my work?????????????????????????My heart is beating fast.. Becoz Malay kissed apu???
        Guys in start they told if anyone kiss her they will die but..??.. Guys on more scene is left.. In update.. Apu removed her chain and her face changed into blue and she again weared.. And they told something about 3days.. I don’t know what kalpana, dadi told to apu?anyone knew??

      • Kathy

        Yah naren ur right… See nothing happen to our Malay… They are made for each other…

      • Kathy

        No idea… Guys if anyone know about it pls let us know… Even I cannot remember it…

  3. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Sorry mam if I hurted u anytime..becoz update was not on time so only k was anger.. Sorry

  4. Ridhima

    Today apu and malay were like ?…What this rendu and co ..up to …. Most irritating …. Characters …???

  5. Kathy

    Wow today I luv apulay scene a lot… Malay ur too good man… Ur luv to Apu is out of this world… No words to express…????

    • shai

      i am burning blue-black in anger……..I only want fairy-tale of a vishkanya and her love(and ours too-MALAY!!!)….not any stupid bhakti of a chipkali

  6. Kathy

    Guys how come renu know about vishkanya before ….we all Came to know after this serial na… But she knows about them before if…?? surprising…???

    • shai

      know vishkanya concept was common in bengal area…they were actually called BISHKANYA..
      also in the chandragupta mauryan’s rule…vishkanya were sent to kill him
      vishkanyas are actually real..they were drugged with a balance mixture of poison and antidote..also every belonging of theirs like the plates in which they eat,other utensils,clothes etc…should not be mixed with others…but yes of course..they did not have supernatural powers

      • Kathy

        Shai tnx for sharing …..even I read it… But it’s not more familiar like nagin n nagmani concept na…. This is something new …their is only one film in this name so far … Even It’s a old movie…

      • shai

        yeah this concept is not much explored…as it is a real thing.but in many serials(mainly historical)they were mentioned

  7. [email protected]!

    20 cmnts ho gyi.. i m 2 late. bdw hw r u ol.

  8. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Guys I have wrote vishkanya ff and fantsay and sent to tu#they will post soon…

  9. shai

    can’t these idiotic people see…..apu came back only becoz of true love of malay for her…their love is very powerful…so people should leave them with their happy life…instead of interfering between the couple.
    earlier the source said that renu will come as comic relief…but she is more life of a vamp…irritating(machhar kahi ki!!!)

    • Kathy

      Yes Shai in spoilers they said she will b doing comic roles but now it seems to something else… Trying yo separate out apulay… Hate her…

  10. shai

    and there is no such thing as khandit murti…if u have true bhakti then god will listen to you from everywhere…also apu is only a vishkanya..she is not a bad soul..infact a pure soul..who is hurt by the harsh world outside..i think she only need help from malay to see and experience a better and a more beautiful world…which malay will surely give to her.

    • Kathy

      Your right Shai… Even I too think.. When Malay comes to know about apu’s truth of being vishkanya he will care her more n stood for her … He loves a lot …

  11. [email protected]

    #kathy in ds cmnts r u ol knw each othr?

  12. shai

    wow today’s episode was full of epic lines-
    1. Malay-“Agar apu hai to malay hai…apu nhi to malay nhi!”(this was the most epic line of show)
    2. Malay to apu-“tumhare bine jeena nhi aata..tumhare bina jeena nhi chahta!”
    3.Kalpana to apu-“tu aaj malay ke pyaar aur shiddat ke wajah se waapis aayi!”
    4.Dida-“Viskanya ko teen zindagiyon ka vardan hai!!!!”
    5.Apu to kalpana-“Pyaar hai hi aisi taakat jo kisi ko bhi kamzor kar de!”
    RANK the lines in the order you like them more!!!

  13. shai

    wow a vishkanya has 3 lives!!!! who wants to be a vishkanya after getting to know about such super powers they possess??

  14. [email protected]!

    guys in today’s epi der ws a scene in whch renu said 2 vardaan “yeh tere ankhon mai malay k liye badta hua pyar hai”.. so frds plz tell me yeh konsa maa hai jo beti ki dil m pyar jatata hai.. bulshit.. tnk gd k meri mom aisi nhi.. ?

  15. Kathy

    Naren still ur ff aren’t posted… Waiting to read… Before go to bed..?? yesterday ooshi comment after long day…

      • Kathy

        Quoted from India forum…
        “Both mother and daughter share everything with each other but there is one secret that Renu has hidden from her daughter – the fact that she is an adopted child. She fears the repercussions it will have if her secret is ever made public. Though she is always joking around, her biggest worry is how her daughter will react if she were to find out that she is adopted. Renu has no boundaries when it comes to behaviour and demeanour, and ends up embarrassing her daughter often.”

  16. shraddha

    hey whats this vardaan crap yaar! kabab mein haddi,makers iss vardaan ko jaldi show se nikalo yaa mein show dekhna chodungi.
    if anybody supports me just reply” YES”

    • Kathy

      Yes shraddha who zaroor kabab mein haddi hai … Each n every family member here hate her… But am still watching it coz of apulay …

  17. Kathy

    Good morning … Naren, ooshi, Ayesha Akka, siddhi , rufina, nagma, Shai, mukti, Tara, shammu, sanayu , ridhima, Arpita , Nandi , shraddha , sunitha, Ayesha… Good morning all ?? have a wonderful day ahead..?? keep smiling ?????

  18. Kathy

    Quote of the day ….!!!

    Infuse your life with action. Don’t wait for it to happen. Make it happen. Make your own future. Make your own hope. Make your own love. And whatever your beliefs, honor your creator, not by passively waiting for grace to come down from upon high, but by doing what you can to make grace happen… yourself, right now, right down here on Earth.

  19. [email protected]!

    gd mrng frds.. hv a nyc day.. ??

  20. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Guys fantasy thriller low comments??today also I have sent vishkanya ff and meri aashiqui tum se hi (ishveer forever)season-2 epi-160!! So two ff today and tmr.. Vishkanya and rettai Vaal kuruvi and krishnadasi… Horror and fantasy weekly once.. Vishkanya I will try my best to update daily??

  21. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Guys see u soon.. Today alone I will comment on epi first itself.. After that late.. Bye now . leaving for study….

  22. [email protected]!

    frds i hv 1 qs.. if apu is lead actrs den why d tgline is “vish and bhakti ka jang”?? & why in the poster apu is behind and malay, vardaan r infrnt as lead… why? why?

    &1 more qs… who is naren?

    • Kathy

      apu is the lead… Coz this serial is based on her na… As far as that tag line I think writes wants us to make confuse I guess?? …. Naren is ranaji… Our one family member who writes many ff’s…

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