Vishkanya 21st June 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 21st June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vardaan silently gets out of Apu’s house and goes back to Mittal house. Apu asks where was she from such a long time. Vardaan thinks she should catch Apu red-handed and not utter anything before that and leaves saying she got her mom’s call. Apu sees mud on floor. She goes home and sees broken vase and realizes that Vardaan had come her, she will not let Vardaan doubt her again.

Vardaan munches chips murmuring she could not know Apu’s plan and continues murmuring. Apu comes and says they will write their favorite things on paper. Vardaan starts writing her favorite color, food, actor, movie, sports star, etc., then first love…Malay gets nervous and walks out from there. Vardaan thinks she knows Malay’s first love is Apu, but she does not know why Vardaan wants

to harm Malay, she will know what her plan is and destroy it.

Apu gets ready and gets out of house. Vardaan starts following her. She hides and fools Vardaan. Vardaan continues searching her. Apu goes back to Mittal house and meets Nigam. Nigam asks why did she come here. She says she felt dealing money matters in market, so she came to his home. He says she did good. She asks if he stays here alone. He says he stays wi9th his sister and brother-in-law who have gone to waste money in charity, his nephew who went out, his daughter-in-law who is spendthrift and went for shopping, his 2 waste body brothers who also went out. He asks how much he won. She says as he thought, double. His eyes widen in greed. Apu gives him money and reminisces taking it out from Nigam’s secet locker with Kalpana. She explains him how he can get more money.

Vardaan waits for Apu near lottery shop and returns back and instead of going to Mittal mansion, she goes to Apu’s house and knocks door. Kalpana opens door and asks what she needs from Apu. Vardaan says she has some important work with Apu. Kalpana says she cannot meet Apu now. Malay passes by and asks what is she doing here. She says she has important work with Apu. Malay asks her to come along. Vardaan pushes Kalpana and runs towards Apu’s room saying Malay she will expose Apu today. She knocks door. Apu opens door wearing bath towel around her hair and asks Kalpana why did she let anyone to her room when she told not to let anyone. Kalpana says Vardaan forcefully came here. Malay angrily leaves. Vardaan is shocked that her plan failed and tries to leave. Kalpana and Apu stop her.

Precap: Vardaan says Apu that she will not let her come near Malay. Apu says she forgot that she can come here anytime.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Chipkali ……innocent face but she knows how to wooo boys very much cunning ….
    Hate uuuuu vardhan

    1. Kathy

      Wow chakor… First to comment…

    2. Kathy

      Today gold medalist..?

  2. Vardaan too much.. Go to Hell

    1. Kathy

      Yes she is so annoying ..

  3. Siddhi

    Thanks for update MA

  4. Sriranjani

    awesome episode…………………………………?
    Pallanathu pallanathu pallanathu?…..En Kaiylum sikkamale Valatuthu?…hey Naan theduthe? Unnathan….Nee thedarthe ennathan?…..hey Naan theduthe Unnathan?….Nee thedarthe ennathan?…..Eanakku ennallume vettri than???….Allah Allah Allah Ohhh…??..
    Guys this song is from Kuruvi Tamil movie song- Pallanathu…(This will be apt for Both Chipkali and Apu???????????❤❤❤✨ )…..
    Hi my Tamil Frnds and Hindi and other Language Frnds……………………..✋?

    1. Shai

      Please give us the translation dear

      1. Sriranjani

        means- It is too dangerous and It is not able to capture her/him in my hands and it thinks soo much about itself and playing games with me/Us. I’m also searching 4 U and U too does d same. Only I will win All the Times … Oh Masha Allah……..

        I think some may understand my meaning.

    2. Haha … Sama song …. And nice translation yaar …????????

    3. thanks for the meaning Sriranjani

    4. Kathy

      Lol..???. Good song n translation dear…

  5. Chipkali is irritating …. ????…. I need apu and Malay scenes …..

    1. Kathy

      Yes we all waiting for that day dear..

  6. malay’s love for apu is not so deep!!!he didn’t even trust apu.if he had trusted apu he would not marry chipkali.

    1. Kathy

      Yes Arpita dear… Ur right…

    2. Yes it is not deep,I blame the director for making Malay marry Vardaan

  7. siddhi ,i hav one question for u dr.ur marriage got fixed to guy(i don’t remember his name).when u will grow up u may fall in luv with someone else and this can also happen with him’s not uncommon it can happen.then what u will do?i knw i should not talk into ur personal or family matters.i think this decision of urs or ur family is not right.forgive me if i hav hurt the way why r u not posting ur ff?

    1. Siddhi

      Arpita,love is like for example if you want a pen and your parents don’t give you then for two three days you will feel bad then you will forget and like this only if I love someone else then I am sure that I will forget him in two three but he will be my friend.And I love Karan only as from 10 we play together means when I was of 3 from that time I love him.Reply to me.

    2. I don’t deny ur theory about love but the pen u like and not given to u by ur parents it will always remain in ur memory that there was a pen whom u liked very much but can’t got it and this thing will remain In ur memories

  8. Hii everyone how was ur day ?? and today apu rock

    1. our day was nice (from me surely and some others) and good (from kathy di surely and from some others don’t worry they will also reply themselves and who can’t then i am here on their behalf)

      1. Kathy

        Hi dear… How u doing??? Hope u feeling better now… Am good dear… Take care of yourself…

  9. This chipkali vardan shud go to hell

    1. Kathy

      Don’t worry she will.. One day..

  10. it’s not d love ree?
    intact it’s not a love story
    i can’t find dat love spark in apulay’s eyes?
    writers r really fool…
    Nd vardaan!
    yuck..succckkss maan
    oldie aunty,zero IQ,mannerless, brainless
    abbey who r u to stop Apu
    bich me anewali aunty
    kamal ka story hai!
    they just ruined it
    villain apu
    villain aunty vardaan
    fool malay
    wah…keya show hai?

    1. agr yeh show tumhain itna hi acha lgta hai jaise k tum ne btaya to dekhti ya prhti hi q ho? agr ho ske to iss question ka answer de dena plz

  11. kathy di ,naren,ooshi,mukti,rufina,harshan,shai,siddi where r u all dr?

    1. i am missing them too

    2. Kathy

      Hi Arpita dear… As usual am late today even … Sorry dear… U Shai n ooshi… U three all alone comment here… Fasting time bit difficult to comment on the early…

      1. Di 3 people couldn’t be alone and sorry is band here u should remember this but u could modify it I hope u understand what I mean

      2. Kathy

        I knew u would say this to my apology … When I txt it I only thought of u… Thought..” Oh what Ooshi dear would say to my sorry” I know I shouldn’t use it dear… ???

      3. di mje aur ksi ka nhi pta lakin mje aap sorry kbi nhi bloen gi ye baat hamesha yaad rakhna agr modify na kr ski to kch na bolna waise b aap to meri di ho sorry na b bola to main aap ko nhi choron gi smjhi waise bre choton ko smjhate hain aur aap mjhe lakin aaj mje yeh bat aap ko smjhani pr gai acha jaise thank u ko i am happy main convert krte hain isi trha sorry ko i am sad or i am feeling sad main convert krte hain jaise aaj aap ko kehna chahiye tha I AM SAD THAT I AM LATE TO REPLY BUT I WAS BUSY IN SOME WORKS ya sirf REPLY tk b kafi tha

      4. Kathy

        Ur a good modifier ..? Ok dear… I will keep remember … Hope now ok…

      5. it’s better now

  12. guys i m going to visit india n nepal with my family after my final exam.i m soooo excited!!!!!

    1. Kathy

      On a vacation …

    2. arpita wish u a happy and safe journey take care of you self and your family

    3. Kathy

      Safe journey dear..

  13. chipkali is worst and malay is bcm gone case now.appu u desrve better kill them all and start new life.dont go after malay he is good for nothing.

    1. Kathy

      Yes prakriti sometimes even I think that Malay love is not strong enough …

  14. Hi i’m new to this site bt today i want to comment on the stupid vardaan wat she is thinking?really I’ve seen many serials bt i never seen such a irritating character like vardaan. in tamil they’ll say siva poojaila karadi pogunda maari like this vardaan really plz i beg the director to reunite appu and malay

    1. Kathy

      Hi Dharhu…. Warmly welcome to our beautiful family…. Well said… Call her chipkali…It suits chipkali well… Keep commenting…

    2. Welcome to this site and also in our family if u want to became a part of it and I am surprised that this chipkali/ vardhaan force u to comment here keep commenting

    3. ? I doubt this. Satrangi Sasural serial got ruined when Vibha was brought in like Vardaan has been. Why the writers & directors do this?

  15. Vardan knows only bad things about apu ( vishkanya)and about kalpana she wants revenge from them.but she really don’t find the truth about revenge and bad in nandita.but now also spy is not harming vardan.vardan could think that u apu dint hurt her at all??atleast if she want only revenge means 1at not apu could harm vardaan only right??y this vardaan not think about this.

    1. Kathy

      Coz she is brainless …

    2. According to that Malay should also think about apu and at least talk to her they all are the same

    3. Hiiiiii……. frnds

      1. Kathy

        Hi rosy …

      2. hi rosy how’s ur days are spending

  16. Kathy

    Tnx MA mam for the updates…

  17. Kathy

    Y writers dragging this nigam part.. So far Apu should have kill him…

  18. Kathy

    Cheapo chipkali she is the one who comes between apulay… N now she says that she won’t allow near Malay… How dare she…who the hell are you ???? ???

    1. Di don’t be so angry ? as anger is not good for health and also haram in Islam

      1. Kathy

        Yep dear..

  19. Kathy

    Chit… Cheapo chipkali… Doesn’t have even manners… Today’s chipkali scene remind me of a hindi proverb …. APNE PER PE KULADI MARNA …

    1. an other proverb with the same meaning …. AA BAIL(OX) MUJHE MAR

      1. Kathy

        Yep it’s similar … To that

  20. Kathy

    Shai today I comment on Bahu hamari rajini Kant…Show.. Very less comment for that show..

    1. Shai

      Oh dear….actually i watch it on tv or hotstar and active on twitter for it…the show has a lot of fans there

  21. di i am observing from many days that…. guess kro aesa kon sa kam hai jo aap kch dino se nhi kr rhi

  22. main woh kam kr to doon lakin 1 msla/problem hai k jb main woh kam kron gi to sare……….. hon ge

    1. Kathy

      What kaam dear… Any clue ?

      1. raat ko wo kam aap kch dino pehle regularly krti thin

      2. Kathy

        I got it … My good night message … With quotes… ?? am I right..

      3. Kathy

        will continue them hereafter ..?? for u…

      4. Kathy


      5. Yeah u r right don’t forget it tonight

      6. Kathy

        Yes sure dear..

  23. Anu

    Hey guys!!!….can u tell me who r pairs….means malay nd apu….or malay nd chipkali

    1. apu and malay are the real pair but due to some dash dash track of writers malay and chipkali are presently married

    2. Kathy

      Malay n Apu only …

  24. ASSALAM O ALAIKUM and agreat good morning to all members of my sweet and cute family wish u all a very good day ahead

    1. Kathy

      – وَعَلَيْكُمُ السَّلَامُ Wa-ʿalaikum Assalam ooshi dear… I too have a very good day ahead..

  25. good morning to the cute members of my sweet family.

    1. Kathy

      Good afternoon Arpita…

  26. Mukti.H

    hi everyone………….
    this week i will be veryyyyyyyyy…. busy so can not comment….

    1. Kathy

      Good morning mukti… U have a great day head dear… It’s ok … Happy u comment today even though ur busy

  27. Mukti.H

    on 20 june wu page i had asked everyones age and where arw they frm but did not tell mine
    guys i am from bangladesh(chittagong)
    my age is 15 years and my birthday is 5 December (2000)……………..

  28. Kathy

    Good morning naren, ooshi, Shai, shafaq, rufina, siddhi, harshan, Mel, mukti, nagma, Tara, shammu,sharaya, Ayesha Akka, Eva , Elsa , Arpita, kavya, shraddha , Nandi, sharadh chitali, prakriti n all my old n new

    1. Siddhi

      Good morning kathy di

  29. mukti i m also from bangladesh(habiganj)n my age is 15.

  30. Thanks, bt i can’t comment daily as i don’t get my phone bt your updates are really helpful. And y they are not retelecasting this serial and y are not updating any segments.s i gt so angry wat this stupid chipkali told to apu in the precap as if she is the only person who takes care about malay even apu also loves malay bt she is not expressing her feelings. Really i want malay to get some hint abt apu(about y she didn’t attend her marriage) nd if he gets a small hint definitely he’ll find the truth for his lady love apu. And can anyone say me wat is chipkali mean and for also churel

    1. Kathy

      Chipkali.. Lizard n churel is witch …

    2. Kathy

      It’s ok Dharhu comment whenever u get ur phone…

      1. i want to say the same

  31. Yeah hi I’ve been watching vishkanya frm strtng .but just before I saw a promo of vishkanya mentioning vardhaan as main n apu as villian given vardhaan’s love or apu’s hatred .in the opening promos they’ve said its an extraordinary love story of vishkanya and they are showing in an other angle .??!!!!!!!

  32. aishwarya posted a dancing pic of appu.means chipkali and appu dance faceoff for malay.i think crap writer make this chipkali win bcz of her suhag logic.

    1. Kathy

      Oh would luv to see apu’s dance … … Is that dance for Malay… But I don’t want this stupid chipkali to win… Wish to kill this writes ..

  33. Kathy

    Quote of the day .!!!!

    The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any. –

    Alice Walker

    1. good one

  34. Kathy

    When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us. –Helen Keller

  35. Kathy

    I think Shai, harshan n rufina are busy today….

    1. yes they are really very busy i thought

  36. Kathy

    Ooshi.. I would luv to learn Urdu dear… I know little bit of Hindi by watching shows..?? in Sri Lanka only three languages are spoken… English Sinhala n Tamil….

    1. Di Urdu is not a difficult language but may be the most easier of all

      1. Kathy

        Really… Happy to learn ..?? from u … Taught me some words… I heard it similar to Hindi is it true???

      2. Di actually due to living same in sub continent our Urdu has became part of indian’s life too but they also use some words of Hindi in their conversations in short present Hindi resembles to Urdu did u watch indian movie suryavansham

  37. Thanks,really it suits for both vardaan and nandita and i also saw the insta pic i really want appu to win nd show to malay that she didn’t cheat him from this malay should get some clue nd he should get back her lady love apu and for the godsake plz remove this idiot chipkali from the show or unite with abi

    1. Kathy

      We all wish the same

  38. Kathy

    Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
    – Gandhi

  39. Kathy

    Finally 100 complete..

    1. Congrats di

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