vishkanya 20th September 2016 fan fiction

The episode starts with Apu stands shocked.. Malay comes there and asks what happened? Apu says it is OK. Malay takes her in his arms and brings her to hall., AVI calls her lover. He gets shocked after seeing her close to one boy.. He shouts who r u? She tells he is my ex boy friend. He slaps her., Ex boy friend comes there and beats avi.. He shouts., apu and Malay comes there and sees this and gets shocked. Malay beats them.

Avi gets up and cries.. Malay tells avi not to cry like girl.. He wipes his tears and beats her.. Malay asks what happened?? Ex boy friend runs from there.. Malay brings down to hall. He announces marriage will be cancelled!!! O:-) All stands shocked. Kum kum comes there and asks malay who r u to tell this? Kum kum says him to leave.. All stands shocked.Apu comes there and tells kumkum to mind her language

Kumkum raises Hand. Malay holds it and warns her not to raise hand. Avi tells kum kum that he is ready for marriage, shocking the girl.. Apu slaps him and leaves to room with malay. Apu goes inside and washes her face. Malay sits in bed and looks at pics of avi and him., he wonders why avi is changed??

Next day.. Avi comes to table and apologizes to apulay.. Apu does not mind this but malay tells it is OK and makes him sit to have tiffin. Avi tells apu let us go to temple today evening?? He keeps hand on avi shoulder and agrees. Apulay comes to start their work.. Both sits on their seats,, Md sees this and smiles,, he tells so from this u r little separate and after this u will be more separated., he smiles,,

Precap:Apulay in temple,avi,kumkum,avi fiance and her mother.. Suddenky temple bell falls down near apu., all stands shocked.. Wind blows.. Veiled lady comes there with kinnars..

Sorry guys for late update.. Next epi also will be updated soon

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  1. sorry is not allowed and epi was nice keep it up Dear

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    Nice episode bro I really liked it and thank u so much for posting ๐Ÿ™‚

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      Nice DP dear.,.

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  4. Kathy

    Thanks for the episode naren… I think avi is upto something bad for apulay…. N precap is shocking…

  5. Kathy

    N this MD seems more dangerous …. At any cost don’t separate our apulay naren… It’s a request…

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  11. to live in every moment to die in each moment
    i can’t translate it in english exactly so here’s the Urdu dialogue

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  14. Today I got 2 electric shocks almost after 8pm first one was too powerful I said it powerful because it was for much time comparatively to usual shocks it was such powerful that I thought that I was going to die but I got separated from the wire 2nd one was just too small the hand in which I got first shock is little paining now and the most important thing is that no body in my house knows anything about all this

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    5. except giving her a new memory,a new experience and a new type of pain which she bear

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