Vishkanya 1st April 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 1st April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Kalpana’s mom coming home and scolding her for slapping Tapur. Kalpana asks if she knows what she did. Mom says it is not wrong for youngster to meet their friends. Kalpana says instead of taking care of her younger sister, she went for partying. Mom says it is obvious in this age. Apu starts singing bhajan. They all 3 join her. Mom says she is hearing Apu’s sweet voice after a long time. Malay peeps from his home and clashes with Rasik who is already peeping via binocular. He says Rasik that he knows whom he is looking at. Rasik requests not to tell anyone. Malay takes binoculars and sees Apu walking in home. He tries to see her face unsuccessfully. She removes her tulsi/neem thread from her hand and hand turns blue. He is shocked and thinks

it is his imagination. She tries fresh thread and hand turns back normal. He looks again via binocular.

Next morning, holi celebrations starts. Mittal family greets their guests. Nandita and Kumkum introduce Malay to their friend.. Abhi takes Malay aside and says he lost his bet that he will see Kalpana’s daughter first. Malay says Kalpana has just come and her daughter may come late, so he has not lost bet yet.

Kalpana comes. Rashik wishes her happy holi and tries to smear her color but stops seeing Kumkum. Kalpana wishes happy holi to Nandita and Kumkum and smears them holi. She then goes to paralayzed Harshvardhan and wishes him holi and says a new chapter will begin soon.

Malay stops Kalpana and asks where is her daughter. She purposefully asks him to speak loudly. He loudly asks where is her daughter. Everyone look at her. Nandita and Kumkum fume. Abhi tries to change the topic. Malay gives him 20,000 rs and says he won bet as Kalpana kaki did not bring her daughter for party. Nandita angrily takes Malay home.

Nandita scolds Malay not to mingle with Kalpana’s daughter as things are not normal like he sees. Rasik continues staring Kalpana. Kumkum drags Rasik from there. Kalpana thinks Nandita now knows that her son is mad behind Apu, now nobody can stop Apu and Malay’s meeting. Malay peeps from home to see Apu.

Precap: Kalpana’s mother says her that only they both know about Apu’s secret and shows dead rabbit. Kalpana buries rabbit in jungle. Mother says not even an animal stay alive after Apu’s touch and she wants Apu to mingle with people.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    This show sounds interesting now a days more female lead mer him but not male so he is soo eager???????????????

  2. arohi sharma

    Hey all…this is superb serial…but update is so late… But no worries…it update at last..

  3. Rj intru 100 comment panna vendama?y ur comment is decrease?nee yavathu comment pannuvatharku cheer panne..all vishkanya family, where r u all?i miss ur commenting yaar.ithna nice epi keliye no commenting, unbelievable

  4. Varsha baby dont comment in tamil.only english ya hindi.kyo ki hume bhi tumari comment ko samajna hai.mujhe patha he tume hindi maloom hai.rj ke sath bath karke bhakki sab ko naraz math karo.

    • Samaira Kapoor

      Chill man..
      Aparna was just asking varsha to speak in a common language so that v could have a healthy discussion.. She is not asking u to leave ur mother tongue
      Stay calm!!

    • Samaira Kapoor

      Yeah m here now. Wasn’t hoping it’s update.. But it’s finally updated at last

  5. Aparna tumari straight forwardness mujhe bahuth achi lagi lekin bachoo…yeh quality tumari life me problems bada degi.yeh ek friend ki advice samjo.

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      I am little busy now in chess class soon I will comment sorry for inconvenience…

  6. Hi frnds iam new here.varsha unakku entha ooru?nee collage liya padikire?entha cource?na romba personala kettiten naa sorry.

  7. Silpa k sivadasan

    I like vishkanya its very unique
    I want to join this family

    Will u guyz allow me..?

  8. sujee

    I like malay.he is sooooo cuteeeeee. Day by day this show is getting interesting.eagerly waiting for the next episode

    • Manvi

      No yaar I don’t think so she might turn into blue and if she touches anyone her poison may give problems to others and then if she changes also it will be graphics naa so no problem do not feel that she is turning into snake just take away that phobia try it or else u don’t see that scene ok relax and keep smiling ?

  9. Yamuna

    Malay is so cute.. He is falling in love with Apu day by day but doesn’t realizes it. When he sees her, it will be love at first sight. I find this Kalpana to be really weird!

  10. Samaira Kapoor

    After watching today’s epi I felt tht the story is moving very slowly
    Their was nothing interesting in today’s epi only the part of rabbit’s death was shown

  11. Nilan

    Nice epi…I missed that epi of 1st Apr on tv…I was searching it here….but there was no update…I have waited a long….. At last I’ve lost hope….
    But thanx for the late update….lastly we got it….

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