Vishkanya 23rd May 2016 Written Episode Update


Vishkanya 23rd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kalpana tells Malay that his family proved that they don’t respect her and family, so she breaks this alliance. She tries to remove Apu’s engagement ring. Malay stops her and says his and Apu’s engagement has already happened and nobody can break it. He asks Renu and Vardaan to leave from his house. Kumkum says they were just helping him. Malay says he can help himself and says whoever tries to stop his marriage will have to face dire consequences. Mittal family at him in a shock while Apu looks at him emotionally.

Kalpana at her home dances with Apu and laughs that they won their first battle. She reminisces seeing Vardaan listening to their plan and acting as executing her plan. She laughs further that their enemies are out of their way now.

Renu with Vardaan

packs her bags. Kumkum tries to stop them. Renu says Malay insulted them a lot and they don’t want to stay back. They walk with bags. Malay asks Abhi to drop them to station. Renu says they will go back as they came in alone. They both walk in storm cursing their fate. Vardaan sees temple and enters asking god what wrong did she do. She calls Apu and says even she must be disturbed with yesterday’s inident, says she knows she cannot harm Malay, asks to meet her at temple for Malay’s sake. Apu informs Kalpana, assures her that nothing will happen to her, and leaves.

Nandita and Kumkum come to Malay’s room to calm him. Malay asks why did they come here after trying to ruin his life. Kalpana comes and informs Malay that Vardaan called Apu to temple and sneh may harm Apu. He rushes towards temple.

Apu reaches temple. Vardaan asks if she really loves Malay. Apu stands silently. Vardaan says she kept saulvan somvar vrat to get a good life partner, but Apu got a good life partner like Malay and why she is doing this to Malay. Apu runs out and steps on construction bamboo’s by mistake and bamboos fall on her. Malay reaches the spot and picks Apu, saying he will not let her happen anything. Apu falls unconscious. Malay gets worried that she is dead and rubs her extremities, does not feel it, and cries loudly holding her. Vardaan tries to touch Apu and Malay warns her to stay away.

Precap: Pandit informs Renu that temple’s idol is unauspicious and they will be harmed if they pooja here. Malay carries Apu into temple.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    ???today I watched TV thnx for the update mam

    1. Enough of flood here in Sri Lanka naren… Y r u crying…?? now.. Pls don’t cry… Good na… That u able to watch tv

  2. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    I hate vardhaan alot..

    1. me too….

      1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

        Rufina u r pic I mean DP is sooo cute .

      2. thanks bro…

    2. Me too…

      1. same here

    3. Sarayu(honey)

      Need too

      1. Sarayu(honey)

        I am sorry, it is me too.

    4. I asked myself why is Apu planning to kill Malay? Same question that Vardhan asked Apu

      1. I am not defending Vardhan, I do not like her but her question was not bad

  3. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Thnx for short and sweet update mam

  4. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Bye guys bow I am leaving see u tmr.

  5. Finally Vardhaan go’s away and that Kalpana is really bad.

    1. this remembers me rhym…..vardhaan vardhaan go away come again never…..

      1. Wel said…???

    2. Yah siddhi I hate kalapana… Opss sorry naren… I know u like her…?

  6. Thanks for the update mam…..

  7. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    I am sok worried what happened to apu?????her breath is stopped????

    1. Noting will happen to her… After all she is vishkanya yaar…

      1. yeah nothing will hapen to apu….but i think that after this she will not do any harm to malay….n their love will start…..

      2. Yes rufina even I think so… Fingers cross…

  8. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Guys I have completed law of diminishing marginal utility answer so 10min break??

    1. bro after 6 days i will be also like u….n take breaks after studying….

    2. Haha economics …. One of my fav subject …very easy and instersting to read ….I love reading it …

  9. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Guys where ru?? Anyways I will try to use m y mobile after 9.30pm.. That time I will try my best to

    1. Oh tnx naren… I will come then…

  10. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    I have decided to stop watching ek duje ke vaaste also.. Becoz if this show alone only I can comment and chat with u all..

    1. Oh so sweet of u … Then I too stop watch EDKV n come here to chat …with u…

  11. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Kathy I am happy that I can comment..

    1. Am happy then u…???

    2. not only u bro but we r also happy bro…

      1. Agree…

      2. Yeah you are right.

  12. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Kathy how much shows u watch?? Tell me..

    1. Apart from vishkanya I watch EDKV n Kuchvrang pyaar ayse Bhi

  13. Tnx MA mam for the updates …

  14. Wow rufina ur DP is lovely…??

    1. Thanks di….

  15. Today I saw luv in apu’s eyes… She loves him n cannot harm him…??

    1. let’s celebrate!!!!

      1. Yes Shai… It’s a moment of celebration….??

  16. Guys in one way we should thank vardhaan for make realise Apu her luv on Malay…

    1. i agree with you….only she don’t come in-between the love birds

    2. yeah…

  17. Oh naren whenever ur here am not online… ??

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Yes. Yaar

  18. Yaar I hate watching this series now. Sola somvar vrat of vardaan and she’s being shown as miss two goody shoes and what not. She thinks she loves Malay more than Apu, taking his responsibility and all. These writers are spreading nothing but raita and not a good story. Messing up a good love story and creating a new love story of Malay and that irritating Vardaan. Plus they are showing main antagonist Malay’s mother as victim. The writers are trying to tell that people who are different like Apu don’t deserve love and instead they turn villain. Hands down to the writers. (note:the last sentence was a sarcasm 😉 )

  19. guys..I think ultimately it will be kalpana vs nandhita!!! what say vishkanya family??

    1. It could b like nanditha vs kalapana revenge part n apulay romance part…??

      1. then i will love it!!!

  20. And judging by the precap it is implied that apu has made the temple inauspicious. Afterall she’s a dark creature and worships devil according to renu and her angel daughter who worships god to get a good husband. Apu is made devil worshipper and an enemy of god! God becomes impure and Malay has dark energy around him because of Apu. bechari. Talk about twist. x-(

  21. My mood is not good as I love playing chess and I have brought five trophies in chess but they don’t let me go in TOURNAMENT and they say first I should do practice and they don’t play with me and don’t send me to any class.My father is a state level player and I have played many tournaments and I brought 5 trophies and in our society there was a chess tournament and I came 1st in fact everyone thought I will not win as I am girl.I came first and boys came 2nd and third.

    1. Oh siddhi…cheer up!!! Just because you didn’t get an opportunity once doesn’t mean you’re gonna fail at every time… It’s just one tournament yaar in shaa Allah u will get many more tournament in ur life… It’s my prayer for u..??

    2. This quote always inspire me… So thought to share with u…
      Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.
      Winston S. Churchill

      1. Thanks for the quote.I think I should try again to play tournaments.

      2. That’s good girl…??

    3. siddhi cheer it up….ur r a brave girl… positive…prove them wrong….fight for it….only one tournament has gone…not all….u will get 10000’s tournament…i will certainly pray to god for it…..

  22. I think this show will also become like tashan e ishq.initially they showed uv & twinkle as couple then after kunjs entry uv became villan and kunj became the lead

    1. No Priya I don’t think so… Apulay r the leads…

    2. i hope this doesn’t happen….i love apulay a lot….

      1. Me too luv apulay a lot…

    3. If the writers make this show like Tashan e ishq I will stop watching it.??????????

      1. No Arpita I don’t think so …

  23. Rufina I think u r a big fan of krishnadasi… ???

    1. yeah…..a great fan of krishnadasi…

      1. Lovely DP dear I watched that serial in Tamil… Even I been read the book…. but this track is totally different from all…

      2. *have…

      3. kathy wil u pls tell me the name of the book????

      4. Krishnadasi by indra soundrarajan

  24. Oh this moderation…. I hate u…

  25. Vardhan just get out yaar coz Malay don’t understand your love and apu’s reality. Let him marry apu , after that automatically he ‘ll die no need to save him. Just live him, you deserve better vardhan.

  26. Malay reminds me of Rithik in Naagin, so caring

    1. Sarayu(honey)

      Yes, rithik is also so caring

    2. Yes sunitha…

    3. You are right he is very caring

  27. Hello Kathy, i always go thru ur comments, and guess wat!!! I like dem. And ur very encouraging too.i see how u advice ur frds to face their studies. Very good.

    1. Tnx… Mel… It’s a family dear…How u doing??? Keep commenting…

      1. Ur very welcome dear. Guys im not from India but i love their serials

    2. You are right Mel she is very good member of our family.

    3. yeah…100%true…she is a good member of the family….n a very good sister for us….

      1. Oh siddhi , rufina… Tnx a lot dear… Am just doing a responsibility being a elder sister…??

    4. Exactly guys, she’s so sweet ?

      1. kathy…you are the best elder sister

    5. we didn’t give importance to the country but to the person

  28. hi frds,, im a big fan of VK so i thought to join ds chit chat abt vk.. i’ll fl gd if u all acpt me as a new gd frd.. tnku. ?

    1. Hi [email protected]…. Warmly welcome to our vishkanya family…. Good morning … Have a wonderful day…??? keep commenting…

    2. Welcome to vishkanya family

    3. welcome to vishkanya family….

  29. Good morning to naren, ooshi, Ayesha Akka, nagma, sarayu , rufina, siddhi,shammu, Shai, tara, Mel, vaishnavi, sunitha, pari, Arpita, n all Amy vishkanya family.. Good morning all…….? Have a wonderful day ahead…?? keep smiling ….??????

      1. good mornig di….

  30. mrng frds.. nd mah nm is nandi..

    1. Hi nandi… Do u work or are u a student???? Keep commenting…

  31. Quote of the day!!!!
    Love gives naught but itself and takes naught but from itself. Love possesses not nor would it be possessed; For love is sufficient unto love.
    Khalil Gibran… ( naught means nothing in old English)

    1. Meaning of the quote…
      he act of loving, of doing good for another person, doesn’t require you to be rich or famous or talented or clever. You don’t have to give money or possessions to give love, you just have to give time, attention and true respect for the other person or people.

      The act of loving also doesn’t take anything away from anyone else. If you truly love a person or an ideal, you won’t let your family go hungry for it, or be unkind to another person for it. That would be unworthy of your love. Love is confident that it’s a big enough gift in itself, without needing to steal or detract from anything else.

      1. Opss too long explanation??

  32. Humble request to all my vishkanya family once again… Guys pls do read ff ‘s on vishkanya written by naren n siddhi n comment …. I came a cross very less comments on them yaar… It’s not fair… We should encourage n support them … I think those are far more better then the original track …

    1. di i read both ff but won’t be able to commenmt… pack is over n i am commenting from my dad’s phone….. i will my level best to comment…yeah…they r better than the original track….

      1. Tnx rufina…??

  33. yess im a stdnt of Bsc..
    nd guys i wnt 2 knw hw i chng d dp here. sugst me.

    1. Go to … Click ” get your own gravata to” ….Login.
      You’ll receive a confirmation email at the address you entered. …
      Sign in…
      Add Your Image.

    2. its just simple….create an account in gravatar…..add images in ur account n keep changing….

  34. Rufina it’s in Tamil in the same name ” krishnadasi” by indira soundararajan. U can download it in pdf form…

  35. Wow…. 100 comments…. ???Oh missing u naren…. N ooshi… ?

    1. We all made it …??

    2. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Hi Kathy…

      1. Hi naren…. ?? u came happy..??

  36. Tnx Mel for the luv ? Where r u from dear???

  37. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Guys see u at 9.00pm.. Now leaving for tuition.. Business maths.. So I have used phone for after 9.00pm.. I will see today update.. No TV also today becoz I will come after 7.15only??????

    1. Oh naren… It’s ok … Do ur studies Wel…?? these school days wont come back to ur life… So enjoy each n every moment… Don’t think as a burden …enjoy urself n studies…. See u at 9pm…

  38. Sarayu(honey)

    Ohoooooooh, 1 more day school and then summer holidays. I am very excited

    1. Now u will get summer holiday.My summer holiday si going to finish on 9 june

      1. my summer holidays get over 0n 31 may…then from 1 june school….

    2. Happy holidays sarayu …

      1. Sarayu(honey)

        Thank you kathy

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