Vishkanya 19th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 19th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Kalpana shouting she will not let Apu’s truth come in front of anyone. Nurse takes Apu to lab to test her blood. Apu asks if it is necessary. Nurse says her blood has to be matched with Malay’s. Apu reminisces snake dying after biting her and thinks why did it die. Nurse takes Apu’s hand and says she cannot fine vein in it.

Kalpana waits for taxi, but nobody stops. She stands in the middle of road. Taxi stops. She gets in and asks to rush to hospital. Rasik calls commissioner and asks him to send whole police force and find Malay. He says Nandita he will find Apu in whole city. Kumkum comments to search in Kalpana’s house as she sent Malay with Apu. Nandita says Kumkum is right. Kumkum calls Kalpana and asks if Apu came home.

Kalpana says no as Malay met with a minor accident. Kumkum panics and falls unconscious.

Nurse finds Apu’s vein. Apu asks if her blood needs to be drawn for sure. Nurse says yes. Kalpana rushes into hospital and asks receptionist which is Malay Mittal’s room. She says #3. Kalpana enters Malay’s room and asks nurse where is the girl who brought Malay. Nurse says she is getting her blood tested in next room. Apu reminisces snake dying and just when nurse pricks needle Apu withdraws her hand. Blood drop falls on plant leave and it burns. Nurse does not notice it and goes to bring another needle. Apu runs out. Kalpana holds her and asks if nurse withdrew her blood and checks her hand. Apu says no and asks what is in her blood. Kalpana says nothing, she does not want Malay to get wrong blood. Apu insists to tell what is in her blood that snake bit her and died. Kalpana is shocked. Apu says snake died, but nothing happened to her, how can this happen to a human. Kalpana tries to lie, but Apu say she wants to know truth, why she did not take her to doc for her illness. When Malay fell unconscious on road, she asked if she scratched Malay, rabbit died with her touch, Vikram got poison, etc., she wants to know what illness she has. Kalpana says she has low immunity. Apu says she wants to know truth. Kalpana says this is truth and repeats same. Apu says if her biggest worry is she does not want anyone to see her blue color, either she will tell truth or her truth wil come in front of whole world. She breaks neem tulsi beed necklace. Kalpana asks to wear it back. Apu says she will not.

Mittal family rushes to hospitla and Nandita asks how is her son Malay. Doc says someone hit with a bottle on his head and he is in critical condition. Apu’s color changes to blue. Kalpana gets tensed. Mittals walk towards room. Kalpana pleads Apu to wear back necklace. Apu says she will not until she says truth. Doc opens room door and sees Malay one. Nandita runs towards Malay and asks what happened to him. Doc says he had severe blood loss and is replaced 2 units of blood already. Kumkum asks where are mother and daughter who brought Malay. Nandita shouts not to take their name, she does not want even their shadow on her son.

Kalpana pleads Apu not to go out, she will tell truth and takes her out. She takes her to kaali maa’s temple. Apu asks why did she bring her here. Kalpana asks if he wants to know what illness she has that she did not go to doc, why she locked her in a room, why plant died. She has poison and not in her veins. Apu is shocked.

Precap: Kalpana says Apu she has blood all over her body. Apu asks how can it be. Kalpana says is not a common girl, she is a vishkanya.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I can’t understand the precap and the last part ….if anybody can pls. explain… is she not having blood in her veins instead is she having poison….and one more doubt… she has blood all over the body but poision in her veins??? Am I crct ????? If so pls. Clear my confusion…

    1. it’s not bood kalpana says she has blood all over her body

      1. sorry, she says she has poison all over her body

  2. appadaa epdiyoo antha kettava kalpana appuku unmaiya soliitaa…………appu plz tc of ur self from kalpana she is going to take revenge from mittals by ur help…………….
    loved the bold character of appu…………

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      U also tamil? Me also I am from Coimbatore. U? Are u swaragini fan? After long time that show is going on correct track..

  3. Sarayu(honey)

    Today’s episode is awesome and apu’s acting is so good.


    What does it mean..blood all over body….whose body and what does she wants to tell…how can a vishknya born…either her mother will also a vishknya or her mom should die…as she has poison so how can her mother be live as a human… And the last option is
    Also it seems like harshvrdan loves apu mothers but he ditched her bcoz of his family may be he has already a family…. But this makes her mother mad so to prevent her from going to mental hospital her sister( may be) kalpana locks her in a room or that secret place (where that lady was there may be that lady was apu’s mother)…..also now kalpana wants to take revenge of her sister and make her(lady) daughter vishkanya by giving her small poison every day….so to destroy harshvrdan family….also it seems that there was a very big fight in past in which harshvrdan got prallised and I think kalpana lost her husband as I have not read about her till now in T.U ….
    So at last I want to say this is a very melodrama type serial in which kuch bhi kabhi bhi ho Skta h……. #shanaya

  5. Its so confusing

  6. I can’t understand somebody pls tell me what’s happening

  7. sarayu (honey)

    hi sharaya, even i can’t understand what is going on?

      1. HiFi!

    1. HiFi!

      1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

        Hi fi but this show is still interesting..

  8. it get confusing and interesting with each passing day.

  9. I will explain it. I think something big happened between kalpana and harshvardhan. This may be the reason behind kalpana’s revenge and paralysed harshvardhan. To take revenge from mittal family kalpana want to kill the only son of harshvardhan i.e malay. I heard that kalpana is maasi of apu. She gave apu small amount of poison from her childhood so that the poison doesn’t kill her but it will be stored in her blood saliva and all internal parts of her body. Kalpana made apu vishkanya to kill malay. First she made malay fall for apu. Now she is making apu fall for malay. If they get closer and kiss or consummate then poison will enter inside malay and he will die. Everything is clear but the mystery is the woman in the secret place and reason behind kalpana’s revenge. Hope i am clear and helpful. If yes then plz reply.

    1. thanks nagma bt r there any official news abt it?

    2. But nagma in the last part… it’s told that apu has blood all over the body but poision her veins..

    3. Thank u nagma. First iam also confused about the precap. But now it’s cleared. And who is that lady in dark???.

      1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

        Thnq u nagma for clearing my one doubt and other can’t be cleared at any time..

  10. i saw the precap its not blood she kalpana says she has poison all over her body

  11. Someone plzz clear my doubts.. Who z da woman in da wardrobe? N why’s she locked up inside?

  12. Nice episode but i except more from this show

  13. Sarayu(honey)

    Why so less comments. Please comment guys.

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      Hey sarayu u also comment..

      1. Sarayu(honey)

        Ranaji, which course are you taking MPC or BiPC?

      2. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

        Ha ha funny I am just +2now!!!! Ok.. Commerce group

  14. Precap is wrong. Kalpana said she has poison all over her body.

  15. Zee tv site does not have clear picture quality… Can anyone please suggest me a better site?

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      Download ozee app.. It is soo clear there. Pls download and enjoy it .

      1. thanks Ranaji….
        I’m in love with this show……especially liking the characters malay and kalpana

  16. Hlo….I m new here
    Nagma I don’t agree at one thing that kalpana made apu vishkanya
    Because in earlier episode she has said “why vishkanya born at that night(when everything happen years ago),Kali maa want her to take her revenge”to her mother..
    So it is still a mistery ..
    And no one will become vishkanya by taking small amt of poison daily…it only give immunity against poison…(in ancient time King use to take poison daily to have immunity and can be save from poison attack)
    Plzzzz take it lightly…….I don’t saying something against anyone…if it hurts somebody so sorry

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