Vishkanya 21st July 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 21st July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Temple lady gives some ash to Vardaan and asks her to throw it on Apu when she leaves house, she will not dare to come back. Kalpana sees them talking from a distance and follows lady thinking who is she and why is she hiding her face. She clashes with a biker and stop, lady escapes by then.

Vardaan searches satyanarayan pooja book in home and sees Malay trying to read it. She asks what is he doing. He says he wants to talk to his wife. She stands dumstuck in a surprise. Apu comes and says Vardaan she prepared prasad, she can come and check. Malay shouts at Apu to let him speak to his wife for sometime and go out. Apu stands in a shock seeing Malay’s changed tone. Kumkum calls Vardaan and Malay shouts he will write down his feelings and give it to Vardaan in the evening. Vardaan

goes with Apu and checks prasad. Kumkum says everything is tasty. Vardaan asks Apu to prepare laddoos as it is main prasad. Apu asks what drama is this now. Kumkum asks Vardaan to handle her and leaves. Apu says she knows she is up to something.. Vardaan says he knows Vishkanya get very weak and lose powers on monsoon’s first amavasya, so she will force her to work so much that she will turn blue and expose her true colors in front of everyone and will be forced to get out of this house, she warned her to go herself, but she did not, so it is a punishment for her.

Apu prepares laddoos thinking she will not let Vardaan win in her dirty plan. Vardaan thinks of getting Apu more tired to turn her blue soon and picks flour to give it to her to make something. Apu turns and flour falls on both of them. Apu asks what nonsense is this. Malay sees them and asks to go and change. Apu smirks and leaves thinking now she will be in room….

Vardaan comes out after cleaning herself and tries to go to Apu’s room. Malay holds her. Romantic song Bol Do na zara plays in the background…He says he has written a letter for her and kept it somewhere, she can read his feeling in it. He then asks what she wants to say. She says Apu and says he has to get Apu out of room for pooja. He says she will come out herself. She insists to go and get her.

Kalpana prays kali maa to protect her daughter. Apu opens window and Kalpana signals if she is ready… Apu nods yes. Malay walks into Apu’s room on Vardaan’s insistence and widens eyes seeing Apu.

Precap: Vardaan asks Avi what is time now. He says 7:10 p.m. She gets tensed and walks towards Apu’s room thinking if it was Apu’s plan. She opens room door and is shocked to see Malay and Apu sleeping in each other’s arms.

Update Credit to: MA

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