Vishkanya 24th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Vishkanya 24th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Apu sees lemon/chilli protective thread on floor and lemon turning black and asks why did he throw it. He says he wanted to fix flowers on door. She gets worried seeing black lemon. Malay comes and she tries to speak, but Nandita comes and takes him in. She introduces him to Kajaria family and says Mr. Kajaria is Jodhpur’s #1 jewelry businessman and is his father’s classmate. Kajaria’s daughter gifts Malay an antique watch and wife gifts flower bouquet. Kajaria says this is rare piece of maharaja. Malay asks why are they giving gift. Nandita says she is thinking of marrying Kajaria’s daughter to him. Malay asks how can she and fumes. He thinks even Apu is with Nandita and scolds even her.

Nandita scolds Malay that she wants to get rid of dirty Apu and her mother. Apu heaars that and confronts. Nandita tries to slap her, but Mandira comes and stops her. Nandita gets very happy seeing her sister. Malay also gets happy and calls her maasi. Mandira asks if she looks so old, he can call her rani sahiba. She asks Nandita not to scold such a beautiful girl. Nandita says she does not know who this girl is. Mandira says she knows. Malay introduces Apu to her and she praises Apu. Apu thinks Mandira is so nice.

Mandira goes to graveyard and scolds grave dinner for delaying digging grave. She looks at real Mandira and reveals she is Kasturi’s boss/black smoke. She reminisces how she tried to kill Apu repeatedly and thinks via Mandira Rani Sahiba she will attain her goal.

Malay scolds Apu repeatedly and Apu thinks she will fulfill her promise made to Vardaan and will take care of Malay whole life.

Precap: Apu prepares lemon chilli thread and prays kali maa to protect her family. Black spirit gets afraid seeing this and looks at her original image in mirror.

Update Credit to: MA

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  5. Hi guys am new to this group I wanted to greet you all
    I have some few questions can I pls get someone to answer me
    Is it true that vishkanya is coming to an end
    I have seen some serial being advertised on zee tv so does that mean that the serial is about to go off air
    Thanks and love you all hope I’ll get someone to answer me

    1. Kathy

      Hi Nida … Warmly welcome to our family… Am not sure about it … I haven’t seen any articles about it…. Keep commenting….

    2. Ur welcome to our Vishkanya family Nida. I think the new series will replace meri saasu maa cuz that’s the series going off air bcuz of low trp. Keep commenting here dear

    3. U don’t want to ask u can join welcome to our sweet cute lovely vk family ???

    4. Shai

      welocome to the family Nida.
      no the show is not going to end, instead a new track has started

    5. Hi welcome nida. I don’t have any idea. It’ll be better if it ends

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  6. Madhusmita Mishra

    Hey I am new here… was a good episode….malay is scolding apu….waiting for next updates….

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  7. I hate malay..he scolds apu always..poor apu 🙁
    apu is the one who going to protect the family from the evil black smoke..
    waiting for the war between vishkanya and black smoke..who gonna win??

    1. Kathy

      Agreed….maanu…. N ofcourse our Apu will win…

    2. He’s just channeling all his anger towards her without a proper logic

    3. Surely our brave apu

  8. Anika

    Missed 3 episodes and now so much change in storyline.
    Only good thing about this is we got rid of mahaan Chipkali.
    Anyway how are you all?

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  11. Hell boring!!!
    I guess we’ll never get a good track in this show

    1. Kathy

      Yes saya… Ur right dear…

    2. Agreed

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  12. It was boring year
    first Malay hated vardaan and started feeling for her and first Malay loved apu now he is hating our apu I think Malay will marry another girl and first he will hate her also then feel for her Malay is worst

    1. so true dipu

    2. Agreed

  13. Hii sorry guys I said u all that 4 day daily but wt to do my mother’s cousins came so I’ve I many works I prepare food but they said that nice but salt is less irritating I don’t know properly i m learning how I know I prepare and that are ?? they should praise me but they ate saying blah blah blah my mood is very bad my elder sister is also not here to help me ????

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  14. Not good episode malay is not behaving good with appu and once again very very very big sorry ???

    1. Kathy

      It’s ok dear.. Hereafter no sorry.. Ok…??

    2. I didn’t accept your so take it back and don’t u ever dare to give me any sorry or thanks otherwise u will get a punch in it’s reward get it although my tone and mode is not serious but the conclusion is very serious and I really mean this punch ?

  15. Kathy

    Thanks MA mam for the update …

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    If you value yourself, and invest in yourself, you will be worth a great deal through out your lifetime, both to yourself and to your community.

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  17. Kathy

    Where is my little pari….????

    1. Pari is flying and try to reach to her family and Di

  18. Malay started to scold apu first of all y he is scolding? Nd guys same thing hpnd to chipkali first time wen malay met chipkali he used to hate her so nw he is hating or scolding apu soon he’ll fall for apu nd nw in kasturi’s place this mandira is here so wen she tries to attack apu this idiot malay reminds chipkali so definitely he’ll feel the same pain for apu. Bt really feeling bad for apu nd this malay irritating like chipkali before we used to hate her bt nw we digested her

    1. There should be another hero for our apu

  19. Dono what they are up to ..confusion

  20. Nowrin

    Thanks for the update…

  21. HarSHaN

    ????..Hw R U??frndzz..Fight with 12 hrs of work daily (Tom also) these days n also some net issues in mobl..Tatsy m unable to talk n share the new start of a story(in endggmode) n also the oldones..Sorryyy frndzz..

    1. Bhai sorry bolne Ki zrorat nhi hai AAP as gae yehi hmare lie kafi hai AAP ne apni dp purani wali lga Li hai yeh Maine Monday wale comment main notice Kia the

  22. Nowrin

    They’re just dragging the show… Irritating totally so please bring something new…. And how ridiculous! Apu is gonna spend her whole life taking care of Malay who don’t even care about her?! You guys need to bring someone for her as she’s suffered much and now it’s too much!

  23. Di I left the same question in simple words on the previous page check it and give the answer

  24. an zaare romanz katham ho gaye

  25. kill Malay??
    rude..behaving lyk an aged uncle…

  26. For a second when the ghost was introduced , i thought malay will surely love this lady too…Thank god,she turned out to be nandita’s sister…ouch this malay makes me fear…If he sees any girl then what will happen to that girl…He loved Apu, being vishkanya she still was buried under earth at time of marriage..He loved chipkali and she is dead..Wonder what will happen to other girl if malay loves her… ooooohhhh mmmyyy gggoooddd

  27. Anika

    Hi Kathy di and Rajni.
    Actually suddenly we got notice that our project submission date changed. And I hadn’t started my project before notice. so I had to work hard for my project.
    I had to do many research and write down thithis. I had started working on my project after Magrib(Evening) and stayed awake till Fajar these days.

    Oh Allah. Lesson learned. I won’t delay any work further.

    1. Dear also take some rest too as it’s also essential for the health take good care of yourself

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    1. Hope you slept so sleep well sleep tight and good night

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    happy gokulastami

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    Happy janamashtami to all my visa Kenya family

    1. Siddhi

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  34. It drags so much.. Vardaan died while saving appu.. N now black smoke is here to kill appu again.. When appu gets in trouble again this time Malay will rescue her then he will understand what vardaan did thn he won’t be able to forgive himself for blaming appu for vardaans death.. But it will take so much time. Writers have screwed such a beautiful love story.. When vishkanya started it was so nice to c our favourite Jodi.. N now everyone hates Malay.. Totally lost it!!!

  35. Siddhi

    Mein apne Muslim friend se saval puchna chati human ki kya kisiki kasam khana else guna hai?

    1. yeah Siddhi according to Islam a person can only take kasam(ko English main kya kehte hain ye mujhe nhi pta) of Allah on God/Allah

  36. HarSHaN

    Hi frndzz..Hw r U??Releasing now frm 12 hrs of work daily…these days..Sorry frndzz..m Unable to write these days..Many tracks come n disappear in my mind ..A collection of Tracks..
    Luv’s 1st Sec7
    Now:A Moment of Dev seeing 1st Luv sec..makes his life mystery.. .

    Pre:DevShi,Mohan Saahira kid n people r going to circus..
    Mohan:”If U reveal the secret of Dev to anyone….”(to circus owner)
    Sona sees the clown’s smile and respect to Dev…
    Dev draws a painting in his note after long years(art like Sona sees Dev n the clown sees them)….

    After the circus ends,
    Dev wish the clown for his success..The circus owner surprisingly seeing Dev’s wish..

    Strted travel towards the home,
    Sona accidentally realise Dev is missing….

    Loc:Unknown far from Sona’s home…
    TribalStyle of drums n jingle bells r in bg..(fast beat)…
    2 White Horses…
    Mohan rides The one n Dev rides the other..Dev rides on the front…

    Dev’s wrist looks uncovered to out..(covering his wrists a long time till the circus a long time)…Many Small Bracelets covered by Lion’s Skin r on Dev’s right hand..
    The horses reach LordAmarnath Temple…
    Dev makes the ring in bell..n see Mohan..
    Mohan signs his hand”We r ready to go”…

    “Papa..Where were U going?Why VedPapa seems U as enemy?”
    Kshi,the cute’s qstn makes Dev to stop the Story….

    Loc:DevShi’s home..Full of Sona n Kshi wall paintings by Dev..

    Sona (with a smile):”Kshi..Tom Papa says..Now U Sleep..”
    Kshi:”Plz..Papa..(with pleased n cry eyes like a crocodile)..

    Dev (smile):”Papa says Tom..Now my little princess sleep with her mom” n sees Sona..,give her a small flying kiss without Kshi knowing

    Sona sees Dev n smile….
    Sona n Kshi strts sleeping…
    Dev uncover the wrist..The same lionskin covered bracelets..
    A dove is entering the house n sits on Dev’s shoulder..

    Dev recollect his past..
    The horses reach the cave..
    Mohan takes a Conch with a red rope attached bell from the ground..
    N gives tat to Dev…

    Dev strts to play Conch…
    While playing,Dev’s pupils of the eyes turns blue n his hair grows long…n his physique goes stronger than normal..
    The sound of Conch goes on all sides..Heared by Dev’s brother also…
    Dev’s brother (in his place):”Dev takes the Conch???!!”…
    Heared by the people of the surroundings..
    Someone:”U hear the Conch sound from the Cave”..(To one)
    :”S..How the sound comes from the hollow cave..?!!”

    N many people comes out from their houses n see the mountain’s cave…
    Dev n Mohan disappears from the cave..With the sound,They also..

    Loc:Sona’s home..(Sona is not born)
    Sona’s Ma..was pregnant..
    Mohan n Dev enters the home..Bt not in their look…In the look of next street kids.. who Sona’s Ma knows.
    Sona’s Ma(comes from the room n surprised):”Come..Come..”(with a smile)..
    She take sweets to childrens..
    Dev (in child’s look) holds hands of Sona’s Ma ..”Sit..Aunty..””Where is Uncle?”..
    Sona’s Ma:”He is going to Shop”..
    Dev (in child’s look):”When Will Our frnd Comes n Play with Us?”
    Sona’s Ma smiles:”Ur frnd is coming very Soon”
    Dev n Mohan in next street childrens look smiles n Turns happy…

    Dev sees Sona as a growing foetus in Sona’s Ma n smiles…
    N thinks”I m turning very spl while seeing my Luv’s 1st Sec”..
    In tat next street child luk..
    N makes Sona (as a foetus/growing child in Ma) hear his wish…
    Hope U like this frndzz..
    Tanq for reading n write ur thoughts after reading…
    Tanqqq.. .

    1. Kathy

      Sorry for much delayed replay harshan…. Good episode….. N well described in detail… Loved it… N enjoyed Devshi moments a lot… Keep writing….

      Hey… U changed ur DP …to the old one .. Would like to see ur more works…..

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