Vishkanya 22nd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 22nd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Malay scolds Vardaan for troubling Apu and trying to check if she is at home or not. He aasks her to spare Apu. Vardaan tries to speak and holds his hand, but he leaves. She thinks what Apu needs.

Nigam looks at his won lottery money greedily and thinks he will win more money now. Vardaan prays shivji to make her and Malay’s chemistry like shivji and paravati maa, she will make pure ghee prasad for him. Apu also prays god that she knows she is on the path of destruction, but she is on side of truth. Vardaan decorates temple. Malay passes by, sees her and leaves without speaking. Abhi sees that and says Malay is still angry, suggests her to prepare kheer in prasad and serve Malay, but make sure she does not add salt this time.

Apu brings sweets and says she brought

for prasad and taunts she does not want guests to eat salty prasad. Vardaan says she knows her plan and knew she was not in her room yesterday, she does not want her here, so she should go from here, she should not be around her husband. Apu says she tricked and married her love and now wants her to go away from Malay, if she wants to come here, nobody can stop her from company. Vardaan challenges her that today is wife’s function and she will not let Apu come near Malay today. Apu walks out fuming.

Apu goes to her room and angrily reminisces Vardaan’s words that she will not let her near Malay. Nigam calls her and says he wants to invest more in lottery. She suggests to buy all lottries to win price alone. He asks why she is favoring him. She says she needs 10% share. He says he will call back and thinks she is greedy.

Malay checks his clothes in cupboard thinking what to wear. Vardaan from behind waits for him to look at her sorry message. He sees sorry note and fumes. He then sees it on mirror and walks out angrily. She gets sad that he did not even notice her.

Teej pooja function starts at Mittal house. Neighboring ladies start coming. Pandit does pooja and says all ladies to pray god for their husband’s long life. Vardaan serves prasad to everyone and hands over a sorry note to Malay. Malay reads it and smiles. Kumkum says funciton is looking very boring and there should be some entertainment. Nandita asks Vardaan to dance, but she says she does not know to dance. They see a lady dancing and when she turns, they are all shocked to see Apu.

Precap: Apu and Vardaan dance on Dola re Dola song… Apu hugs Vardaan and says she will not let her finish their friendship soon.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. MalayAppuFAN

    Vardaan always taking ShivJi’s name to make her look like innocent. But she is actually indirectly responsible for making Appu die twice and by tricked Malay to marry her. I can’t see her challenge Appu.

  2. Mukti.H


    |Registered Member

    Good evening… To all my cute family member of sweet vk family.
    Hi kathy di, ooshi di, narendran, rufina, shai, ayesha, siddhi, elsa, milks, arpita…. And others…. How are you all??

  3. Pals

    Boring vardaan… apu plz frst of all u prove urself innocent then punish them all…plz
    I hate when malay concerns that boring vardaan??

  4. Partha

    really progress has been so slow that I stopped watching it and just reading updates here . That saves lot of my time ?

  5. sonu

    Vardaan? is coming and she is came between apu and Malay and not even getting apu’s truth(when apu is in danger at the time of marriage if apu tells that she doesn’t want means v could agree it’s apu’s fault but she know how Malay loves her so much …and she got to know the truth and say that she is going but this..but if she married because of nandita’s cruel idea by killing apu… how can any one agree that marriage is correct by killing apu killing apu’s love?..I will not agree this Wife drama??

    • Kathy


      |Registered Member

      More then churel nanditha idea… I think it’s sort of chipkalis plan to get married to Malay since she attracted on him.. she easy could have say no to this marriage Coz she knows apulay are in love …. Chipkali … Just disgusting.. ???

  6. Sumedha

    I completely hate this vardaan…. oh god i cant tolerate her anymore… guys do any once watched her face while she was smiling in front of shiv idol n also infort of malay?? Thats was too disgusting.. i feel like gv a bif punch in her face ?

  7. Sriranjani


    |Registered Member

    Pen paper chetabetti tochindalla rayabetti
    Naa raatitta tagalettada brahma
    Nattintlo nanu nunchobetti
    Naa kalalanni padukobetti
    Eedikii baavani chesestarakharma
    Arey tella lungi paike katti
    Todalu motham baite petti
    Thambi antu tokkestara janma………….Gutlo halwa notlo petti
    Suit lu boot lu nakkonipetti
    Antlu gatra tomistara hamma venkamma kamma kamma
    Jaldi jaaruko jaaruko jaarukovaale
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    Granade feature naalo undi
    Typhoid la torture chesta raara
    Varninchaare kavulu vaallu aadallante poolu pallu
    Veellani chuste raathalu marchestara
    Arachethullo karivepaku aritakullo karivepaaku
    Aipoyaaka avatala paaresara………………….Arey okalla kantlo water tank
    Okalla kantlo petrol bunk
    Munchestaro pelchestaro life e
    Danger raa danger dangerโ€ฆ
    Jaldi jaruko jaruko jarukovaale
    Inko ooruko baaruko paripovaale
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    Grinder la ninu pachadi chesta
    Washing machine ayi utikaaresta raara
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    Nuvvu psycho ke icon ve nuvvu
    Cyclone ki suit avvavu siggu cheena eyy
    Gundelu teese goondalaina
    Jenda marche rowdeelaina
    Evaru neela manase marcharulera………….Merise mallela manaso pakka
    Maanava bomb vi nuvvo pakka
    Batuke bus stand aipoindi lere dekhoraa
    Jaldi jaaruko jaaruko jaarukovaale
    Inko ooruko baaruko paaripovaale
    Jaldi jaaruko jaaruko jaarukovaale
    Inko ooruko baaruko paaripovaale…………………..This song will be apt for Apulay and Vardhaan.

    Guys this song is from S/o Sathyamurthy Telugu Film……..

  8. prakriti

    i feel same whenever i see evil face of chipkali and her bakbak.complete nonsense.she desrve punch from appu.

  9. prakriti

    appu give tight slap to chipkali and malay.they totally desrve your punch.this chipkali and her nonsense talk pukeworthy.

  10. prakriti

    appu looks beautiful while dancing.she has charm and elegance.appu u totally desrve a true love.we want to see appu love story not anyone else.

  11. arpita

    I m not good at all mukti.I m suffering from fever n headache .Exams r coming n i hav not read all day even now i m not reading.I m in my bed n trying to sleep for sometime.I think this happend for the changing weather.Pray for me so that i can get well soon n able to study.By the way how was ur day dr?

  12. arpita

    siddhi,before i could not reply dr.if u luv him then it’s the way what is the lucky guys name,age n what he does?

  13. shraddha

    main toh iss chipkali ko maar seriously! does she think she is some mahanatma.

  14. Ooshi akbar

    Guys I am very sad ? my favourite Qawal Amjad Fareed Sabri is died sue to target killing guys what was his sin guys first time in my life I liked any Qawal and he died today guys I am really weeping could anyone tell me what was his sin

  15. Dharhu

    Hi really this chipkali is irritating. She is really stupid even after knowing the truth that malay nly loves apu and even after hearing apu’s words she can’t understand both apulay love each other nd she is saying that she is doing for nly malay. She is really doing for herself so selfish girl. I don’t know how they kept her name as vardaan she is nt a boon she is a bane for this serial. Anyway today apu rocked nd she is very beautiful.

    • Kathy


      |Registered Member

      Apu indeed very beautiful… As u said chipkali is very irritating … I too wish.. She goes away soon..

  16. Dharhu

    Any one noticed in today’s episode that chipkali called abi as bhai so there will be no union of abi and chipkali so hw they are going to remove her from the show nd in today’s episode the idol got broken.if the idol fall on chipkali nd if she dies means it will be grt to watch this show anyway if they throw this chipkali out from the serial it will be grt nd today she really irritated me a lot.

  17. Kathy


    |Registered Member

    Uff this chipkali … No words….to discribe…worse creature .. Ever… Disgusting..??????????????

  18. Ooshi akbar

    Yaar ALLAH TAALA dare ache logon ko apne pass jldi q bula lete hain un k pas jitne b log hon ge woh ache hi hon ge q k woh gnde logon ko to apne pass jldi bulate nhi gain lakin kya Unhain iss dunya ka khyal nhi hai k iss dunya main ache insaan zyada nhi gain

  19. Kathy


    |Registered Member

    How dare she challenge our Apu.. Go Apu .. U just need only one scratch.. Don’t know y Apu bearing this chipkali…

  20. Kathy


    |Registered Member

    Ooshia.. Answer to ur yesterday’s post… U mean.. Sooryavansham right.. Starring amithab bachchan .. I watched that movie both in Tamil n Hindi…

    • Ooshi akbar

      In that movie when Amitabh bachan’s son tells him that my friend is resembles to you ab says no It’s me who to him
      According to the case we were discussing
      Son of Hindi says my friend Urdu resembles to u and Hindi says no it’s me who resembles to her

  21. vardaan

    I like vardaan more than apu. Im sorry if i hurt any of you guys by saying this but its just my opinion.

  22. Kathy


    |Registered Member

    Life always offers you a second chance. is called tomorrow… Donโ€™t loose hope. You will never know what tomorrow will bring.

    Good night to all my VK family…specially for u ooshi dear… This is for u.. Have a good sleep .. Sleep well.. Sweet dreams.. See u guys tomorrow in shaa Allah ..

    • Ooshi akbar

      Di it’s for our all family and tour little sister ooshi is appointed you on this duty so u wrote her name

  23. Kathy


    |Registered Member

    Shai dear..even I heard that BHR has a very big fan following on social nets… Happy for the info…

  24. Anu


    |Registered Member

    Heu guys!! Yesterday didnt comment but today i wanna say….actually ask will u welcome me in your family…..i dont saw written uodates or generally dont comment in tu…but for being your friend nd a part of your family will surely do…..btw i love vishkanya bit i miss so many epoisodes…..from 2 days i started to watch again…..nd isome starting episode…..can any1 of u tell me the summary from the party when apu first time go out of her house? How can appu is alvie when she is dead? I m verych confuse….sry for disturbing u guys

    • Ooshi Akbar

      welcome anu to our family keep commenting after the party apulay love story started apu came to know her reality and plans that she will kill her enemies apu and malay were going to marry but nandita and malay’s uncle kill the apu and convince chipkali vardhaan to marry him and they got married while malay didn’t know that he is marring chipkali then appu came back as vishkanya had 3 or 4 lives malay start disbelieving her during all this malay’s father his 1 or 2 uncle and some other people killed by apu

  25. Shai


    |Registered Member

    The tall and pretty Aishwarya Khare who is now better known as Vishkanya is loved by all.

    With the actress just stepping into the industry, not much is known about her.

    In a conversation with, Aishwarya shared some unfamiliar facts about her which people would love to read.

    1. Music is my life and I canโ€™t live without my earphones.

    2. I adore Priyanka Chopra a lot and she is my inspiration.

    3. I am addicted to Instagram and love uploading my pics.

    4. I am a trained Kathak dancer.

    5. I love yoga. In fact rather than gym or exercising, I prefer yoga.

    6. I love making picture books and collect them as memories.

    7. U wonโ€™t believe but I hate mangoes and when I tell people about it they donโ€™t believe me.

    8. I canโ€™t do without applying mascara.

    9. My nickname is Vishu. So when I signed Vishkanya, my parents told me that the show was meant to be mine.

    10. I have a weird habit of chewing my tongue when I am engrossed in something.
    This for the true vishkanya family…did u like it???

  26. Ooshi Akbar

    yeh vardhaan chipkali baki sb chipkalion se mukhtalif hai
    1 baki chipkalian hmare kareeb hoti hain jb chahain unhain mar skte hain lakin ise nhi
    2 baki chipkalian thora km aur kbhi kbhi irritate krti hain (agr kren to) but yeh chipkali hr bar aur boht zyada irritate krti hai
    3 baki cnipkalion ko brdasht/tolerate kia ja skta hai pr ise nhi
    4 baki chipkalion pe agr ghusa aae to boht km aa ta hai aur ki to shakl dekh kr b ghussa aata hai
    5 shaid chipkalion main b itni sharm hoti hai k wo 2 pyaar krne walon k drmyaan nhi aati pr yeh aati hai
    yakeenan main iss vardaan chipkali ki kch khasosiat/characteristics bhool gai hoon jo chahe iss ki khasosiat agla/next number de kr likh skta hai
    sorry agr maine vardhaan lovers ko hurt kia ho I AM SORRY but main vardhaan chipkali ki bat kr rhi thi vardhaan ki nhi iss ki wazahat/explanation main bbad main krn gi woh b sirf apne family members k lie lakin agr ksi ne poochna ho to pooch skta hai

  27. Ooshi Akbar

    Bhai aap ko pta hai k aap ko pta hai aap ko ghaib hue aaj doosra din hai ab wapis aaen aur btaen k kdr ghaib the

  28. Ooshi Akbar

    ASSALAM O ALAIKUM and gooood morning to all members of my lovely and cute family wish u all a great day ahead and may ALLAH remain u all under the show of His blessing’s cloud and guide us all to the right path AMEEN SUM AMEEN

      • Kathy


        |Registered Member

        ูˆูŽุนูŽู„ูŽูŠู’ูƒูู…ู ุงู„ุณูŽู‘ู„ูŽุงู…ู Wa’-Alaikum Assalam … U have a good day ahead… Wishing the same… Keep smiling ..

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