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Vishkanya 20th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Apu with Tapur and Dida entering Mittal house for engagement. Guests discuss that she is so beautiful, Malay is very lucky. Pandit stops her and asksNandita to do Apu’s pooja and aarti and then bring her in. Nandita angrily performs Apu’s aarti reminiscing Vardaan’s words that Apu and Kalpana want to kill Malay. Pandit asks her to do Apu’s tilak and she does it angrily. He asks some more rituals and asks her to take girl in. He then asks to call Malay. Abhi goes to bring Malay. Vardaan looks at Apu weirdly. Apu asks why is she looking at her so weirdly.

Malay enters and Apu is mesmerized with his charm. Vardaan also gets mesmerized and says Malay is looking happy, if she is also happy. Apu says no, she is more happier than him,

says she got mingled with Mittal family so easily. Vardaan says yes, they are sweet people. Nandita takes her aside and says Apu will doubt her if she questions her like this. Vardaan says how can she tolerate Apu hating Malay, she saw love for Malay in her eyes, maybe Kalpana is forcing her. They see 2 suspicious people and Vardaan asks who are they. They stammer. Kalpana enters and says they are her relatives. Nandita asks Vardaan where are Kumkum and Renu. She says she does not know.

Kalpana asks Pandit if engagement ceremony can be started. Vardaan says stop, says still party has not started at all. Nandita says she is telling right, guests have just started flowing in and celebrations have started. Kalpana says Nandita is right, party is looking very dull, she had arranged dance program in her house. She asks Abhi to start music.

Renu and Kumkum walk on road searching Kalpana. Vardaan calls her and says Kalpana is at home. Renu says Kalpana is really a black magician. Kalpana dances on song aaj ki raat…song…with Malay and Apu. Nandita fumes. She drags Vardaan to dance. Renu and Kumkum return back home and see a suspicious man there who was with Kalpana. Kalpana takes sweet box from him and is about to feed sweet to Malay when Nandita shouts stop.. Kalpana asks what happened. Nandita says they have a ritual to feed bride sweet first and then groom so that groom understands to feed bride first and eat next. Kalpana says as she wishes and feeds sweets to Apu. Nandita and her puppets are shocked. Kalpana and Apu smirk on them. Vardaan tells Renu and Kumkum that they will harm Malay in some other way. She takes her Nandita and Kumkum to a room and says they have to stop this engagement for sometime to know Kalpana’s plan.

Vardaan sees Malay walking alone and stops him. He asks what. She says cockroach. He panics. She says she killed it and asks where is he going. He says wherever he is going, she will not come. He asks why not. He says washroom, will she come. She starts her imagination again. Renu asks if she saw Malay’s tilak or not. Vardaan says yes. Renu smiles, signalling she is going on a right track.

Kumkum gives bribe forcefully to Pandit and asks to delay engagement muhurath by 1 hour or else he will be out of this colony. Kalpana asks Pandit why is he sitting instead of starting rituals. He says still 1 hour is left. She asks how much bribe he took. He nervously stammers. She says she will give him thrice amount. She then sees Harsh and taunts that his son will pay for the mistake he and his wife did 20 years ago.

Precap: Kalpana sprinkles poison on Malay’s engagement ring and thinks nobody can save Mittal family’s heir.

Update Credit to: MA

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