Vishkanya 22nd July 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 22nd July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vardaan calls neighbors and invites for satyanarayan pooja at 7:30. Neighbors says still there is a lot of time. Vardaan says asks to be on time and disconnects. She with Abhi checks clocks and all clocks show 7:10 p.m. She realizes Apu trapped her in her own game. She opens Apu’s room and is shocked to see Apu and Malay sleeping on bed. Apu wakes up and laughs on Vardaan that she must be thinking why her plan failed. She says she now must have realizedhow much she loves Malay. Malay wakes up and is shocked to see himself in Apu’s room.

Kalpana comes to Mittal mansion and asks kumkum where is Vardaan, she invited her for pooja. Kumkum takes her to pooja room. All ladies gather and Kalpana starts pooja.

Apu then tells Malay that they don’t have to hide their love now as Vardaan has seen them together today. Malay tries to explain Vardaan, but she stands in a shock and then tightly slaps Apu. Kalpana hears sound and asks what is this sound. Neighbors say something has falling. She runs inside followed by neighbors.

Apu says Vardaan if she wants to see Malay and her love and shows her lipstick marks on Malay’s whole body. Kalpana with neighbors enter and is shocked to hear Apu’s comments. She slaps Apu for her heinous act and asks Malay he brought her here to protect her, this is how he wanted to protect her. Guests start badmouthing about Apu that she is characterless like her mouth.

Precap: Kalpana says Malay that he fulfilled his desires, who will accept Apu now. She pours kerosene on her body and says she will kill herself. Malay applies sindhoor on Apu’s forehead and says she is his wife now.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. Ayesha

    Hii frndz today i m happy bcoz in my family every matter is solved and they r happy and mona 146 i m not faking or black mailing you all i said u all u all bcoz u all is like my own family and u can understand me and i don’t have anybody to share my problems so i share with u all and u r saying i m faking i m not any writer to write any story if u don’t believe me so don’t believe and sorry frndz i decided to leave this family very very very sorry bcoz i hurt and by by take care bye forever sorry

    • Ooshi Akbar

      Ayesha i don’t want to bad mouth and don’t u ever think to leave this family if mona thinks u r faking then its her mentality y r u effecting urself so much because of her and we understand u it should be enough for u what mona thinks it’s her problem don’t left us for her because we love u a lot and we understand u so no bye for ever not even think of it

    • Ooshi Akbar

      mera munh na khulwao aur insaan bn kr comment kro waise b kafi members missing hain ab reply kro ya comment tumhari mrzi but Ooshi ki dictionary main chup rehna nhi hai aur jahan tk rhi problems share krne ki baat to family main log problems share krte hain agr mona ko yeh nhi pta to hmara kya kasoor hai

    • Kathy

      |Registered Member

      Nothing to say Ayesha… Every time… We all Supported u … Advised u … Atlease we listen to u… If u wanna leave this page.. It’s ur wish… But sad.. Ur leaving this page for only one person negative comment… What to say… If this is what u call family for u… Then no comment from my side… Wherever u are take good care of yourself….

    • Siddhi

      |Registered Member

      Please Ayesha don’t leave our family.if u are hurted then I will tell u sorry but pls don’t leave vishkanya family

  2. Tweety

    I feel very bad for malay.. he is feeling guilty.. appu could have done something else to get him.. not like this.. 😐😐

      • Ooshi Akbar

        Irade jin k pukhta(firm) hon nazr jin ki khuda pr ho
        Talatumkhez (difficult maybe) mojon(waves of water came in river or seas) se woh ghabraya nhi krte
        Di this is poetry not simple lines

  3. Ooshi Akbar

    after making id first time my desired page came but after using my id by opening fb when i opens fb my id opens

  4. aparajeeta rawat

    wtf… what’s wrong with the writer…… mana show ka theme unrealistic hai but it’s intetesting but now they are making it so confusing n over dramatic.. malay apu se pyar karta tha par shadi vardan se ki … then he develop feeling for vardan but consummated wid apu.. then fills her hairline n now she is his 2 wife… wowww….. oh come on yaar ye vishkanya ki love story hai.. par ab usse antagonist banna dia h m just not happy with the current storyline…

  5. Abzzz

    LOcation changed…apu’s place(servnt f th house nw.bcz idnt think she will lev th hous aftr knowing apu’s truth) to vardan..nd vardan’s place to apu…ws they really consummate or its a plan by apu??I like vardaan more apu..and nw malay also startd to feel 4…is this 4 reunion of apu and malay or last success of apu b4 find her truth by all?? I wish its all were fake nd varadaan too realize it nd malay will love her

  6. Sana

    Honestly speaking the vishkanya story line isn’t falling right. Is apu the antagonist? She’s a victim for crying out loud… But you’re making her the villain of the story. And she’s now a second wife? And Malay has started loving Vardaan? What’s with a all that? I thought it was said that they would fall in love irrevocably the first time they meet

  7. Kathy

    |Registered Member

    What is this new twist… Apu as 2nd wife …😳😳😳😳😳… I wish I could kill this makers…

    • Kathy

      |Registered Member

      Oh cv’s pls stop this nonsense … If u all really want Malay n Apu to unite… Then y made chipkali to marry/ come between apulay…. As the serial started it was really Interesting but, Just to keep going on & on you guys are Dragging it with a very Horrible Episodes….

  8. HarSHaN

    |Registered Member

    Tanq frndzz for reading DevShi previous epi’s..

    Dev is a powerful one in cinema specially in Artdirecting,VFX..
    After that day’s work is finished,Dev goes to other movie crews n help them to take stories in a spl screen look…
    While going to home,Dev calls the Director of movie”ShivMeera”
    N said”Chotu is talking angrily because of his belief in me.Dont take tat wrongly…I know Hardworking never fails..U’ll win 1 day..I’ll help U to reach tat..Bt U must work hard”
    Director catch the point tat Dev is talking about the hero..who scolds him(director)..
    N said”Sir..I didnt take tat serously..Tanq Dev Sir..I ll work hard”
    Dev leaves from there n reach his home..
    Taking his lap,he creates the face of a little girl who is a secret in ShivMeera story..
    Bt,He get an angel face..Its none other than Sona..
    Dev thinks with a smile”I try to draw the face of tat little ghost girl in the story..Bt I get a face of an angel-ghost”
    Dev thinks”Tiz face looks mesmerising..”
    N decided to make tat secret in the story is Angelic-ghost he got.n calls the Director..
    Director:”Sir..Any Urgent Sir..I ‘ll come to ur home”
    Dev:”Nothing like tat..The secret is an angel actually a ghost..I made tat fiction face..U need to see tat..I email tat..Bt U select anyone for tat role..”
    Director:”Sure Sir..I’ll check..Tanq”
    Dev:”C u in offc”..
    N cuts the call..
    Dev closed his eyes n strts sleeping..
    A voice:”Dev..Tanq for creating..”
    Dev thinks he is in dream..
    Bt,again a voice near his ears:”Tanq Dev..”
    Dev opens his eyes..n see the same angellic-ghost near his face..
    Dev was shocked n thinks”Hw??I didn’t make her coming to this world by my power..Bt how??”
    Angelic ghost smiles n said”Again Tanq Dev for creating me”
    Hope U like tiz frndzz..
    Maybe Its look like “Enchanted” bt not like that..
    Tanq frndzz for reading n kindly write ur thoughts after reading..

    • Ooshi Akbar

      today episode was good and happy to know that he is an understanding guy as he is also in the serial because yesterday’s update didn’t explain his character

    • Kathy

      |Registered Member

      As always good episode harshan… Loved it where Dev think ” I try to draw the face of little ghost …. But get a face of Angel..” It’s lovely… Awee he is so mesmerised by our sona.. Luv the episode … keep writing… Waiting for the next episode to see how Dev react on sona arrival / exist …

  9. Dharhu

    Now wat they’re trying to show,though precap is nice bt wats the use this idiot malay is in love with idiot chipkali nd they’re showing chipkali as a mahaan nd y they are showing apu’s character so cheap don’t know what to say abt this track. Really confusing whether we should support apulay or we should go for new hero for apu watever maybe for the godsake plzzzzz remove this chipkali or don’t show as her a great mahaan really annoying 😡

    • Ooshi Akbar

      answer of ur all questions is to make us angry and according to me new hero’s entry will be better although it doesn’t suit the story but malay can’t be trusted now agreed to ur last wish remove this chipkali we get irritated of it now

  10. Ayesha

    Sorry very sorry Kathy di siddhi & ooshi di from now I will never ever think to leave my vk family and once again sorry and siddhi no need it sorry I m really very deffer sorry guys 😊😊😊

  11. Ayesha

    *duffer actually that when I read her reply my mind is not working so i take that decision leave that & one more thing that ur prayer work my family member accept me so i m so so so happy 😊😊😊 thanks to praying for me

  12. Kathy

    |Registered Member

    Faith is the art of holding on to things in spite of your
    changing moods and circumstances.

    Good Night guys….. Have a good sleep …. Sweet dreams…

    See u guys tomorrow … In shaa Allah…

  13. Siddhi

    |Registered Member

    My mother is feeling like she is going to die and she tells that soon she will die.I am very much worried for her.I tried to make her understand but still she is thinking that only.pls guys why she is thinking like this?I can’t loose my mother pls reply to me.

    • Ooshi Akbar

      what happened Siddhi what is happened to her tell her to have believe in God nothing will happen to her and don’t worry God will not do anything bad with u explain aunt’s problem in detail i can’t talk to u more now as i can’t control my emotions because when my mother left me she didn’t even tell and left me alone sorry i said much but what happened to aunt

    • Kathy

      |Registered Member

      Happy she is go… B with her dear… Don’t leave her alone… Time to time talk to her in positive manner… Hope she will b fine soon… Don’t worry dear… Take care of herself n u too…

  14. Nandana

    |Registered Member

    hi guys i am having 100 degree fever so i didn’t went to school today instead i went to hospital when i returned home i thought of chatting here but the tu was not available now i am very happy that tu have returned 🙂

  15. Ooshi Akbar

    ASSALAM O ALAIKUM what’s going on and is anyone here from the time i wake up the page was offline thank God the latest page came

  16. Nandana

    |Registered Member

    Oh now only i saw ur comment siddhi i feeling very bad for u and tell ur mother to believ in god . God won’t allow anything to happen to ur mother. I have full trust on god that nothing will happen to ur mother .

  17. pari

    I think vardhan should leave the house ,once husband do such thing . I know how much the person suffer wen her husband marry another girl in front of her .
    My cousin was in same situation so I know the pain, please vardhan leave Malay and just go from there.

    • Anonymous

      so sorry to here that…but think about apu.. she is to marry malay…they play game and get married vardhan to malay and vardhan knows that malay love apu…think about how apu went throw….if u ask me vardhan derserve this.

    • Kathy

      |Registered Member

      Oh sorry for ur cousin dear…. Don’t take it literally… End of the day this is a serial… Written by mad writers… To frustrate viewers by their making…

  18. Ooshi Akbar

    guys i had to go some where for some work try to comment and complete our target of 100 comments i will be back in 1 or 2 hours try to come back as early as possible plz complete the target only 7 comments r left till then bye Allah Hafiz and take care

  19. Anne

    Reproduced from my comment and the ensuing thread (of reply comments) on ozee:

    From mythological point of view: “the consummation” was probably faked by the female protagonist of this serial. However, even if it were true, Malay was out of harm’s way – with Aparajita rendered weak and non-poisonous by the new-moon. Interesting development for sure!

    Most of us would have liked the show had the union of the original main leads of the serial (Aparajita and Malay), not been meddled with by the introduction of some disfigured extras.

    It’s sad to see Aparajita (and also her aunt – Kalpana) being shown in a poor light.

    It is saddening as well as infuriating to see – continued depiction of harassment, and hurting of pride and dignity of womenfolk in “Ghosh”-family – by members of the Mittal family, their friends, and neighbours. The impending marital union of the original lead pair could have been brought about in a more aesthetically appealing manner.

  20. Ooshi Akbar

    well done guys u complete our target thanks Anonymous and Sidhi as u did the last ones

  21. Kathy

    |Registered Member

    What happen to this TU server since morning it’s offline… Glad it online now…. N I here it’s 100 comment complete… Before I come…😊😊So happy … 😊😊😊

  22. Nandana

    |Registered Member

    Thx all of u especially ooshi ,siddhi, kathy di for urs care for me and wishing me to get well soon . I think i will get well soon as urs wishings r with me and siddhi i think u r right that i am having viral fever but doctor didn’t said anything like that but i think so that u said right and kathy di i will take my medicines given by doctor on time. And ooshi i dont know how i got this fever. But i think so it is from school . 🙂

  23. Nandana

    |Registered Member

    And siddhi how is ur mother . Is she alright ? I think she will be alright and say to her by my side that get well soon

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