Vishkanya 1st June 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 1st June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nandita’s brother continues misbehaving with Kalpana. Kalpana warns him to stay away from her, else he will repent, asks who is he. Sunder comes calling him Madan, hugs him happily and says he is his favorite brother Madan. Madan asks who is this woman. Suunder says she is Malay’s mother-in-law. Madan starts again and asks where is her husband. She looks at Harsh and says it is not easy to be with her, she sent him where nobody would like to go and if they want to go, she can send them. Malay comes and hugs Madan happily and asks him not to behave with his mother-in-law, says his uncle is a bit funny.

Kalpana goes to room and complains Apu that Nandita’s brothers are so cheap, it shows her family’s status. Kumkum enters and asks if she is badmouthing about

them. Kalpana says no. Kumkum gives Apu’s bridal dress and asks Apu to get ready with this dress.

Madan and Sunder meet Nandita who scolds them and then shows bag. Their eyes widen open in greed, but they see bag empty. Nandita says the money which she sent them every month would have filled this bag. Sunder says she should think that money as advance for doin her work. She says if they do her work, everyone will get bag full of money. They eyes wide open again in greed. Nandita asks what is their plan. They explain pain. Nandita likes it.

Madan and Sunder to go Malaya’s room and sees him busy with tailor. They ask if he bought gift for Apu. He says no. They brainwash him that he should buy gift for Apu for their first night, else Apu will fight with him. They even saw Apu gift wrapping gift for him. Malay asks suggestion. They say kamar band, pefume, dress, etc.. He thanks them and walks out. Apu sees him going out nad asks where is he going. He asks what is her waist size. She asks what he means. He says your neck size, ur favorite color. She says pink. He says he will be back soon.

Ladies come to get Apu ready for marriage. Apu gets a call from Malay, actually Madan calls, that he met with a minor accident on Pune highway and she should come right now. She asks ladies to come after 1-2 hours as she wants to get ready when her mother is present. She rushes out via window. Vardaan sees her going out and follows her. Nandita with her brothers sees Apu going out and smirks.

Apu waits for taxis and finds one. A fat driver who is busy munching food agrees to take her after a bit of jokergiri.

Kalpana is at temple with Kumkum and other ladies and thinks it must be Nandita’s trick to send her to temple.

Precap: Apu goes to highway and calls Malay. Madan with Sunder comes and says he is her Malay. She requests taxi driver to take her from here. He holds her and pushes towards Madan and Sunder.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. Guys is my ff are boring??tell me? And in economics is got 83%. Average 83%… And accounts I wrote superb.. Waiting for full marks and tmr English????Waiting for it.. Now see u soon I need to study.

  2. Ooshi Akbar


  3. shai

    hey siddhi…your little sister is really very cute….congrats for being an elder sister…and welcome her to this world on my behalf… best wishes for you and her!!

  4. shai

    hey ooshi…sorry for the late reply… do whatever you can for stopping this track..the whole vishkanya family is with you

  5. shai

    guys…if malay gets unknowingly married with that chipkali in the mandap…then also they will not be legally married right???? i wish apu and malay get registered marriage…then she will be his legal wife..phir to kanoon ke hisaab se wo hi asli biwi hogi…oh i wish they show it

    • No shai….. If vardaan is married to malay unknowingly they will be called legally wedded couple. If malay registered his marriage with apu simultaneously he will be jailed coz if a hindu man marry again without divorcing his first wife(if she is alive) he will be jailed.

      • Kathy

        shafaq is right don’t know about Indian law… But every wedding should be legally registered … One person cannot register himself twice without divorce…

    • Kathy

      Yes Shai ur right but… Wedding plans are going at Malays place na… But really wish … That both get registered marriage before the mandap…thing… I cannot see Malay with that chipkali…

  6. Yamuna

    I miss the innocent Apu and Apulay’s romance..i noticed that they don’t play that old background music for Apu and Kalpana anymore. It was my fav.

    • shai

      yes yamuna…even i am also missing that good old vishkanya show…and yes i loved the background tune of apu.malay and their romantic “saiyaa”…the innocent apu was very refreshing

    • Rufina

      Yeah di first day school…i was happy that i meet my friends but was not able to spent time with them…We had no classes…but it was boring the assembly was sleepy….They made us sit at last….actually our school 2 girls got state 3rd rank in 10th n they read it n started advising for us n in the assembly…We were happy that advice is over but when we came to class the teacgerd started advising us…books were distributed n many things happen…One Side I enjoyed it but the other side I hated it…

      • Kathy

        Happy to know that u met ur friends after holidays… What to do dear… That’s what school all about … Boring… At the same time don’t miss these assemblies lectures… N all coz u won’t get this opportunities again in ur life … So enjoy every moment…

  7. Kathy

    Arpita, shafaq.. I will b happy when u call me di… Here I got so many sis …coz I have only two brothers only…. ????

  8. Frndz…… How is ur day? Today i took leave from office and did lots of shopping for my di’s marriage. We came to know that my bhabhi was having labour pains. We rushed to hospital and saw a little angel. I suggested that her name will be SHAISTHA NAAZ. My bhai loved the name. Me and my di did lot of shopping for the little girl. My di’s marriage is preponed. It is after 3 weeks……

  9. All the member of vishkanya family please tell me ur age so that I can know who is the eldest and who is the youngest member of this family.Guys my another name is NILA .I have commented once by that name today
    Which one is better NILA or Arpita???

  10. shai

    hey guys…in today’s episode..when kalpana said to apu that she is worried for her…then apu replied-“maa main yahi hoon…aur malay bhi hai”
    so apu feels safe when malay’s around…this is true love
    also today i have seen concern in apu’s eyes when she heard that malay met an accident..
    writers please show us the anokhi prem kahani of apulay

    • Kathy

      Wow … Tnx for the Hindi lines Shai… So intense …. Yah Apu too loves Malay… A lot…

  11. Kathy

    Guys naren’s ff are posted pls pls do read them n comment… It’s a humble request yaar… Tnx…

  12. Kathy

    Good night all …In life, success is not always measured by how big you can dream. Real success, is often measured by the number of friends you can share your dreams with….
    Have a good sleep… Sleep tight… See u all tomorrow … In shaa Allah…

    • Ooshi Akbar

      good night di

  13. Linsa

    I’m very busy these days, miss many episodes but feeling good that the show is on right track

  14. I think Siddhi is the youngest member of this family as she is 13.i and Rufina r going to be 15. Kathy di is the eldest person of this family

    • Kathy

      Yes Arpita siddhi is youngest from all … Dear there is another old member who’s name Ayesha she is 26 years… She is elder then me…she don’t comment these days… Don’t know y???? Hope all ok with her..

    • Ooshi Akbar

      according to ayesha di 3rd eldest is shafaq and according to kathy di shafaq is at 2nd number

  15. [email protected]!

    hi ol my swt frds here im bck… due 2 mah exm i ws so bg.. nd whts goin on?
    bdw gd mng to ol of my apulay fans..

  16. Kathy

    Good morning naren, ooshi, Shai, shafaq ,siddhi, rufina, Mel, Arpita , mukti, nagma, Tara, ridhima, harshan, Nandi, Linsa,sharaya, shammu,kavya , good morning all…. ????? have a wonderful day … Ahead… Keep smiling ..???????????

    • Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Oh!! Siddhi u are writing 15 ff!!?? On same time? But I write 8.. That itself I can’t manage.. Now a days.. But I will try to update daily.. My ff will be posted today or tmr.. Guys my new meri aashiqui tum se hi (ishveer forever) ff has moved on to new part.. Pls if u find time read and comment.. It is on colors finished shows.. Read and comment..

  17. Hema

    Girls i got 10th points in my CBSE 10th exam…I came in most newspapers also… I am too Happy

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