Vishkanya 20th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 20th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Apu shows Nigam’s secret locker to Kalpana. Kalpana digs ground and tries to open locker and says it is locked, says Apu she has to get key from Nigam at any cost, else how will they give money to Nigam. Vardaan calls her and invites her for a get together tonight. Apu says she does not understand what is in her mind. Vardaan says she has fasted for Malay’s long life and has invited other neighboring ladies also. Apu says if she is fasting for Malay, then she will definitely come. Apu say Kalpana that Vardaan is a fool to call her to Mittal mansion, she will get key from Nigam somehow now. Vardaan thinks she needs to know Apu’s plan at any cost.

Apu does seating arrangements for ladies. Nandita and Kumkum praise her that she got adapted to their house so soon. Ladies start coming in. Malay comes and Vardaan slips on him as usual and apologizes. Apu enters. Nandita asks Vardaan to prepare halwa for Malay. Vardaan says she does not know to prepare it. Abhi says he will get online receipe. Vardaan prepares halwa. Malay tastes it and spits it shouting it is very salty. Apu smiles and says she has brought Malay’s favorfite halwa and feeds him. Vardaan gets jealous.

Apu tries to leave to get key from Nigam, but Vardaan forces her to get mehandi on her hands. She herself rushes to Apu’s house and starts checking her room. Apu serves halwa to everyone and serves Nigam, Madan and Sunder. Nigam tastes halwa and starts vomiting. His key falls down. Apu takes its print on soap and returns it to Nigam. Vardaan finds hair extension in Apu’s room and thinks what is Apu up to now. She runs and breaks vase on the way.

Precap: Apu asks Vardaan where was she and finds soil on her sari. She goes home and finds vase broken and realizes Vardaan came to her room and thinks she will not let Vardaan spoil her plan.

Update Credit to: MA

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