Vishkanya 24th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Vishkanya 24th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Malay looks at Vardaan and reminisces her saying sorry and bearing artifact on herself to save her life. He feels guilty for ignoring her.

Apu gets tensed when her hair extension falls down on road. Nigam calls her and says he will cancel his deal if she does not meet him in 2 min. He sees hair extension on road is about to pick it when Apu comes in burqa and stops him. He asks who is she. She shows her face and says she saw someone seeing them, so she came in burqa. She reminisces stealing neighbor’s burqa. Nigam will give her 50 lakhs and says he is giving his life’s earnings trusting her. Apu says they will meet again tomorrow then.

Vardaan wakes up in the morning and sees herself on bed. She sees Malay sleeping on floor and falls on him. He gets up. She asks why did he sleep on floor when he does not like it. He picks and drops her on bed and says she is injured and needs rest. Kalpana on the other side tells Apu that today Mittal family will be performing pooja for their husband’s long life, but Nigam will be crying loudly. He is not even married. Apu looks from her binocular into Malay’s room and gets sad seeing Malay and Vardaan’s growing close proximity.

Nigam brings 50 lakhs in taxi to Apu’s told place. He fights with taxi driver to return his 2 rs change. Driver angrily gives him 5 rs and leaves. Apu comes there and he hands over her 50 lakhs. She says she does not have network in her phone. He gives his phone hesitantly and asks her to make just 45-min call. Apu takes money and leaves. He laughs that he will get 1 crore rs tomorrow. He hears someone else also laughing and turns back to see Kalpana. He shouts what is she doing here. Apu comes back and they both laugh together. Apu removes her makeup and says he easily gave his 50 lakhs to her and says she learnt greed from him, she saw how greedy he is and used it in her favor. She asks if he will not enjoy like he did while torturing and killing her.

Apu then shows her real blue color. Nigam gets more afraid and asks who is she. She says she is vishkanya and starts throwing money on him. Money falls in a pit. He falls in and tries to pick money.

Precap: Apu burns money. Nigam gets burnt trying to save his money.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Shai

    Apu-nigam lottery house scene-
    When nigam was trying to speak tamil, apu-“saare south indians tamil nhi hote”
    When nigam said he will invest money- apu-” yeh investment sirf paise waalo ke liye hai…aap to shakal se GARIB dikhte hai” 😛

    1. Kathy

      Lol… It’s a good one…

  2. good night everyone.

  3. Adito

    Good night everyone?

    1. Shai

      Sweet dreams

  4. I know Tamil

  5. Kathy

    Never fear shadows. they simply mean there is some light near by

    Good nighttime all my vishkanya family… Have a good sleep .. Guys.. Sleep well .. Sweet dreams…

    See u guys tomorrow in shaa Allah….

  6. Hey my name is Aisha Zawiya from Nigeria, nice to meet you all. I hope Malay and Apu will soon be together, I just hate that Vardaan she is too snobbish.

    1. Kathy

      Hello aisha.. Welcome to our family… N tnx for commenting… We all wish the same… Keep commenting..

    2. Hiii
      … frnd

    3. I just want to see apu with malay…..

    4. welcome to our family Aisha keep commenting

  7. poor Apu
    I don’t lik vardaans fake acting
    she is soo blank on dat
    writers were blind on dat!??
    and d way she addresses herself as a wife,seems like she is d heroin, Apu villain??
    we all know what has she done during d marriage.. hell…
    i thought ds would be a beautiful amazing fairy tale..but it’s a ghatiya zee tv show.. huh

  8. Kathy

    Good morning naren, ooshi, Shai, Ayesha Akka rufina, siddhi, shafaq, harshan, nagma, Tara, Adito, Arpita, kavya, shammu, sharaya, Eva, Elsa, Mel, mukti, shraddha, sharadh , Ayesha , chitali, prakriti, Dharhu .. N all my new n old vishkanya family.. Very good morning all..??? have a wonderful day ahead… Keep smiling ..

    1. Shai

      Gud morning di

    2. Siddhi

      Good morning di

    3. Hi my vishkanya famille, i miss u guys so very much. Kathy , thanks for always remembering me. I can’t stand vardaan

  9. Siddhi

    Good morning Kathy di,Naren,Shai,Ooshi,Shafaq,Kavya,Adito,Harshan ,Arpita and my all Vishkanya Family.Hope your day goes good ☺

    1. Kathy

      Good morning … Siddhi… U have a very good day ahead….

    2. Shai

      Gud morning siddhi

      1. Siddhi

        Good morning dear have a nice day

  10. Oh hello arpita u wanna slap me but i think u better need kick in ur ass u diz brain. Don’t try to bcom her lawyer. And adito u freak asking me to cmnt only about show. ROFL!!! What u r doing in this page making family plans. U idiot jerk jack ass apni aukat mae rahae nd see who started all this. I just make cmnt on show so kathy have a cmnt on me

    1. You are right and that Shai and Siddhi lawyers of Kathy they both are just stupid.I hate Shai and Siddhi.Especially I hate Siddhi because she is maharashtrian.

      1. Siddhi

        Hey Manoj please mind ur language

      2. Shai in jaison k munh lgne ki koi zrorat nhi hai acha hi hai manoj aur james aik doosre se mil gae un ki company ho jae gi aur hmare comments zyada ho jaen se bs aesa smjho ye shetan hain hmare lie aur dogs ki trha bark kr rhe hai ta khmain ghussa dilaen so stay cool and defeat them in their aim

      3. Adito

        Aap kaunse jagah se ho jee? Itni nafrat Maharashtra pe?

    2. Shai

      Apni aukat dekhi hai

      1. Shai

        Hello misters we r not defending anyone…in fact ashamed of ur treatment with the guests….india is still a developing country for people like u all
        Ooshi di aap sahi ho muh insaano ka laga jaata hai…

    3. Shai

      If talking slang is ur aukat then applause for u

    4. Adito

      Aukat Sikhanewale guru pehle apni lang toh sudharo?
      Gaaliyaan Dena bohot aasaan hoti hai
      Ye mat samajhna ki mujhe nahi aati
      Tumhari dictionary se zyada meri dictionary Mai gaaliyan hain

    5. Adito

      Aukat Sikhanewale guru pehle apni lang toh sudharo?
      Gaaliyaan Dena bohot aasaan hoti hai
      Ye mat samajhna ki mujhe nahi aati
      Tumhari dictionary se zyada meri dictionary me galiyan hain?

    6. Adito

      And I thought family planning ka meaning much aur hi hain! I had explained to you that by family I mean it as a group. Re read my comment patiently?patiently? ROFL back at you.
      P.S: It doesn’t matter if you use cuss words at people there’s a thing called karma which you will see in the future?

  11. Nd abt that oshi who said she has gud ethics? If some1 give u ans nd make u speechless than he religion is bad. I bet u r not ind muslim that y u r indulging hindu muslim name for a show. No 1 of u can say 2 any1 to leave this page . Did u make this page . No u make this family so keep ur cmnts nd views till this family not to any random person

    1. i said that ur religion says u to misbehave anyone and i don’t want to fight with u but only saying that ur behavior shows ur upbringing and to know upbringing of urself read all ur comments and replies then u could see urself in mirror that what u r

      1. Shai

        Right di

      2. Siddhi

        Yeah u are absolutely right

  12. Hi guys, can anyone say me during the wedding episode Aishwarya posted a pic in insta posing as a bride bt in the serial i didn’t spot her with tat luk bcoz after the wedding of malay nd chipkalli i missed some scenes whether she appeared as a bride in this serial

    1. Kathy

      No Dharhu..

  13. Nice epi. Malay nd vardan scenes were gud. But that cockroach really luks bhootni as malay used to said earlier. Vardan is more beautiful than cockroach. Vardan nd malay rock!!!

  14. guys wish u all a very good day remember me in your prayers

    1. Shai

      We will di

    2. Ofcourse dear..??. u n all my family members r their in my prayers…

  15. Bhai aap kahan ho we miss u ab to aa jao
    HD KR DIAAP NE late hone ki today is the forth day


  17. Siddhi

    Love Apulay and hate that chipkali

  18. Guys pls… Ooshi, siddhi, Shai, ….Don’t reply to these idiots…!!! Y u wasting ur valuable time…. Just ignore them…

    1. di i am saying the same didn’t i?

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