Vishkanya 18th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Vishkanya 18th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kumkum asks Nandita why did she send Malay to Booth badi. Renu says with devima’s sindhoor on Malay’s ear, he himself will not go there.

Kalpana buys bridal clothes for Apu and gets busy in engagement arrangements. Nandita comes with Kumkum. Kalpana asks if she came to check arrangements and says not to worry it is according to her status. Nandita says Harsh is unwell and since Malay is his only son, engagement should happen at Mittal house. Kalpana says all arrangements have been made, how can this happen. Nandita says she will pay all her expenses and asks Kumkum to tell Rasik to clear Kalpana’s loss. Kalpana says okay. Once they leave, Kalpana says engagement should happen only at their house.

Apu calls Malay and says she needs to talk something important. He

asks to come home. She says she wants him to come to her house. Malay agrees and reaches Apu’s home. Apu asks him to come in. He steps in with great difficulty and due to devi maa’s kumkum gets drowsy. She asks if he is fine. He says yes. She says maa made engagement arrangement here, but Nandita wants engagement at Mittal house. He asks she called him just to inform this, what difference it makes if engagement happens here or there. He walks out and becomes normal. She asks if he is fine. He smiles and says he is fine as he loves her.

Vardaan watches Malay walking out of Apu’s house. Renu asks her if she saw how Apu tried to trick Malay. Vardaan asks her not to make Apu villain now. Renu says after getting defeated twice Apu and Kalpana must be infuriated and will try to do something, she should go to theirhome and see what they are up to. She walks into booth badi and clashes with Tapur. Tapur asks who is she. She says sheis Veda and Nandita sent her to talk about engagement. Tapur says Apu is in her room. Vardaan walks towards Apu’s room hiding and hears Kalpana and Apu discussing that Nandita wants to break engagement, they wanted to destroy Mittal family slowly, but now they should act at once and kill Malay tonight.

Shocked Vardaan reaches Mittal house and informs Kumkum, Renu and Nandita that Apu and Kalpana want to kill Malay tonight. Nandita starts crying. Vardaan asks how can Apu think of killing Malay. Nandita says she insulted Kalpana, so Apu wants to take revenge by killing Malay, she will inform Malay right now. Vardaan says they should be careful as Malay is under Apu and Kalpana’s grip and will not listen to anyone. Renu says Vardaan is right, they shoul use their game against them.

Precap: Vardaan says Nandita they have only one chance to get Apu and Kalpana’s true faces in front of Malay.

Update Credit to: MA

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