Vishkanya 23rd April 2016 Written Episode Update


Vishkanya 23rd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Kalpana telling Mittal family that she has fixed Malay’s marriage. Apu shockingly asks what.. Kalpana says yes and her engagement is after 3 days. Malay stands in a shocked. Nandita asks if it is her trick. Kalpana says if it is, then she can hang her. She invites them all for engagement and asks Malay not to come to her house like he comes hiding now as Apu is someone else’s gift now. She laughs and takes Apu home. Kumkum gives more money to poojari and says his pooja worked and nagin herself is going away. Nandita thinks how can

Dida asks Kalpana what did she do nnow. Kalpana says she realized Apu need not sacrifice to take revenge from Mittals and says now Malay himself will destroy Mittal family. He will do anything to marry Apu now.

Malay tensely plays with ball at home. He enters Apu’s room and she aks why did he come. He holds her and says he knows she loves him, but is denying. She says she does not love him. He says he can see love for him in her eyes. She says no. He comes down and Kalpana asks why did he come here even after her warning not to meet Apu. During conversation, Kalpana purposefully slips holding Malay and asks why did he push her. Apu slaps him and shouts how dare he is to push her mom and asks him to get out.

Malay goes home and tells Nanita that he is ready for marriage and she can select any girl of her choice. Kumkum says it is a good news and she will bring sweets. Malay says he has 1 condition that his engagement should happen within 3 days before Apu’s engagement.

Precap: Nandita gives sweets to Kalpana and says Malay’s engagement is fixed before Apu.

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  1. bride swap, Malay will marry Apu on his wedding day. Lord what a perfect bait Kalpana has set for Malay and he fell into it.

  2. Get me a bottle of champagne likely Dom Perignon and some caramel popcorn i am about to sit back and watch this train wreck of a marriage, this is going to be one hell of entertainment.

    The plotting and planning and the scheming we are desperate to see the end result.

  3. I don’t like bride swap at all.hope apu and maley’s marriage will happen in a uniqe style…? If kalpana thinks maley will do anything to marry apu when she findout that maley is getting marry someone else……i don’t know what will happen,hope for the best.?

  4. guys apu and malay will marry don’t worry and where is nagma.sarayu.sharaya,and other members where r u??

    1. Sarayu(honey)

      I am her ranaji, I am sure apu and malay will marry but after lot of dragging.

  5. Ooff apu slaped malay……..what an episode…… I think there will be a new entry….
    And I think that from now appu and maley will started to hate each other and decided to take revenge….. Ohh iam waiting for the next episode…..

  6. i think it wont happen soo…may b malay vil get to the secret of apu that her marriage is just a trick to make him to forget her….i hope soo

  7. apu and Malay only will marry because they are the leads na so don’t worry

  8. plzzz will repeat this show
    a day ….

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