Vishkanya 19th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 19th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Nandita telling Vardaan that they should inform Malay about Apu and Kalpana’s plan. Vardaan says they cannot do this without proof, they have to wait for Apu and Kalpana to make mistake during engagement. Renu says Vardaan is right, they have to catch Apu and Kalpana redhanded and show it to Malay. Nandita pleads Renu to save her son Malay.

Malay is busy in engagement arrangements. Renu comes with Vardaan and starts her jokergiri. She says she is searching boy for Vardaan. Malay jokes that she needs a fire brigade and taunts her. Vardaan confronts him.

Apu wears bangles reminiscing Malay’s rude behavior. Bangle breaks and pierces her hand. Blood falls on bedsheet and bedsheet burns. She worriedly calls Kalpana. Kalpana passes by holding shagun thali with Tapur and rushes to Apu’s room, asking Tapur to give thali to dida. She consoles and cheers her up.

Vardaan looks sad. Renu says she knows she loves Malay and for should try her best to get him. Vardaan thinks Kalpana’s goons will kill Malay. She suspects all servants. One of them walks holding scissors. She rushes behind him and sees him measuring Malay’s dress. She relaxes, gets mesmerized seeing Malay’s muscles, but leaves before Malay sees her. Malay sees door open and asks tailor why did not he close door.

Apu goes to didi bhai’s secret room and says today’s night is Malay mittal’s last night and takes her blessings. Dida comes and takes Apu.

Precap: Apu with family comes to Mittal house for engagement. Vardaan thinks she will not let Apu kill Malay.

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  1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    No apu don’t kill Malay but kill vardhaan.. It is a humble request from me.. Thnx for the update mam

  2. Rufina

    i am hating vardhaan alot….like if i get her really then i will beat her left n right for seeing malay
    when he is getting married to another girl….i am losing my pateience when see vardhan n malay’s scene……..

  3. Kathy

    Finally engagement gonna happen…?? I wish i could kidnap vardhaan n renu till engagement finish …??

  4. Noor

    I can see why so many people are morally bankrupt. How can you hate Vardhaan when the Vishkanya/Devil is Apu. And Kalpana the sautan who should be ashamed she has a child for a married man should be hanged. She’s jealous and her thirst for revenge is driving Apu to kill Malay when she supposedly loves him. Vaardhan’s love for Malay is pure. Apu is destructive.
    Let me remind you that if any of you were Nandita and you found out your husband was having an affair and a child with another woman, you would do the same.
    Apu has even killed Vishal who was only defending his sister’s honor and you all are still supporting her. Shame.

    • Kathy

      Noor kalapana once mentioned that she doesn’t know that harshvardhan .. Malays dad married already…. “Shame” word very big thing to say someone dear… It just a serial don’t b serious … Malay loves Apu n Apu too… Vardhaan only coming in between them…

    • No noor…….. Kalpana don’t know that harshvardhan eas married. Kalpana is angry with mittals coz her didi bhai is paralyzed coz of mittals. Keep yourself in kalpana’s place. How would you feel if you come to know that your husband is already married and has a son? Or keep yourself in nandita’s place. What is the point to spend all the life with soneone who married another woman when u r alive……. When we talk about apu her revenge is justified. When someone make your mother a living dead body without her fault won’t you feel like killing them? All kalpana want is revenge for her sister’s condition. She want to destroy mittal family. Coming to apu she confessed that she love malay. After knowing the truth of her mother she is doing all this. You keep yourself in apu’s place. Whom will you choose? The mother who gave birth to you or ur love whose family has don so much mad to ur mom and maasi? Coming to vardaan what is the point to be back of a man who is getting married to someone else???

  5. pritam Ghosh

    aya y s this happening? what happened to the real concept of the series. vardhan is so ugly i don’t like her. pls let apu n malay b together . if vardhan n malay gets together il stop watching this serial i promise

  6. Kathy

    Good night naren, ooshi, Ayesha Akka, Shai, shammu, shanaya , sarayu , nagma, mukti , rufina n all my vishkanya family …. sleep tight…???? see u all tomorrow…

  7. Kathy

    Guys y very less comment on naren’s ff ???pls do read n comment… It’s more better then the original track…tnx…

  8. Kathy

    Guys…Siddhi too writing a ff on vishkanya… We should support her… Pls do read n comment …

  9. shai

    in the promo they are showing “vish and bhakti’s fight”…that means they want to tell us that apu is wrong and the mittals are right????? writers what are u doing????

  10. shai

    guys…my hand got stamped by a door….now the fingers colour have changed to blue….now i have “VISHKANYA fingers”!!!!

  11. latanzia

    i give this show until july or august and i will be axed, it is a very new show and many are already quitting because of the change in storyline. such good show ruin so quickly.

  12. Kathy

    Good morning merry, Ayesha Akka, ooshi, Shai, nagma, shammu, sarayu , shanaya , rufina, siddhi n all my vishkanya family…. Very good morning… Have a wonderful day ahead…. ????? keep smiling…?

  13. Kathy

    Guys… Quiz time!!!!!
    ” What’s your favorite thing you own and why?”
    Pls do share n increase our comments

    • My ring which my grandmother gave before she leave the world because she told that when I was not born then only her sister died and after that I was born and that’s why she think I am her sister I taken second birth.She gave the ring because it’s her sisters ring and when I was small Iand I use to cry so my grandmother showed me ring and stored crying.

  14. Rufina

    Lets play a game……i will ask questions to u guys…..i will give clues if u don’t know the answers… is about serial…it may be serial actor or a serial or any other thing…but about serial…if u like it i will give questions or else i will drop this idea n u must not search answer in net….

  15. Rufina

    ok this is my first question…..lets start with a simpe question…later it will be difficult…ok
    Guess this serial n name of the lead pairs in this serial
    It is is super natural serial
    n i want the full name of the charector of the lead pairs

  16. Hey friends good news Apu and malay are going to marry eachother.But kalpana will try to kill Malay by mixing something in sweet and giving him to eat but he will get saved.

  17. Rufina

    Soo here is my second….
    guess this serial
    this serial had a social message of widow remarriage n struggle of the girl to grow her children n to get justice against the case of her husband.

      • Rufina

        of course….here r the clues…with this u will find it easily…
        it was telecasted in coors channel….it is the love story of a widow n a reporter….

    • Kathy

      First I thought it’s IKRS but it seems something else she don’t have children… Confuse anymore clue pls…?

  18. Rufina

    Kalpana dances in the party.She gets every one on the dance floor.Apu dances with malay. Kalpana makes malay have some sweets.She is very happy that vishkanya apu is marrying malay.Mittal family does not know that they r getting vishkanya as their bahu.It will be late till they know the truth.Kalpana will be happy that her revenge motives got fulfilled.

  19. Ranaji

    90 comments!!!!!so 10 more to 100..kathy after 100 let us go to previous epi and make it to 100 are u ready??

  20. paru

    hate this vardaan a lot………..irritating…..
    director sir…how can u turn apu to negative….
    ..want more and more apulay scenes….

  21. paru

    hate this vardaan a lot………..irritating…..
    director sir…how can u turn apu to negative….
    ..want more and more apulay scenes……
    love apulay a lot..♥♥♥♥

  22. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Where is today update?? Maximum mam u update late… Pls try to update fast.. Yesterday u updated fast.. But before that 11.30 and etc.. So Late for this show?? Why.. Tu sir pls tell me to update fast.. It is a humble request.. Pls??

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